Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls in Oslo

Hook up hot girls Oslo sex guide get laid in Norway

This post on hooking up with hot girls in Oslo for sex or a serious relationship should be able to help you locate whatever you are after. That might mean finding Mrs. Right, or maybe just finding Mrs. Right now.

Not everyone on this page is going to want the same thing, so we are going to cover all the bases. We assume most are just trying to get it in as soon as they can, well when slutty girls in Oslo want sex with random guys they often go party somewhere along Karl Johans Gate

If you have similar goals as they do then you should probably be heading there also. Put on some nice clothes, put your dance shoes on, and see how many sexy sluts you can meet.

Women in Norway aren’t expecting to get hit on during the day. If you approach one, compliment her, and start a conversation it could work better than you expect.

We will also be shouting out the best dating site in Norway for casual sex so you can invite some girls over to Netflix and chill. There will even be info on topless and full nude strip clubs in Oslo in case hooking up with women at bars or online doesn’t go so well.

Like we said, we don’t really know exactly what you are looking for but we are going to do our best to help you find it either way.

Sexy Girls At Oslo Hook Up Bars

When slutty girls in Oslo want to meet guys for sex they often go to:

Have you ever heard how 90% of the casual sex outside of relationships is had by 10% of men? Basically any time a girl wants to hook up with someone she isn’t dating she probably turns to one of a small group of guys to get slutty with.

So what is it that these dudes know about hooking up with sexy girls in Oslo that the rest of us don’t? For some it isn’t about knowing anything, they were just born with good genes, a handsome face, and a nice body that they may or may not have had to work hard in the gym to attain.

But those guys don’t make up that whole 10%, far from it. There are some average Joe’s who know how to pull this off, do they have a secret?

They just understand how important volume is here. Most guys go out to a bar and wait around for that perfect opportunity to hit on the right girl after she has shot them a look of interest from across the room.

They put all of their hopes for that night on her, we all know how that story usually ends. That isn’t how hooking up works, you need to be out there taking as many shots as possible.

In a bar go over and say hello to as many hot girls in Oslo as you can find. At nightclubs try and get as many women to dance with you as possible. You never know when one will go from being a good girl to a freak. Volume is the key, just keep trying until you find one who is ready for casual sex.

For a city with a similar hook up scene visit Copenhagen. If you want more of a wild party with more sluts go to Budapest or Prague.

And if you want to read about the local swingers scene click here.

Best Strip Clubs In Norway

Nightclubs bars meet slutty Oslo girls for sex Norway

You can watch some sexy nude Norwegian girls at the topless and full nude strip clubs. You should probably read our tips on not getting ripped off in a strip club before you go.

Some of the best topless and full nude strip clubs in Oslo to see sexy naked girls dancing are:

  • Blaze Go Go
  • String Showbar
  • Lotus Showbar
  • Night Life Bar

This post is about trying to pick up sexy Oslo girls, so how do strip clubs fit in? Obviously they are not a great place to go if you hope to get laid, and if you let your little head think for the big one you will probably just waste a bunch of money to get nothing out of it.

With that said, they are a place filled with generally attractive girls who are pretty clearly not prude. If a girl doesn’t mind showing off her tits and ass to a room full of people there is a good chance she is slutty and has sex quicker than most other women as well.

Strippers need love too, but if you are going to go that route and try to actually date one you have to make sure she doesn’t see you as a customer. Now getting a cheap lap dance isn’t a big deal, but if you try to show off and ball out by spending a bunch of money in VIP she is just going to think you are a sucker that she has hooked.

Also, when you talk to her don’t be a pervert, grope her, or ask her how much she likes giving blowjobs. Be different from the other drunk dudes who only care about copping as many feels as they can.

Look, we all know they are a bad place to pick up hot Oslo girls, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Just make sure you don’t end up as one of the lames who she is stringing along to milk as much cash out of as possible without ever actually meeting them outside of the strip club.

If you wanted to try to meet slutty girls that aren’t strippers use Adult Friend Finder. There are over 100 active female users on the site in this city and many more around Norway.

The best way to hook up with hot girls in Oslo for casual sex online is Adult Friend Finder.

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