Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Prague

Hook up hot girls Prague sex guide get laid

Thanks for checking out this post on hooking up with
hot girls in Prague for sex or dating. This city does not have a good reputation among the travel manosphere for one main reason.

There are just too many foreign men coming here to party and try to get laid these days. Maybe it is because of all the slutty Czech girls they see in porn, or because of the well known prostitution scene, or maybe it used to be a great city to visit to hook up in but these days it definitely seems played out.

That isn’t to say that you can’t have some success here and hopefully this page on picking up sexy girls in Prague for hook ups will give you the tips you need to meet a slut and get laid. We aren’t going to guarantee anything, but you will at least know the right spots to go when you are in town.

Unfortunately so will all the other foreign men who flock here, particularly in the summer. Even though the weather won’t be great if your goal is to meet some sexy single Czech ladies and get laid then visiting outside of the peak tourist season might be your best chance to hook up with a slut.

Most guys come here from June to August, if you come during the colder winter months you won’t have to deal with the thousands of foreign men. There might be less girls going out at night as well, but from a ratio standpoint the pick up bars should be much more in your favor at that time.

But we still assume most tourists will head out during the summer because people are creatures of habit and guys love to travel during the summer. We will start off this sex guide by mentioning some of the best spots to pick up the hot ladies of the night good as well as day game spots to try to meet sexy girls in Prague when the sun is still up.

We also have to tell you about a really good dating site for casual sex where you can meet some slutty girls and get laid with no strings attached if you are lucky.

Sexy Girls At Prague Hook Up Bars

You can go to clubs and hook up bars to find slutty girls in Prague for sex such as:

Once again the best place to pick up hot girls in Prague for sex the first night is the Old Town district particularly around Dlouha Street. This is where you will find many of the best pick up bars and nightclubs for easy hook upsin the city.

It is also one of the bigger sausage fests on the planet and while there will be plenty of sexy single ladies out there will be ten times as many guys, if not more. That means you need to be aggressive and go for the close as quickly as you can.

If you take your sweet ass time or let her stray away from you for a bit some other guy, or five other guys, will swoop in and make their move. If you do hit it off with a sexy Prague girl try and get her to dance quickly and then go for a venue change.

Once on the street make up a reason to stop by your apartment or hotel. Hopefully you know one of the golden rules for picking up easy girls and already have a conveniently located place near the Dlouha Street party hot spot to make this even easier.

In a sausage fest nightlife district like this one you are going to need to pull out all of the tricks and have a little luck on your side. Really though your best game plan is to just roam around the Dlouha Street party zone and look for anywhere that doesn’t have terrible girl to guy ratios. If you see some hole in the wall bar with more girls than guys then you just found the best place to party on that night.

Or trying to pick up sexy ladies of the night on the street isn’t a bad idea either. Just be a bit more cautious when you first approach so as not to freak them out.

To try to pick up some uni girls give the Nation 2 Nation parties a shot. This can be a great way to pick up slutty Prague girls who are interested in foreign men. We have also covered some of the kinkier options in this city like the swingers clubs and sex shops at those links.

Where To Meet Girls During The Day

Pick up slutty girls Prague Dlouha Street Old Town bars clubs

If your goal is to meet sexy girls in Prague then day game is one of your better options. If the pick up bars and all the nightlife around Dlouha Street in Old Town are flooded with foreign men that won’t make for very good hunting grounds for you.

But most guys don’t really like day game, they need to be drunk to have the courage to approach girls they don’t know. Take advantage of that and go out early and try to meet some single women before they have already been approached by 10 guys that night.

The Old Town area isn’t only good for nightlife, there will be many single girls walking around here during the day. A lot of them will be tourists, but the sexy Prague girls also like to come here to shop, hang out at a cafe, or get a meal.

Malls are also always good places to try to pick up girls. Some of the best malls to meet women here would be Palladium Mall, Atrium Flora, and Centrum Chodov.

Centrum is a bit far from the touristy Old Town district which can be a good thing. This is where you can possibly meet some local girls who aren’t as used to meeting foreign men which is how this sex guide could give you a leg up.

Meet Slutty Girls Online

Nightclubs Old Town bars pick up slutty Prague girls easy sex

So far we have told you that the nightlife is going to be very hard but that you can meet women during the day if you have the balls to approach strangers on the street. But why do that when you can just send slutty girls in Prague messages online before you arrive.

While we don’t often promote Adult Friend Finder in our dating guides for men often it can be a very good way to meet sexy Prague girls online. There isn’t a huge female user base, but there are plenty around for the size of the country.

In fact there are over a little over 100 girls who are active on the site in Prague as of earlier this year. There are another 100 or so spread around the Czech Republic.

All of these girls see Adult Friend Finder when searching for porn or some sex related topic. That means they are horny and want some dick ASAP.

Log on a week before your trip and start to chat with them. Then hopefully by the time you arrive you will have a nice friends with benefits situation set up and can get laid without fighting with other guys in the sausage fest nightlife.

Hook up slutty Prague girls for sex near you online

Good Luck Finding Sex In Prague

While this is a fun city to visit with lots of neat things to see and do as far as picking up sexy Prague girls go it won’t be that easy. Particularly in the summer months when so many other foreign men are flocking here with the same ideas as you.

Try to come outside of the peak tourist season or meet girls during the day or online. The nightlife has some of the worst ratios you will find anywhere limiting your chances greatly. Maybe try picking up girls in Brno where less foreign dudes should be out and about.

Hopefully this post on hooking up with hot girls in Prague for sex or dating was helpful to you.