Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Copenhagen

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If you are looking for where to hook up with hot girls in Copenhagen for sex or dating we have plenty of good options for you. There are some very hot Danish ladies around who will be worth putting in some effort for.

Many guys are traveling the globe these days and of course guys are always hoping to get laid. When many foreign men come here they struggle to pick up sexy Copenhagen girls and think that this isn’t a great country for finding easy sluts to hook up with.

In truth Denmark is known to be very sexually liberal. Casual sex isn’t viewed as being a big deal here like it is in many other places around the world.

There are plenty of women who don’t mind casual hook ups or entering into friends with benefits relationships. The problem is that foreign men don’t generally have the time or the patience to pull this off.

When you are only in town for a few days or a week you need to move fast. In a country like this one that doesn’t always work to your advantage.

We will also give some tips on hooking up with Danish women, and tell you about a good dating site for hook ups with sexy Copenhagen girls who have no qualms about getting laid as well.

Denmark Dating Culture

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The main reason that most foreign men don’t have success hooking up with Danish women is because the locals don’t really like being approached by strangers. In some countries around the world you can walk up to anyone on the street or in a bar and easily start up a conversation.

But when trying to pick up hot girls for sex in Copenhagen it isn’t that easy. There is a common phrase in the male travel blog sector called ‘bitch shields’ and yes, most women in Denmark have pretty strong bitch shields.

Don’t be surprised if you get some very cold reactions when you try to chat them up. For local guys who live here this is only a minor problem, they have the time to work their way in to different social circles and make their move from the inside.

But for foreign men the story is different. On a short vacation you are going to have a hard time doing that, but it isn’t impossible.

So how do you combat this Denmark dating culture of strong bitch shields? There are a few ways, the first is to just keep plowing ahead and approaching as many girls as possible.

Just because a higher percentage of girls here won’t want to chat with strangers doesn’t mean it is always true. Women are very emotional and impulsive, you never know when you can say the right thing at the right time and change their mood.

If you get blown off it is no big deal just move on to the next one. It is always a numbers game, and here your percentages are going to be a bit lower so you need to put in extra volume to find slutty girls.

Another thing you can do is try to work your way into a social circle with a group of hot friends. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but if you can pull it off it can pay off in spades. Of course you will have a much better chance of this if you can speak some Danish.

There are plenty of sexy Denmark ladies who are down to hook up with no strings attached. You just need to be the lucky guy to help them out with that.

Sexy Girls At Copenhagen Hook Up Bars

We will get through day game first quickly, of course shopping malls are always a good place to start. Fields, Fisketorvet, and Emporia are pretty big and should give you a lot of room to maneuver.

You could also try to meet single women during the day all along Stroget shopping street. The area around Stork Fountain Square will have a lot of sexy Copenhagen girls passing by, but this whole street is just loaded with women when the weather is nice.

For the hot Danish ladies of the night you will want to go to pick up bars and nightclubs. The bitch shields can be strong but if you have the courage to keep approaching you might find some success.

If the local Danes aren’t working out for you then try to locate some tourists and hook up with them instead. A few lounges, clubs and bars to pick up slutty girls for sex in Copenhagen are:

Distortion is a music festival at the start of the summer each year. Another good area to party might be around Norrebro where you can find many university girls looking to have fun.

Don’t talk yourself into checking out the nude girls at Copenhagen strip clubs, they are a big time rip off. On the other hand there are many places to find orgies in Denmark that you may want to hit up.

Meeting Women In Denmark Online

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Not all guys want to try to go out and pick up girls at bars or nightclubs. Day game is even loss popular, now a days many guys are trying to meet sexy girls online for the sheer simpleness of it all.

No approaching some Danish women with bitch shields who are going to treat you like shit and give you a cold rejection. You can just send out messages to all the sexy Copenhagen girls you see online and hope that they reply.

Which are the best online dating sites to use? Well before we mentioned a good hook up site, and if all you are looking to do is get laid then try out Adult Friend Finder.

There are over two hundred active female users in Copenhagen as of our most recent check and hundreds more around Denmark. All of these girls are horny and signing up for this site because they want to have some fun.

Remember that the Danish women aren’t sexually conservative, they just don’t like strangers approaching them on the streets. When you send them a message online they are often happy to receive it.

If you were more interested in finding a serious relationship hop on International Cupid. This is a great site where foreign men can meet women from all over the world and it works great for frequent travelers.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Copenhagen

The more effort you make when it comes to picking up single girls the more success you will have. There are some strong bitch shields here but that doesn’t mean you can’t work your way past their defenses.

Just keep pushing through and eventually you will find a slut who wants to hook up. Remember that deep down these girls are kinda slutty and open to getting kinky in the bedroom. For another cool city here to meet women in Denmark try Aarhus. Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Copenhagen for sex or dating.