Finding Girls For Sex In Krabi Town, Ao Nang & Ko Phi Phi

Krabi Town sex guide Ao Nang Ko Phi Phi girls

Finding girls for sex in Krabi Town, Ao Nang, and Ko Phi Phi can be done in a variety of ways and each destination will be different. In some mongering at the girly bars will be the main way, while in others picking up partying tourists will be the best way.

Thailand is one of the most visited countries on the planet and that is because all of the diversity it offers. For some a normal vacation to see the sights is enough, but many single men that visit here have other things on their mind.

This guide will cover finding girls for sex in Krabi Town, Ao Nang, and Ko Phi Phi so you can decide which you want to visit when you are here. If all you care about is mongering and banging Thai prostitutes than there is no reason to visit one.

However if you wanted to party with a bunch of drunk girls from all over the world who are on holiday mode and should be easy to hook up with then it would be the best. Lets hit each of these three areas one by one and talk about the positives and negatives of each.

We will also tell you about the best dating sites in Thailand so that you can try to meet some local women along the way. Maybe you can meet some in these cities, or you might be able to bring your favorite girl from Bangkok with you so you know there will be someone to share your bed with each night.

Krabi Town Sex Guide

Mongering Thai prostitutes massage girls cheap sex

Mongering in either of these three areas will be different than most places in Thailand. While you will still see plenty of massage parlors around not all of them provide happy endings.

In most other cities if you get a massage in the touristy area you are pretty much guaranteed to at least be offered a handjob. Here it is very hit or miss, and often a miss.

The main touristy and nightlife district in Krabi Town is located on the riverside around Soi Chao Fah. This is where most of the backpackers will stay and you will find plenty of pick up bars to party at, Chilling Bar would be a good jumping off point.

If you were wanting to find some Thai prostitutes for sex in Krabi Town then you would want to go to the northern part of the city to the karaoke bars on Maharaj Road. This is where you can pay a barfine and take the girls out of the bar for sex for around 2k baht.

Not every Thai girl working at the Krabi Town karaoke bars is a prostitute so don’t assume they will definitely go with you. It might be best to ask the mamasan or papasan (manager) which girls are available for take out before you start spending any money.

This would be the best place to monger in town, outside of that you will just have to look for some street hookers or bar prostitutes hanging around the touristy nightlife area. There will be some, but not as many as most places in this country.

Ao Nang Sex Guide

There is a better mongering scene around Ao Nang Beach where you can find some girly bars which are more similar to the Go Go’s you usually see in Thailand. They are definitely more laid back then what you find in Pattaya, Bangkok, or even Phuket but the end result can be the same.

You can pay some sexy Ao Nang Beach girls to come back to your room for sex at the Soi RCA red light district. Most of the girly bars here have a barfine of around 500 baht, and then you will need to pay the girl as well which will be somewhere in the 1.5k-2k range for short time or 2k-3k for long time.

Amy 69 would probably be the most popular Go Go in the Ao Nang Soi RCA red light district, but there are around 10-20 girly bars in this area. If you are searching for ladyboys in Krabi then Ao Nang Beach will be the place to find them, there will be some in Soi RCA and there is also a ladyboy show in Center Point.

Center Point would be the main touristy nightlife district here. There are no girly bars, but plenty of normal bars like Moonshine where tourists go to party every night.

This can be a good place to pick up some backpacking girls from around the world, and there will be some Thai prostitutes out in the mix also. While there aren’t a ton of places to get a happy ending massage in Ao Nang look for ‘Best Massage Parlor’ which has a big sign saying that.

It really will be the best place to get an erotic massage anywhere in Krabi.

Koh Phi Phi Sex Guide

This Koh Phi Phi sex guide will be all about picking up backpacking tourists from around the globe. If you want to monger then don’t come to these islands, there are no Go Go’s or girly bars of any kind here, and while you may find a happy ending massage it is certainly not a guarantee.

There might be a few freelance prostitutes or ladyboys around, but they will also be a minority. The main nightlife area is at all of the beach bars around Loh Dalum Beach.

This would be the best area of town for you to stay in, but during peak season rooms fill up quick so you should try to book as far in advance as possible. Deciding between staying in a hostel or getting a hotel room on your own can be a difficult choice.

Each have their advantages, obviously a hostel will be cheaper and it will be a great way to meet plenty of girls in Koh Phi Phi that you might be able to hook up with. The main advantage to getting your own room is you actually have a place to have sex, sex in a hostel is much less guaranteed.

Considering most of these hostels have bars you can party at, or you can meet girls all over Loh Dalum Beach, you probably should just get your own room. That will make it a lot easier for you to have sex with girls on Koh Phi Phi.

It is kind of silly to even list specific pick up bars here for you to visit. Just walk around the Loh Dalum nightlife district and head to any that have a good girl to guy ratio, but if you want some specific venues try:

Another area that is good for partying is the Tonsai Village where you can watch live Muay Thai fighting at Reggae Bar. If you want to try to hook up with Koh Phi Phi girls during the day then you can stroll around the beaches or visit pool parties like the PP Princess Pool Party or the Ibiza Pool Party.

Overall trying to find girls for sex in Koh Phi Phi is a love or hate thing for most guys. If you are looking for mongering and banging Thai prostitutes it won’t be for you.

If you want to party with a bunch of drunk, loud, and obnoxious backpackers and try to pick up girls that aren’t hookers you will love it. There is also a full moon party here, but it certainly isn’t the biggest in Thailand.

Meeting Thai Girls Online

Meet sexy call girls online Krabi Koh Phi Phi escort services

Since you can find some nightlife in each of these places but nothing too special in any you may want to try to meet girls online before you come. There are so many girls on Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid, there will be plenty all around Krabi that can meet you here.

However it might be better to try to bring your favorite girl from Bangkok with you. When you are on the Thai dating sites just mention that you will be heading to Krabi and Koh Phi Phi soon, plenty of girls would love to take a free trip to the beach with you.

If you are paying for their transportation and hotel then sex is pretty much guaranteed. Since you probably will be spending some time in the capital first meet some girls there and bring your favorite one with you on the trip.

Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid will be the easiest way for you to do that.

Thai escorts Ao Nang sexy call girls hotel massage service

Enjoy The Nightlife Around Krabi

Whether you want to try mongering in Krabi Town or Ao Nang Beach or picking up tourist girls in either of them or Koh Phi Phi there will be plenty of options. If all you care about is mongering skip Ko Phi Phi, but if you want to try and get laid with many international tourists it may be the best place.

For the closest thing to the Thai Go Go’s that you may be hoping for visit the Soi RCA red light district in Ao Nang. And don’t forget about the sexy KTV’s in Krabi Town that many tourists don’t know about.

If you wanted to read more about the best places for nightlife and mongering in Thailand check out this travel guide for men. It breaks down all of the partying and red light activity in the main cities most guys will visit on their trip.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Krabi Town, Ao Nang Beach, and Koh Phi Phi.

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