Where Foreign Men Can Meet A Good Woman In San Jose, Costa Rica

Where foreign men meet good woman San Jose Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries south of the border, and this is the capitol city. Many guys travel here every year and many foreign men want to meet a good woman in San Jose.

This post will try and help break down good places to go to meet a good woman in San Jose who is interested in foreign men and also some good date options as well. Any time you are traveling in this part of the world you need to pick the area you stay wisely.

While Costa Rica isn’t as dangerous as many other countries in these parts its still wise to stay in a nice area of town. Some of the best options would be Escazu which has an American suburb type feel to it, and Santa Ana is also pretty nice.

We will talk about some good places to meet single girls here during the day, the sexy ladies of the night, and with online dating as well. Plus we will talk about some good date options for once you have made contacts and need places to take them.

One thing to note here is that since there are so many travelers coming through these days you don’t get much ‘foreigner value’ anymore. These girls have seen foreign menthere whole lives, they aren’t going to think you are anything exotic and hook up just because of that.

It is also kind of expensive, particularly if you want to stay in the nicer areas like Escazu. On the plus side they speak better English here than many places, learning Spanish will still help you to get laid with the local girls but its not as mandatory as some cities.

This post is all about meeting single girls, if you were more interested in pay for play options just stay in Gringo Gulch. Or you can read about all of the available mongering here in our GuysNightlife San Jose sex guide.

Meeting Single Girls In San Jose Day Game

Meet single girls Escazu San Jose pick up bars get laid

There are a few ways that you can do this and all of them will work reasonably well. Since the girls speak relatively good English (for Latin America) they are pretty approachable.

On the other hand with the limited foreigner value don’t expect to get any better results here than you do in your home country. In some places just being a gringo is enough to get an opening, not here.

Generally the best places for day game is to go to malls. There are lots of shopping options around Escazu that will be pretty good, plenty of cafes and open air restaurants.

Specific malls you may want to head to are San Pedro, Plaza Real Cariari, and Multiplaza. Another good area for day game would be San Pedro square which is good for pick up bars and nightlife as well.

This is near a big university so there are plenty of single girls in the right age living near here. That makes it a nice base of operations and even staying there wouldn’t be a bad idea if you are hoping to get laid.

Some good day date options would be a coffee in Escazu, walking around Parque La Sabana, or heading to Orosi River Valley. There are also many jungle tours available, and the Costa Rican girl may know of good nature spots as well.

Ladies Of The Night In San Jose

Sexy ladies of the night prostitute pick up bars San Jose

For nightlife there will be plenty of restaurants and bars around Escazu that will be good places for foreign men to meet single girls or taking them on dates. This is an upscale area so you may need to dress up a bit.

Some expensive restaurants you could try out are Factory Steak and Lobster, La Luz, or Restaurante Pescatore. Some cheaper options are Polla Male and Bar La Centra.

For good places to catch a drink the Jazz Cafe is always a popular spot with San Jose girls, and Castro’s is a place where many foreign men go. If you want to try and hit on the university girls head over to San Pedro Square and the pick up bars around there.

Some of the current most popular nightclubs are El Pueblo, Twister, and Vertigo. There are better cities for nightlife in Latin America than this one that is for sure.

Costa Rican Women Seeking Foreign Men Online

Meet Costa Rican women San Jose seeking foreign men

One of the things that often limits guys when they visit here is that they stay in the upscale areas and don’t venture to other parts of town. That isn’t a bad idea for safety reasons, but the girls in Escazu don’t think foreign men are anything special.

They see guys like you every day so can hook up with tourists whenever they want. But girls in some of the poorer neighborhoods around town may not have met foreign men before.

Is it safe to go there and try to meet single girls? Probably, but why risk it when you can try and meet them online. Check out Latin American Cupid and search for San Jose.

If you like the selection of single girls there then go ahead and sign up and give it a shot. A nice thing about Latin American Cupid is you can use it as you travel all around the region and there will be girls in every city you visit there.

Whether you want to meet a good woman in San Jose who is looking for a foreign husband or just get laid with a quick hook up this will be the best site to use.

Best dating site Costa Rica meet girls online ladies women

Good Luck Finding A Good Woman In San Jose

This isn’t one of those spots where you just show up and have an easy time with girls because you are a foreigner. It might be a little bit easier for you here than in your home country, but your gringo factor won’t carry you too far.

If things aren’t working out for you here there are plenty of pay for play options around and this eBook breaks down the best places to find sex in Costa Rica. Hopefully this post on where foreign men can meet a good woman in San Jose will help you on your travels.

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