Tips On Spotting A TS Ladyboy

How to tell if someone is a TS or a girl

If you spend any time traveling in certain parts of the world you will probably be around a lot of ts so you may want tips on spotting a ladyboy. They frequent them as much as us foreigners do and they have the same intentions as we do, just in the opposite manner.

Many guys are looking for girls for sex while ts are looking to have sex with us, and many of ts are looking for money also. They know there are a lot of guys looking to have sex with ladyboys and also there will be drunk guys that may not realize…..

Well if you are in the 2nd group there and want to make sure you don’t ‘accidentally’ go with a sexy ts girl there are some key things that will give away if you are talking with a transgender or a real girl.

It is not a 100% foolproof thing. The longer you are around them the easier it becomes to pick up on who is a ts and who isn’t, but even a long time vet can be fooled. However if you are trying your best to not get fooled and follow these tips you should become good at spotting a ladyboy.

Physical Features To Spot Ladyboys

The first thing to remember is that guys are naturally bigger than girls (duh) so if the person you are talking to looks a bit to big for a lady that is your first warning. Broad shoulders are another huge key, most girls aren’t built like linebackers.

Feet and hand size are other major things to take notice of. If they have feet as big as yours then there is a good chance they were built like you.

The adam’s apple is always a major give away when spotting ts and probably the most fool proof. Girls just don’t have them so if there is one there you really know.

Fake boobs are another good signal. Now when dealing with ladyboys in Thailand or shemales in Brazil fake boobs isn’t as good of a sign because so many girls also have fake boobs in those countries.

However, if you are in another Southeast Asian country like the Philippines and the ‘girl’ has fake boobs then she probably isn’t really a she.

None of these tips (outside of the adam’s apple) are 100% fool proof. If you start combining a few of them together then you can get more and more certain you are talking to a ts as more data adds up.

Using Personality To Spot Ladyboys

The longer you are around them the easier it becomes to spot ladyboys. The main reason for that is because you start to pick up on ts personality traits and ‘tells’ so to speak. After you have seen enough ts you will be able to spot them easier because of their personality then their physical appearance.

From a distance you can notice ts by the way that they walk. If they are swaying their hips back and forth and trying to walk like a runway model then there is a very good chance they are a ladyboy, particularly in Asia.

Asian girls don’t walk in a ‘look at me’ manner but Asian ladyboys certainly do. Overall they just try to walk and act way to feminine and it is very obvious to spot once you realize it.

The voice and way they talk are the next one. They will call out to you and many of them will speak in a very fake high pitched squeal trying to sound like a girl. If something sounds off then it probably is.

Over time you will really be able to pick up on this and eventually this will be one of your main determining factors. Lastly is that ts are way more aggressive then any girl would be.

They will hound you and some can be quite annoying about it. A girl will sit there meekly as you walk by, maybe make eye contact, at most say ‘hey’ or ‘I go with you’ if she is very daring.

A ladyboy will grab your arm and start walking with you. She will pester you and try to convince you to choose her.

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TS Hiding in the Open

Many ladyboys will try and pick dark spots on the street or dark bars to meet guys. These are the ts that are trying to catch guys ‘making a mistake.’ They hope a drunk guy won’t pick up on the fact they are a trans and then get that big surprise in the room.

If you are walking down a brightly lit street and then there is one street corner where the light bulb is burnt out and you hear a high pitched squeal from a rather large looking ‘girl’ you can pretty much be assured you have spotted a ladyboy.

Use All the Available Information

Sometimes it can be hard to spot a ladyboy. TS go to drastic measures to make themselves look as lady like as possible and some can be very convincing.

But if you start to notice multiple things from this list on the same person then the odds will keep increasing they are a trans.

If you do ‘make the mistake’ and end up with one in your room on accident you have a couple of options. First is to politely say you were confused and didn’t know. You may want to offer some taxi money or a little extra money for their time just to cool things down.

Or you can just go with it and see if you enjoy it. Who knows maybe you will :p. If you are trying to learn how to spot ladyboys so you can find more of them then try out ts online dating.

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Good luck and use these tips to spot ts ladyboys to help you out.