Finding Shemales in Rio de Janeiro

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You probably found this post on finding shemales in Rio de Janeiro because you literally have no clue where to begin the search. Do you go to a gay bar? Do you search for ts on Craigslist? Do you put an ad in the newspaper?

OK, nobody uses the paper anymore but you see what we mean. Transgenders are a hot topic these days but even though they are trending upwards it feels like we are still a lifetime away from this becoming easy.

Maybe at some point you will walk out your door and see a bunch when you take a walk, but that isn’t in the foreseeable future. The unfortunate truth of the situation is that when guys search for how to find shemales in Rio de Janeiro they often just see ads for travesti prostitutes or sex massage, travesti being the Latin American slang for transgender.

Hey, if that is what you want then go ahead and do your thing, but you need to be honest with yourself. Is busting a quick nut really going to satisfy you? We doubt it, and you probably know that to be true as well.

A quick one off with a shemale like that might be fun, but most guys are going to need more to actually get satisfied. And we aren’t even factoring the inherent risks or consequences that can come from that decision which could be drastic. In Brazil people don’t play around.

So what other options are there? You could go spend all night at the most popular gay bar or nightclub in town like Turma OK and cross your fingers. Maybe a shemale will come in, maybe one won’t.

Maybe that shemale will be single and ready to mingle, or maybe they will already be with a date. Maybe they will be ready to hook up, or maybe they are coming off a bad break up and need some time.

We just listed a whole lot of maybes that would need to go your way for that night to end the way you are hoping for. Putting all of your hopes on one ts-girl showing up who is single and wanting to hook up and likes you and giving you a shot before some other guy hits on them sounds like it might work, maybe.

Then we have some more maybes, you could go to more gay bars like Papa G or Pink Flamingo where they have drag queen’s perform from time to time. Could you possibly buy the star of the show a drink after they perform and end up having sex with a hot shemale later that night. Sure, it is possible, but what if after the show they just exit stage left and are never to be seen again?

You don’t have to put all of this on a maybe if you don’t want to. There are lots of shemales in Rio de Janeiro online, you just need to know about the right dating site to find them.

Dating Shemales In Rio de Janeiro

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Now we will cover trying to date shemales in Rio de Janeiro. Once you find a sexy ts girl getting a date shouldn’t be hard, but locating them might be. Usually they will have a big time interest in foreign men and if you have the balls to approach them it should go well.

But finding them is another matter entirely. How often do you actually see ts girls out in public? Sure there are more shemales in Brazil than most places in the world but that doesn’t mean you go out every night and have plenty to choose from. That often revolves around you heading to a bunch of gay bars hoping there are sexy trans out partying, but that often isn’t the case.

The easiest way to meet shemales in Rio de Janeiro will be online dating and there are two main sites to do it on. MyLadyboyDate is the biggest and best ts dating site in the world and there are hundreds of Brazilian shemales using it, including over a hundred shemales in Rio de Janeiro on it as of earlier this year.

MyLadyboyDate offers discreet transsexual dating and can really save you a lot of time and keep you out of some sketchy situations. From there just chat with as many ts as you can, find the ones you like the most and set up a meet.

It would be advisable to not go to their place for the first meet, either do it in public or if they want to hook up right off the bat meet at your safe ts friendly hotel. Good luck finding shemales in Rio de Janeiro for casual sex or serious relationships.

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