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If you want to find shemales in Sao Paulo for sex there are some main trans hooker hot spots in this city where you will want to visit. Brazilian shemales are known worldwide, and while Rio de Janeiro shemales get most of the fanfare this is actually the largest city in the country.

The more people there are the more sexy Sao Paulo shemales there are for you to hook up with. The local slang for trans is travesti, and finding travesti escorts online will be easy as well if you want to go that route.

Just remember that Brazil is a pretty dangerous country, dealing with prostitutes always elevates your risks, and tranny prostitutes don’t limit those risks in any way. If you are going to go through with this you will need to make sure you are on your A game and try to limit your risks as much as possible.

One way to cut those risks down would be to try dating shemales in Sao Paulo who aren’t prostitutes. That will keep you from going to dangerous streets after dark on the prowl, or setting up meets with online escorts who may or may not be fakes and scammers.

There are a few good dating sites to meet travestis online here which we will be telling you about after we wrap up the street prostitutes and online hookers.

Shemale Street Prostitutes In Sao Paulo

If there was an ‘easiest way’ to meet shemales in Sao Paulo it would be to head to a few certain red light areas and prostitute zones that shemales like to frequent. This would not be the safest way by any means, but it would be the easiest because you can pretty much always know they are here.

If you are going to head to any of these trans red light areas we highly suggest you hop in a taxi and have him drive you past the street hookers. You can survey the scene and decide if you feel safe getting out, or you can pull up to the hottest shemale you see and try to make an offer without getting out of the car.

The more time you spend in these areas the more likely you are that something will go wrong. Go there with a purpose, find the hot shemale you are looking for, and get out quickly.

Make your that your hotel in Sao Paulo is shemale friendly if you are staying in one. If it isn’t then you will need to find a short time love motel that is travesti friendly nearby, we would suggest you know of one ahead of time and don’t let any ts street prostitutes lead you to any destinations.

Always be the one controlling the situation. Also don’t accept any drinks from any shemale prostitutes, or let them hold your drink or be alone with it when you go to the bathroom. This goes for any street trans, any travesti online escorts, or frankly any strangers you don’t know whether they are shemales or not.

The main Sao Paulo shemale prostitution zones would be:

  • Av Indianapolis
  • Barra Funda
  • Rego Freitas and Major Sertorio Street Corner

Hop in a taxi, drive around these ts red light areas, and hope for the best. A little bit safer place to go pick trans hookers up then off the street would be Elenice Bar, but it can be more hit and miss.

Sao Paulo Travesti Online Escorts

A safer way to monger would be to meet Sao Paulo shemale escorts online, remember to always be on the lookout for the code word travesti. If you are on dating sites or apps you will often see them putting ts, travesti, escort, massage, or hotel service in their profiles.

You can also go to Google and search for ‘travesti escorts Sao Paulo’ or ‘Sao Paulo shemale prostitutes’ or any other form of those common trans mongering terms. This will lead you to plenty of ts call girls to choose from, but this isn’t a fail safe plan by any means.

When dealing with escorts you often have the choice of incall (going to their place) or outcall (them coming to your place.) We would highly suggest you choose the outcall escort option, again you want to be in control of the situation, not them.

You should also ask for their Whatsapp contact number and do a quick video call with them before you meet. Just enough to make sure that they really are a travesti, and also to make sure they look as good as their pictures.

When it comes to meeting hookers online, whether shemale or female, there are many scams, fake profiles, and fake pictures out there. A quick video call will help save you lots of time, plus potentially money and keep you safer.

A lot of guys like to get a happy ending massage and some prefer to get one from a ts because they have strong hands for a good sensual body rub down. The best way to get an erotic sexy shemale massage in Sao Paulo would be to find an escort who offers massage services.

Dating Brazilian Travestis

Shemale sex massage escorts Sao Paulo travesti hotel

Our last section will talk about trying to date shemales in Sao Paulo. The good news is that dating ts girls is very easy, all you have to do is find them first. They are often very outgoing, fun to be around, and many are down to hook up pretty quickly.

But finding them is another matter entirely. Just ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a shemale out in public? Probably was awhile ago right?

Yes, there are more shemales in Brazil than in most other countries, but that doesn’t mean you can just go out at night knowing where to pick them up. That often revolves around you heading to a bunch of gay bars and hoping there are sexy trans out partying, but that often isn’t the case.

The easiest way to meet shemales in Sao Paulo will be online dating and there are two main sites to do it on. MyLadyboyDate is the biggest shemale dating site in the world and there are hundreds of Brazilian trans using it, and luckily enough for you there are over 100 shemales in Sao Paulo on it.

MyLadyboyDate offers discreet ts dating and can really save you a lot of time searching. The other option is Brazil Cupid, this is a full on dating site that isn’t only for transgenders, but it is very easy to toggle your search settings for shemales only, or you can chat with other girls and guys if you like.

It is the biggest dating site in Brazil, just remember that you need to be on the lookout for the word travesti in their profiles when using that site. Brazil Cupid can work really good too, and either one will make finding hot ts girls near you so much easier.

From there just chat with as many as you can, find the ones you like the most and set up a meet. Once again we would advise against going to their place for the first meet just to stay safe, a coffee shop, restaurant, or even your place would be a lot safer.

Hook up shemales Sao Paulo sex guide transgender escorts

Good Luck Finding Hot TS Girls

That wraps up this Sao Paulo shemale sex guide, we tried to break the scene down as well as we could. Now you know where to find them, you just need to try and stay safe while doing so.

Don’t led them lead you to any unknown places, don’t give them access to your drinks, and always remember to wear a condom with transsexuals. If you don’t want to deal with street prostitutes or online escorts and instead are looking for a serious relationship use the dating sites listed here.

Good luck finding shemales in Sao Paulo for sex.

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