Picking Up Single Girls in Wuhan, China

Pick up girls in Wuhan for casual sex and relationships

As more and more guys are traveling the globe they are heading to new destinations each year. This is a bigger city than you might imagine so this guide is intended to help foreign men with picking up single girls in Wuhan, China for casual sex or a serious relationship.

A good area in town to stay would be Hankou. This is where lots of the nightlife in the city is as well as being a nice and safe area to stay.

We will focus on the best ways to find a good woman in this city, not a prostitute. We will tell you good day game options as well as good pick up bars to go out and meet single girls in Wuhan who may be interested in quick sex.

Finally we will give some shine to the best online dating site to use in this country where you can meet many single Wuhan girls who are interested in foreign men as well.

Where To Meet Single Girls In Wuhan

If you don’t speak the language then this can be a little hard but not impossible. Picking up girls in bars will be easier, but day game isn’t impossible.

Head to Jiang Han Road in Hankou which is a shopping district. Women will be there every day and if you approach them with a smile on your face you might have a shot.

Other big malls would be Wanda Square, Valley Mall, and Guang Mall. Again, if you don’t speak the language you are going to need some luck with day game.

Foreign men approaching sexy ladies at the mall might make them very shy, if they don’t look interested back off quickly.

Meeting Ladies Of The Night

Hankou nightclubs bars to meet slutty Wuhan girls sex

Picking up single girls in Wuhan nightlife will be easier for foreign men because the ladies of the night will be drunk and want to party. You don’t really need to talk in a nightclub anyways.

As mentioned much of the best nightlife here is in Hankou and there are many singles bars up and down the river. Return 97 is a favorite of many, but there are other good ones like Soho, York Bar, and Brussells Beer Garden.

Just head to the river, stroll around, and look for places with good girl to guy ratios. Getting a condo off AirBnb in Hankou can make it a lot more likely you end up having sex.

These days so many men have totally unrealistic expectations when it comes to picking up girls. We blame it on Instagram filters, you spend all day looking at soft porn models showing off their sexy bodies and beautiful faces, even though in reality those girls are actually a notch or two below what you see on your screen.

Then you go out in public and all of the women you see look so average in comparison. Well guess what, for most men having casual sex with an average looking woman is far better than you should expect!

Girls don’t have to date down, and they certainly don’t have to hook up down. A Wuhan girl who is a 6 can easily find a guy much better looking than her to have sex with any time any day.

It doesn’t work the same for us, so lower your expectations and forget about the Instagram models. They are just an illusion, enjoy whatever you can get. If you are researching this city then you may also want to visit other towns most foreigners don’t head to like Chengdu, Qingdao and Harbin.

Wuhan Girls Seeking Foreign Men Online

Where to meet slutty girls in Wuhan for easy sex

This is a great way to meet single women in Wuhan interested in foreign men because many of them are learning English but are better at reading/writing than speaking. So if you message them they will have a chance at understanding.

If you walk up and try to have a conversation in the mall they will likely be overwhelmed. But online from their computer they will feel more comfortable.

Plus you can contact hundreds of girls in an hour. It is just a much more practical way to try to meet girls in this situation. The best online dating site to use here is China Love Cupid and you can use it all over the country.

So if you are traveling around you can start pipelining and have women dreaming of you before you hit up each city. Or if you live here there are many single girls in Wuhan using China Love Cupid who are interested in meeting foreign men.

Sign up for free, take a look, and if you like what you see go ahead and register. If not it didn’t cost you anything to check it out. Good luck picking up single girls in Wuhan for casual sex or a serious relationship.

Best dating site in Wuhan to meet girls for sex online