Finding Girls For Sex In Harbin, China

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If you are trying to find girls for sex in Harbin, China this post will have some tips to help you out. There is plenty of pay for play sex in Harbin but if you don’t know what to look for mongering can be hard to find.

There are different types of establishments ranging from ‘pink salon’ brothels to places where you go in to dance and feel up girls. Or you can find a full on erotic sex massage here with a guaranteed happy ending.

Of course you can also meet prostitutes online in Harbin, and girls that aren’t hookers have an interest in foreign men as well. There are many options here but it still shouldn’t be considered a good mongering destination.

If you find yourself in town there will be enough to satisfy you, but you shouldn’t take a trip here specifically for the women. This Harbin sex guide will start off with the mongering, girls that aren’t pros will follow including the best online dating sites in China.

Harbin Sex Guide

If you want to try and pay for sex in Harbin brothels with pink lights by the door in Heishan Jie will be the best place for you to go. These are very quick wham bam type places so don’t expect a girlfriend experience.

This is where you get cheap sex in Harbin and the prices will be between 150-200 rmb. There are also some spas for men near Guogeli Road where you can find an erotic sex massage in Harbin with happy ending.

A popular happy ending massage parlor is Harbin Moonlight Bay Bath on Tongda Street near Civil Aid Service Road. Just keep your eyes peeled as you walk around town and look for telltale signs like red or pink lights by the door.

You can also try to meet hookers online on WeChat using the find people near you option. Look for call girls that have ‘massage’ or ‘escort’ in their profile. There isn’t a ton of mongering here, it is much easier to find sex in Hong Kong, but there is more than you will find in many cities in China.

You can always watch great happy ending massage porn on Happy Tugs if you get bored.

Meeting Single Girls In Harbin

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If you want to meet single girls in Harbin’s nightlife there are some good pick up bars and nightclubs you can check out. There is a pretty good amount of nightlife in this city but places we recommend are:

  • Coco Club
  • Blue’s Club
  • Indiana Club
  • Harbin Walking Street

Walking Street is not just one bar, it is a nightlife area where you can find lots of sexy ladies of the night. Foreign men will probably get lots of eyes your way because women here don’t see many of your kind.

That will make things a lot easier for you, but if you don’t speak any Chinese it might be difficult. You could also try to meet Harbin girls during the day and the malls would be the best places for that.

Some good large malls or shopping areas in town are:

  • Hongbo Square
  • Parkson Mall
  • Manhattan Shopping Center

At those places you will see lots of girls out shopping. They are nice parts of town where girls will feel safer with a stranger approaching them. Here are the best cities to meet girls in China if you are interested.

Meeting Harbin Girls Online

Any time you are in a place where people don’t speak your language it can be hard to meet girls face to face. Many Harbin girls know a bit of English but are far more comfortable reading and typing than they are at speaking.

If foreign men approach a woman in a pick up bar or at a mall she may be too shy to attempt to speak English. However if you send her a message on China Love Cupid she very well may reply.

She is on the site for a reason and that reason is to meet guys. If she has any interest at all in foreign men you will have a great shot. Since you can message hundreds of girls in an hour you will contact many that like foreigners.

Plus you can continue to use China Love Cupid as you travel throughout the country. Just start to pipeline a week before you head to any new city so you have dates lined up when you arrive.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Harbin

You can find some cheap sex in Harbin at the pink light brothels around town. There are more luxurious experiences at the erotic sex massage parlors.

You can also meet non pro girls either online or out in the nightlife. The more girls you contact the more success you will have.

If you are also going to be traveling to Macau or Hong Kong check out this eBook guide. Good luck finding girls for sex in Harbin.

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