Where To Meet & Date Single Girls In Gwangju, South Korea

Meet Gwangju girls online dating interested foreign men

More guys are traveling to South Korea than ever so we are doing a post on where foreign men can meet and date single girls in Gwangju. This is a smaller town, but it still has plenty of people, and more importantly plenty of single ladies.

Before we get into the specifics of where foreign men can meet Gwangju girls we are going to talk about why this isn’t a super easy place for a single guy. There are quite a few things working against you, but when there is a will there is a way.

The language barrier is real, while the younger generations are learning English these days many are learning and not anywhere near fluent. Most Korean women won’t be confident in their speaking abilities.

You may want to try to learn some Korean if you are going to spend a lot of time in the country. That will help improve your chances for sure, but it is a lot of work if you are just on a short trip.

Then there are the dating cultural differences that you will face here. One is that girls are not going to let it be known that they have any interest in you.

They probably won’t even make eye contact with you, let alone send you flirtatious looks or smiles. You are going to have to completely cold approach girls that have shown zero interest.

Then there are the Korean guys to deal with who are notorious cockblockers. They are not fans of foreign men coming in and hooking up with their girls and will make things hard on you.

This might just be them staring at any girl you talk too causing her to feel embarrassed. Sometimes they will be more aggressive about it then that.

So there are definitely things that will make it harder here, you are going to need to put in work and make lots of contacts. Just remember the more girls you try with the better your chances of scoring.

We will start off with a few day game spots, then mention good nightlife areas. After that we will talk about the best Korean dating sites to meet women interested in foreign men and finish up with tips on finding pay for play sex in Gwangju.

Meeting Girls In Gwangju During The Day

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This is not a good country for day game at all. The girls won’t show you they are interested and won’t be good at replying to you in English. If you know some Korean it might be a different story.

If you do want to try it pick your spots wisely when there aren’t many eyes on you or the woman. If she feels other people staring at her she will be even more nervous.

Approach with a smile on your face, get her number quickly, and move to text game. Malls will be your best option for this because the Gwangju girls will feel more comfortable inside.

So head to Shinsegae Mall, U Square or Lotte. Don’t expect good results, and back off quick if you can tell she is really uncomfortable. Some guys consider Korean’s to be the hottest girls in Asia so you might see some real talent out and about.

Meeting Ladies Of The Night In Gwangju

We covered the difficulties of meeting single ladies of the night in Gwangju already, but you do have some things working in your favor. Those being the loud music that makes talking less important, and of course alcohol.

Not that picking up girls in the nightlife will be easy, but it will be a heck of a lot easier than day game. There are a few different areas of town where you may want to base yourself.

First is downtown where there is lots of nightlife and expat singles bar options. Those expat pick up bars are:

Here you can chat with many expats and some local Gwangju girls who are interested in foreign men will be coming in as well. Or you can head to some of the most popular nightclubs in the city called Panfic and ZZYZZX which are downtown as well.

Getting a condo in this area off AirBnb will be your best option. It is always easier to invite a date to come back to your condo than to your hotel.

Any of those expat bars above will be solid places to take a date in Gwangju. The Sangmoo area has lots of nightlife too, Coyote Ugly is a popular bar here.

Or you may want to check out Loft 28 and other bars in the Hoomon area.


Meeting Korean Girls Online

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When dealing with Korean girls you need to take a lot of swings to finally hit that home run. This isn’t somewhere like the Philippines where the girls are gaga over foreign men.

There are definitely some here that are interested, but others aren’t. The more you contact the more likely you are to find the type that wants to meet and date you.

If the day game is bad and the nightlife is just OK what other options do you have? Meeting Gwangju girls on Korean Cupid is the most efficient way by far.

We don’t mean efficient from a contact to bang standpoint, dating doesn’t work like that. We mean efficient by making a ton of contacts in a minimal amount of time.

You can send out hundreds of messages in an hour, even if only 10% give you their number that is 10 to 20 numbers. You aren’t getting that many when day gaming that is for sure, plus you get to do it from the comfort of your own home.

Even better, if you start sending out messages on Korean Cupid before you are in town you can have dates lined up on your first night. If you wait to meet girls seeking foreign men until you are in town you are going to be behind the 8 ball.

Plus it is the most popular online dating site in Korea so you can use it in every city you travel to. Start pipelining a week before you head to a new city so you always have girls ready and waiting.

Whether you want to hook up quick or meet a good woman in Gwangju seeking a foreign husband this will be the best site for you.

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Paying For Sex In Gwangju

The pay for play sex in Gwangju isn’t great but there will be some options around. Just head out after dark and try to find some ladies of the night looking for the telltale signs.

Those would be red or pink lights by doors and windows. Also barber poles by doors, sometimes brightly lit barber poles. Or look for the words ‘Anma’ or ‘Sports Massage’ on signs.

Most of the prostitution will be done at erotic sex massage parlors in Gwangju. They may not all allow foreign men, but some should be willing to give you a happy ending.

You can also try to ask an expat or a taxi driver if he knows of anything. Or use WeChat’s People Near You feature and look for girls that have massage or escort in their profile.

Plus Google can lead you to some Gwangju escort services if you can read Korean.

Good Luck On Your Dates In Gwangju

While not a great mongering destination by any means it is still a cool city for foreign men visit. If you put in some effort you can find what you are looking for here.

Just make as many contacts as you can, speak slowly so they can understand you, and be a happy smiling person. That is the Asian way.

If you are also going to be going to enjoy the Seoul nightlife check out this eBook guide that breaks down all the best ways to have fun there. Good luck to all foreign men who try meeting and dating girls in Gwangju.

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