Where To Meet & Date Girls In Daejeon, South Korea

Foreign men meet date girls Daejeon South Korea women

This post will try to help foreign men out with finding good places to meet and date girls in Daejeon, South Korea. As the internet keeps making the world smaller more and more guys are heading to new places.

South Korea is a really vibrant and lively country that is a fun place to visit. Many guys just head to Seoul where you can find some of the best nightlife on the continent, but there is also a lot more to be offered here.

While this may not be as easy of a place as other spots around Southeast Asia you can still meet plenty of Daejeon girls when you are in town. Just know that there are going to be some struggles along the way.

We will cover those when we get too them, but this is going to be a city where volume is key. Don’t think foreign men are going to easily head out and hook up with Korean girls, that isn’t the case. It is going to take some time, or hopefully some good luck.

There aren’t a lot of options when it comes to pay for play sex in Daejeon but after talking about where to meet non pro girls we will give some tips. They are just standard things to look for that will tell you where happy ending massage parlors, prostitutes, or online escorts might be lurking.

Alright, lets start with day game and work our way around.

Meeting Daejeon Girls During The Day

This will not be easy and really isn’t highly advisable for a few reasons. Approaching strangers is really frowned upon here, not that it is considered a great thing anywhere, but in Korea it is very rare.

If you are going to try day game do it in a mall where a girl will feel more safe. Street approaches should only be done if the girl is so hot you can’t resist the opportunity.

Another big draw back to this is the language, we are assuming most guys reading this don’t speak the local language. If you want to try to learn Korean that will help, but that is a lot of work for foreign men who are just taking a short trip.

Overall day game shouldn’t be a big plan of attack for you. If you see an opportunity then go for it (with a big non-threatening smile on your face) and back off if the sexy ladies look uncomfortable.

Some good malls to try and meet Daejeon girls would be Galleria Dongbaek, Galleria Timeworld, and Lotte.

Meeting Ladies Of The Night In Daejeon

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Meeting girls in Daejeon nightlife has its drawbacks as well. The language barrier won’t be as big of a deal since there will be loud music and alcohol helping you out.

On the other hand the Korean guys are notorious cockblockers. They will stare the women in Daejeon you are talking to down to make her feel uncomfortable or even shame her.

Often times this can be enough to make her break off from you. Some guys may even butt in and destroy the mood altogether. It doesn’t always happen, but don’t be surprised if they are trying to make life difficult for foreign men.

If you want to party try and choose one spot in town and focus your efforts in that area. Dunsan-dong, Yuseong, and Gung-dong all are loaded with nightlife.

Get a condo off AirBnb in one of those areas and then head out to party. If you like uni girls then Gung-dong will be good because it is near a very big university.

Some cool singles bars you can check out are:

If you are more of a club goer then hit up:

  • Cocoon
  • Club Volume
  • After Hours
  • Bubi Bubi

Another important thing to point out is that you shouldn’t expect girls to show you any interest here. They won’t be smiling, waving, or even making eye contact with you inside the clubs.

You are going to need to cold approach even if they haven’t sent you any signals. The dating culture is a bit weird here and learning to seduce Korean girls will take some time.

Meeting Daejeon Girls Online

When the language barrier, local customs, and local guys are working against you where do you turn? Online dating sites! While there are easier places in the world for online dating it is probably the best way to meet Daejeon girls.

We aren’t going to tell you that every girl you meet online loves foreign men and will hook up with you just because you sent her a message. However online dating certainly has many benefits.

No watchful eyes, no cockblockers, and you will be messaging girls that you know have some interest. Plus they will feel a lot more comfortable and confident typing than they will trying to speak with foreign men if you cold approach them.

Just hop on Korean Cupid and send out lots of messages, the more girls you contact the better your chances are. That is the biggest benefit of online dating right? That you can put in mass volume in a short amount of time.

Just remember to keep your messages short and sweet. Be kind, use small words, and don’t type out lengthy paragraphs. Get their number as quickly as you can and then text them a lot throughout the day, Korean girls really like attention.

Then start inviting them out, or hope you find ones that are shy to be seen in public with a foreigner but don’t mind having the first date at your place. Some girls will be like that, and the only way you will find them is by making many contacts.

Another benefit of Korean Cupid is that you can start meeting Daejeon girls interested in foreign men before you even get into town. And you can use it to pipeline before you visit any city in the country so you always hit the ground running.

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Daejeon Sex Guide

Sadly we can’t point you in any exact directions in this sex guide, but we can give some general tips. The first would be to look for erotic sex massage parlors in Daejeon.

How can you find them? Look for the tell tale signs that are used all around Korea. The first is for barber poles near the doors, or red/pink lights by the door or in the windows.

Secondly, look for signs that say ‘Anma’ or ‘Sports Massage.’ Third, you can ask a taxi driver or expat living there. Lastly you can try to meet Daejoen escorts online on WeChat or other dating apps.

Look for girls with sexy pics, or who have the words escort or massage in their profiles. It is a lot easier to find sex in Seoul than Daejeon, but there are always some ladies of the night around.

Good Luck Dating Daejeon Girls

The more contacts you make here the more success you will have. Just put in the effort and use all the tools you have available to you.

The more girls you meet the higher your chances are of finding one that will want to have some fun. Or the higher your chances of finding a sexy Korean girlfriend interested in foreign men.

If you are also going to be heading to party in the Seoul nightlife then check out this travel guide. Good luck meeting and dating single girls in Daejeon.

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