Finding Girls For Sex In Lagos, Nigeria

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This is the second biggest city in Africa and has many of the sexiest girls on the continent. Finding girls for sex in Lagos is very possible, but it won’t be the safest spot in the world to do it.

If you are not a seasoned monger then this may be a tough place for you to visit. Heck, even a seasoned traveler is likely to come across some difficulties here.

Imagine trying to navigate New York City if it was in a third world country. Vacations to major cities are always harder than visiting some touristy beach town.

At the same time the hottest girls usually flock to the major cities because there is more money to be made. You will have to put up with some added stress, but it very well may be worth it.

There are many ways to meet girls for sex in Lagos, you can head to the Ipodo red light district or pick up hookers on the street quite easily. You can also meet hookers online in various ways.

Or you can just go out in the bustling nightlife where you can easily pick up girls and possibly hook up for free. However, in Africa most women you pick up at night will expect to be compensated. They don’t really consider themselves hookers, but if it walks like a duck….

This Lagos sex guide will break down all of the best mongering and nightlife of which there is plenty. You might get robbed or die, but you might also have the time of your life.

We will cover the hookers first and then move on to non pro girls and the best African dating site.

Brothels & Red Light Districts In Lagos

Ipodos red light district Lagos brothel girls sex price

There are many brothels in Lagos and the main area to find them is in the Ipodo red light district. Here you will find lots of street girls trying to invite you inside for a quick bang.

Not only will there be lots of sexy ladies out but there will be many pimps as well trying to steer you to their prostitutes. It is relatively safe to go here, but if something feels off maybe you should move on.

Of course you don’t want to be flaunting your wealth here (or anywhere in Africa) and making yourself a target. Go there, do the deed quickly, and get back to safer areas.

You can find extremely cheap sex in Lagos in brothels. At the time of writing this you get 315 Nigerian Nairas for $1 USD, and the cheapest brothels will cost in the 1000n to 2000n range.

There are plenty of other brothels all over town and any taxi driver will gladly show you around if you give him a small tip. There are also many topless and full nude strip clubs in Lagos and having sex in the champagne room is available at most.

Two that you can check out are Didoz and The Gentleman’s Lounge located on Allen Avenue. You pay 1k for entry, 1k for lap dances, or can head to the back room for 6k. But you will have to give the sexy nude dancer a tip for sex on top of the 6k.

They will be more expensive than the brothels of course, but you should find some hotter girls at them. Some of the best known gentlemens clubs are Cave Nude Club (which has a 5000n entrance fee) as well as Fantasy Villa or Deja Vu which are located on Victoria Island.

Erotic Massage Parlors In Lagos

Erotic sex massage Lagos Nigeria happy ending rub tug

There will be quite a few massage parlors around town, particularly in the touristy areas. If you get the feeling that one of these is a brothel then it probably is.

If there are girls sitting out front calling out to customers there is a good chance this is an erotic sexy massage parlor. If you go in and are presented with a lineup of sexy girls you can pretty much assume a happy ending is available.

Unless you are at some luxury hotel in a nice spa then the prices here will be very cheap. You will pay maybe 500n for the massage and then have to tip 1000n to 2000n for your happy ending in Lagos.

Of course the price for a tip may vary, some women may only want to give a handjob happy ending. Others may give a blowjob or full sexual services if you want to tip more.

Meeting Hookers Online

All around the world more and more hookers are working online. Meeting hookers online in Lagos will be easy, just hop on Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Badoo or anything else similar and it should be easy to figure out who the prostitutes are.

You can also Google hookers in Lagos or escorts in Lagos and have many more options. Take some extra precautions here, try and set up the first meet at a safe place, don’t head to their place in some sketchy part of town or you might walk into an ambush.

This is one of the better ways to meet the hottest girls in Lagos, they will certainly ask for more than the cheap brothels but the quality will be worth it.

Meeting Hookers In The Lagos Nightlife

Topless full nude strip clubs sexy naked Lagos prostitute bars

This is probably the best way to meet girls for sex in Lagos. It will be almost impossible to figure out who is a hooker and who is not, but you should pretty much always assume you are going to need to pay something.

It is very common for girls in Africa to ask for money when they have sex. They might even ask their boyfriends, or if they hook up with a random African dude at a club they will probably ask to get paid as well.

Since they assume all tourists are rich they most certainly will be asking you. Expect it to come, and just be glad that the prices are pretty cheap. 10,000n is a lot of money to them and is just small money to a tourist.

Sure, you could get much cheaper sex at a brothel, but you can find some seriously stunning girls at the Lagos prostitute pick up bars. Plus Nigerian girls are known to be very horny and excellent in bed.

Pick the right one and you will have a porn star experience throughout the whole night. The best high class nightlife in the city is located on Victoria Island and this is where the hottest girls will want to go.

If you are looking for a place to stay Victoria Island would be a good spot for a hotel or condo off AirBnb. Ynot is a popular freelancer bar for expats and tourists.

You should definitely expect the girls here to want money, but you can find some very sexy black girls here. Some other fun bars on Victoria Island are Michael’s, De Marquee, and Pat’s Place¬†which may not have as many hookers around.

More pick up bars to find freelance prostitutes in Lagos would be Escape and Spice Route. You could head to Peckers which is near Allen and Toyin Avenue, or The Place and 57 which are in Lekki. The Sheraton has a night club as well but the price for sex will be higher there.

Meeting Single Girls Online In Lagos

Some guys aren’t going to want to head out and about in the nightlife here to meet Lagos girls. Africa can be a very intimidating place, some guys like the mongering adventure others won’t enjoy it.

A good way to get around it is to use Afro Introductions to meet single girls in Lagos online. It is the top online dating site in Africa so you can not only use it in Lagos but in any other city you travel to next.

Just start pipelining a week before you get into town and you should have plenty of dates ready and waiting for you. Afro Introductions is the best wingman you could have here, it is a great way to meet women in Nigeria seeking foreign men online.

Meet women in Lagos Nigeria online seek foreign men

Good Luck Finding Sex In Lagos

This is a city that has a major buzz about it at all times. The nightlife is great and you will monger with some very sexy girls here.

It isn’t the safest place in the world, but if you locate yourself in a nice hotel on Victoria Island and limit your time in the shady areas of town you should be alright.

Meeting hookers online or meeting prostitutes in the Lagos nightlife are the best ways to find the hottest girls. The strip clubs will have hot ones also, and the cheap brothels are always ready and waiting.

There are many options for finding girls for sex in Lagos, you will definitely have a good time. If you want to read about other places to meet easy girls check out this eBook.

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    • If you have experience in third world countries and use travel safety precautions you should be alright. Don’t walk anywhere alone after dark, don’t trust random guys that try to befriend you, and be careful with your drinks.

      Try and get a decent hotel in a ‘nicer’ area and just go directly to and from the places you want to go. Definitely not the safest area in the world but if you don’t get blackout drunk and make mistakes you ‘should’ probably be alright.

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