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More and more guys are making the trip here and many are looking to find girls for sex in Guam. Despite this being a US territory there is still plenty of prostitution on the island.

The majority of it comes from the erotic sex massage parlors in Guam where a happy ending is all but guaranteed. As you make your way around the island you will notice spas for massage everywhere.

They are often staffed by Asian girls from countries like Korea, Thailand, or China. There will be a list of known sex massage parlors coming, but you can almost assume that you can get a happy ending at any you visit.

There are also some topless and full nude strip clubs around where you can find girls from the US, local girls, and more Asians. Sex in the VIP room or getting their number to hook up after their shift is definitely possible.

And of course there are many tourists around on holiday mode that want to have a good time and often hook up. Trying to meet girls in the nightlife can be done, but we will need to get more into that later.

So lets start with the erotic sex massage parlors in Guam, girls that aren’t pros will come after that. Then we will mention some online dating sites where you can try to meet local girls as well.

Erotic Sex Massage In Guam

Erotic sex massage spas Guam happy ending rub tug

While there may be some other ways to find prostitutes in Guam erotic sex massage is definitely the easiest and best way to go. As mentioned you will see spas offering massage all over the island and it is not hard to find a happy ending here at all.

Generally when you go up to a spa the door will be locked and you need to press a button. Then the mamasan (manager) will come let you in.

At this point you can either try to choose your own girl or she will choose one for you. Don’t expect a full lineup like you can find in Macau sex spas, but she might have some pictures on her phone to show you. A lineup might be possible if you press hard enough.

Then after choosing the massage girl or having one chosen for you it is time to head back to the room for the sensual services to begin. Things can vary from place to place, but generally expect a 30ish minute back massage before being asked to roll over and extras to be offered.

If no extra services are offered you may need to ask for it, but don’t worry they almost always will be. Some of them are more like brothels then massage spas so don’t expect too therapeutic of an experience. Others are just rub and tugs where you can get a quick handjob at the end.

Some of the best known sex massage parlors in Guam are:

  • Bio Spa: staffed by Koreans, located near Golden Motel
  • Tranquil Massage
  • Rose Massage
  • Emerald Massage
  • Oka Body Massage
  • Amore
  • Pearl Massage

But there are plenty more to choose from. There are no set prices but generally you should expect the massage plus full service happy ending to cost around $100-$120 total.

If you want to visit some topless and full nude strip clubs in Guam the two that have the best reputation are G Spot and Club USA. You can find strippers from the US or from Asia.

Sex in the VIP room might be possible with some girls, or meeting them at your hotel room after their shift could also be possible. The last way to monger we will cover is Guam escort services.

You can Google search ‘Guam escorts’ or hop on dating apps and social media. Call girls will often use mongering keywords like massage, escort, or hotel service in their profiles.

Meeting Single Girls In Guam’s Nightlife

Topless full nude strip clubs Guam sexy naked girls

If you want to try and meet single girls you don’t have much time. The nightlife kicks off late and everywhere closes at 2am.

That means you need to be putting in as much work from just before midnight to 2 as you possibly can. The main place to meet girls in Guam’s nightlife is called Pentagon where there are a bunch of pick up bars/clubs in the same area.

This will be the most convenient place to meet Guam girls at night. If you plan on trying to pull girls from clubs book a room near here to make it easier.

Other good singles bars or clubs around town are:

The easiest way will just to base yourself near the Pentagon bar district and spend most of your time there. For day game you should try to hit up Micromesian Mall or just meet girls on the beach. Plus the Tumon area is a nice part of town where you can roam around looking for single girls to approach.

Meeting Guam Girls Online

There isn’t one main online dating site to meet girls in Guam but Asian Dating will probably be your best chance. There are many single Asian girls on this site from all over the region.

If you don’t like what you see here then give International Cupid a shot. If online dating is your forte then heading over to meet Filipina girls nearby might be a better option.

Meet sexy call girls Guam escort massage hotel service

Enjoy Getting A Sex Massage In Guam

It will be very easy to find a good sex massage in Guam. Head to the spas listed here for a sure thing, or go in search of your happy ending on your own.

If you wanted to read about more good beaches in Southeast Asia with quality nightlife check out this travel guide for single guy’s. Good luck finding girls for sex in Guam.

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