Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls in Fukuoka

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This post on hooking up with hot girls in Fukuoka for sex or dating is going to be loaded up with how to get it in tonight or find a girl to spend a lot of time with. We aren’t sure what each and every guy who finds this page will want, so we are going to cover it all.

Some guys may want to read about the top nightclub in the city to go party with some slutty girls. Other guys may want to know which online dating site works best so they can fire it up and start inviting girls over to Netflix and chill.

We all do things the way that works best for us, and no matter what your style is you should find some info here to help you achieve your goals. The top nightlife district in town is around Tenjin and when slutty girls in Fukuoka want sex with strange men that is where to find them.

There are some good places to try and pick up girls during the day around town, we will mention some of your best options. Plus that dating site will also be getting a shout out.

We will also talk about how hitting on women in Japan after dark can be a bit tricky.

Sexy Girls At Fukuoka Hook Up Bars

Meeting sexy girls in Fukuoka can be done in a variety of ways, of course the more Japanese you speak the easier it will be. Without any at all day game will be very hard, day game revolves completely around chatting them up.

Decent spots for that would be:

  • Tenjin Core
  • Amu Plaza Hakata
  • Canal City Hakata
  • JR Hakata City

These are some big malls where girls will be going to shop every day. If you want to try to pick up hot girls in Fukuoka for sex in the nightlife it is important to note that things get going late here. Head to bars around 11 and clubs around 2.

There are many western style bars in the area around the Tenjin Center. These gaijin friendly bars will be great places to meet Fukuoka women interested in foreign men.

Other good pick up bars and clubs around town are Crazy Cock, Beer’s, Club X and Malt Bar. The nightlife will be a bit easier because with the loud music not being able to chat won’t feel so awkward.

Let’s discuss the nightlife in Japan for a minute. If you have read up on this country or spent any time here you probably know that gaijin is the word for foreigners.

Some bars, clubs, and other venues will be gaijin friendly and let us in, others won’t be and won’t. That is just how things work here, there really isn’t much you can do to change it.

You might possibly be let in if you show up with a group of Japanese people, speak Japanese well yourself, or offer a big tip to the door man but don’t bet on it. Don’t sweat it, the sexy girls in Fukuoka who want to meet foreign men and potentially hook up with them won’t be at the places foreigners aren’t allowed anyways. This is the same here, in Tokyo, SapporoHiroshima or wherever.

Generally speaking the slutty Japanese girls who want to hook up with foreigners frequent the expat and tourist bars. If you want easy sex then you should also, but just know these girls are usually hooking up with lots of different foreign men. It isn’t always the case, but often is.

Meet Girls On Japan Cupid

Where to meet slutty girls in Fukuoka for easy sex

Many girls here will be trying to learn English but will be a lot better at reading and writing than speaking it. That means if you send them a message on a dating site they may reply, but if you walk up to them in a mall they may be too shy to try.

The best online dating site in the country is Japan Cupid and you can use it to meet sexy girls in Fukuoka or any other city you will travel to. Just log on a week before you make your trip to a new city and start pipelining.

In a country like Japan you are looking for a small number of girls that really like gaijin. That means you need to send out as many messages as you can, and there is no faster way to do that than online dating. Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Fukuoka for sex or dating.

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