The Countries Where Girls Have The Biggest Boobs

Girls with biggest boobs by country ranking natural breast size

Lets take a look at the countries where girls have the biggest boobs. We have done a few posts like this and every time we do we realize that old ‘statistics are for assholes’ saying is kinda true.

When researching a few different posts about it most seemed to say that Russia is the country with the biggest boobs. Or at least one of the top few, and supposedly girls there average out at double D’s.

Average girl with double D’s? Really? But multiple sites and studies are saying yes. Then you go to this post on countries with biggest tits and they aren’t even listed in the top 15.

Was this just an oversight? Or did their study come up with completely different results? The rest of their list on big tits seems to be pretty similar to the others.

Sample size always comes into play here, who are these girls that are submitting their breast size? Recently we wrote a similar post on penis size, yet we have never met a guy who claims to have been part of the study, so how do they really know?

Either way these are fun to look at and are probably generally true. Lets start with the smallest boobs and work our way up.

No Surprise Asia Has Smallest Boobs

This was the easiest part to guess of the whole list. When looking at the list of countries with A cups they were almost all from Asia.

Good thing those girls are sweet as pie because they don’t offer much in the tits department. One thing that was a bit shocking was how many African countries were on the A list like Kenya and Nigeria.

When you think of black girls curves often come to mind, but apparently most just have that ass. Another surprise was to see the Dominican Republic at only a B cup, definitely would have thought they would be much higher.

Average breast sizes can be found in places like Ukraine and Brazil. But all these lists claim that an average breast size is a C cup.

Are they trying to say that if you put 1,000 girls in a room and measure all their breasts there will be as many double D’s as A’s? And as many D’s as B’s? C’s are a pretty dang nice pair of tits and sure seem well above the true average to us.

Countries With Big Boobs

List of countries where women have biggest boobs

As mentioned most lists have Russia as the country with the biggest boob size with the US also high on top. They claim that double D’s are the average in those countries.

Maybe there are just so many fat girls around with massive tits that it is throwing everything off. Ya, that is probably what is going on here, but still, the average boob size in a country being double D’s!?

Most of the other countries are European like Hungary, Czech Republic, and Germany. Then you get a South American outlier like Colombia. No surprise that so many guys are taking trips to Colombia these days.

Summing Up Biggest Boob Size

We have a hard time wrapping our head around the average breast size in any country being double D’s. But with almost 300k girls a year getting boob jobs globally and so many overweight girls walking around maybe it is true.

A better list would be average boob size on girls that are in shape. Otherwise countries with really fat populations are going to dominate this list.

You can probably find some girls in countries with big boobs on Adult Friend Finder, they would likely let you play with them as much as you want.

Countries with girls who have very big boobs