Finding Girls For Sex In The Hvar Island Nightlife

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Many years ago this was a sleepy beach town that was a super cheap place to visit. That isn’t the case anymore, word got out and now millions of guys flock here trying to find girls for sex in the Hvar Island nightlife every year.

It has actually become so popular these days that it has got a tourist trap feel to it. If you go during the peak months of May through September it will be very crowded, sadly with a lot more guys than girls.

This is how it always is at any popular party destinations, guys are far more motivated to travel to great lengths to party and get laid. A few guys will go to Hvar Island and get laid, come back and brag to all their friends.

Then those friends go have sex on Hvar Island and tell their friends, before too long every dude in Europe wants to head over. There will be lots of girls around as well, but from a ratio aspect you will certainly be at a disadvantage.

There are some prostitutes around but not as many as you might expect for a party town. This is a place where you are going to need pick up drunk chicks, not pay for sex.

Stay Near Hvar Town Nightlife District

Hvar Town nightlife district pick up sexy beach girls

Hvar town is the main party spot on the island. There are only a few nightclubs in Hvar that are open late, the main ones are Carpe Diem and Veneranda.

You definitely will want to try and get a hotel as close to them as you can get. Despite the fact that there are going to be lots of drunk party girls around finding sex in Hvar isn’t as easy as you might assume.

You need to have all of the logistics in your favor. If you ask one of these sexy single ladies to come to your room a 5 minute walk away there is a much better chance she will say yes to a hook up than if you ask her to hop in a taxi and drive to the other side of the island.

The same goes for day game. You will want to spend most of your time at Carpe Diem Beach which is where most of the sexy girls will be.

Zrce Beach in Croatia is another cool spot to check out.

How To Have Sex On Hvar Island

Sexy ladies of the night partying Hvar Island prostitutes

What is the optimal strategy for trying to have sex in a place where there are way more guys than girls, and all the guys are fighting over the limited options? Be very aggressive, approach every hot girl you see, and try to hook up as quick as possible.

This is not the type of place where you go out on the beach during the day and set up plans to meet a girl later that night. If you go and meet a girl at 2pm she may say that she wants to go out with you later that night.

She may very well even mean it at the time, but then when you leave she will have another guy approach her at 3, and another at 3:30, and another at 4. By the time your ‘date’ comes around she will have been approached by 5 other guys, and may be in one of their beds right now.

While there is a little bit of value in her recognizing your face later that night if you have to bump into each other that shouldn’t be your goal. If you want to have sex on Hvar Island you need to push to do it right then.

It will be much easier in the nightlife, but not impossible to hook up during the day. If you want to try day game go out and look for girls who are alone. They won’t be easy to find, but it will be easier to pull her if she isn’t with her friends.

Be aggressive and maybe invite her to go grab some lunch or drinks. Get her to leave her current location with you, and then after you eat or drink try and make the move back to your place.

Nightlife game will be much easier, if you see a hot girl go hit on her. That is what every other guy on the island is doing so it is what you need to be doing too.

These single women are getting approached from all angles and will love the attention they are getting. You need to be the one that stands out, and you need to be the most aggressive.

Make out with her in the club, let her know you are the boss. Say lets get out of here, grab her hand and start walking. Do this enough times and one of them will eventually follow along.

You could also meet some slutty girls all over Europe on Adult Friend Finder and invite one of them for a romantic beach vacation.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In The Hvar Island Nightlife

Generally in these posts we talk about where to find hookers but they are not a big part of the nightlife here. Instead you are going to need to pull girls the old fashioned way.

Trying to find sex on Hvar Island is actually pretty similar to online dating, talk to as many girls as possible and don’t waste too much time on any one girl. Keep approaching, be aggressive, and go for the kill early.

Putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t a wise play here, there are just too many guys around and not enough girls. The more girls you approach the better your chances will be to succeed.

Girls change their minds so quickly, but when they get drunk they usually will want to have sex at some point. No one knows when that point will come, so the more times you approach girls the more likely you are to be in the right place at the right time when the girl wants sex.

Finding girls for sex on Hvar Island won’t be as easy as you think, but if you put in the effort and have a little luck on your side it can be done. If you are looking to travel to get laid this eBook breaks down easier places to meet girls.

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