Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In New Delhi

Hook up hot girls New Delhi sex guide get laid

This post on where to hook up with hot girls in New Delhi for sex the first night or a serious relationship will break down how a guy can have as much fun as possible on his trip here. Anyone who is familiar with trying to hook up with Indian women knows that you need to lower your expectations some before you visit.

We don’t mean they aren’t attractive, you can potentially hook up very sexy girls in New Delhi no doubt. We more mean that they have strong traditional values and pretty much all of them are very prude meaning many guys struggle with how to get laid.

Sex is a taboo subject here, if you are hoping to find an easy one night stand then you are reading about the wrong place. You might be able to luck your way into one, but that will take being in the right place at the right time and having many things go your way.

Of course we are talking about hooking up with the locals, they often go party around Connaught Place. In all of our posts on this country we always suggest that guys who are just traveling through town focus their efforts on trying to get laid with other like-minded tourists.

In areas like Karol Bagh and Paharganj you will find lots of hotels, cheap hostels, and girls from all over the place traveling the world, taking a gap year, and backpacking across Asia. They should be so much easier to hook up with than the prude New Delhi girls who think sex is only after marriage. If you aren’t looking to spend 9 months courting someone to get a hug invest your time in the other travelers.

At the end of this sex guide we will also give some love to a couple of options for online dating. One of which is good for guys who live here and want to find a girlfriend, the other is for men who just want to hook up without waiting forever to do so.

Sexy Girls At New Delhi Hook Up Bars

Connaught Place how to get laid New Delhi sexy girls bars

In most cities in this country you do not find very much nightlife, but this isn’t most cities. While we aren’t going to claim you can find some of the best partying in Asia here you can definitely find enough to satisfy you on a short stay.

As far as specific venues you can visit these clubs and hook up bars to find slutty girls in New Delhi for sex:

Like usual in this country a lot of the best places to try and hook up with sexy New Delhi girls are going to be swanky bars at hotels. If ever in doubt just go to the nicest hotel in the area and there should be a bar, club, or lounge there.

Even though this is a poor country don’t expect the nightlife to be cheap. It is generally just the rich elite who go out and buy drinks for the sexiest girls who show up at these potential hook up places.

As we previously stated Connaught Place is where you can find the best high end nightlife in the city including the nicest nightclubs. If you are coming here to try and have sex with the hottest girls in New Delhi that is the part of town you want to be in.

But remember that it won’t be easy, and if you are able to pull a girl for sex from one of these swanky bars on the first night there is a good chance she is a prostitute. The much more reliable option is to go out to the bars around Karol Bagh and Paharganj where the tourists will be.

Could you possibly find the right girl who is feeling slutty on your night out? Sure, but that is an unlikely scenario. However the percentage of slutty tourists will be infinitely higher.

In many of our sex guides we have a section for day game, but don’t bother here. The local guys have been pretty rapey over the past few years so many single women won’t even go out during the day and if they do they will be really paranoid (for good reason.)

On top of that you are looking for a needle in a hay stack, if you do want to try to hook up during the day just go to the hostels and see just how bored those other tourists really are. Just be glad you have the option here just like you do in Mumbai or Goa.

In smaller cities like Hyderabad and Jaipur with limited tourists what are you supposed to do? Even somewhere like Agra that brings in tons of tourists is still a difficult place to get laid.

Meet Slutty Girls Near You Online

Usually we prefer to only mention one dating site per sex guide as there is often one clear winner on which one our readers should choose. Well in this country we have to go with two because they both are very different.

Even though we assume most of the guys reading this are just looking for how to get laid with girls in New Delhi for easy sex we will mention the one for a wife first, Asian Dating. This site covers the entire continent and it is your standard online dating site.

In a city of this size you will have plenty of single women to chat with and most of them are going to be looking for a long term relationship. We said most, there will be a few slutty girls on Asian Dating but for the most part use it if you want to find a serious girlfriend or wife.

For the guys who just want to get laid Adult Friend Finder will be the far better option for fast sex. We have actually heard from quite a few of our readers that this site works really well in India if you want hook ups.

Even though most girls who live here are prude this country has over a billion people. Let’s assume there are around 600 million women who live here, and that around half of them are in the 18-39 range.

That leaves us with 300 million, do you know what 1% of 300 million is? It is 3 million, so if even 1% of the girls in the desired age range are sexually active that leaves you with 3 million, not a small number by any means.

And this city has a massive population so you know there are going to be plenty to choose from here, the same math will leave you with about 50,000! Our advice for single men who want to have sex with girls in New Delhi is to skip the swanky cocktail bars at hotels and focus your efforts on the sluts on Adult Friend Finder, or the revolving door of tourists who travel through the backpacker hostels. If you want the locals then the hook up site is your best option.

Good luck when trying to hook up with hot girls in New Delhi for sex or a serious relationship, you are going to need it!

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