Creative Ways To Meet Women

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If you are a single guy you know that you need to always be looking for creative ways to meet girls. Unless you are very handsome, super rich, or better yet both it can be very hard to make new female friends.

Some guys like to make it sound easy to just walk up to a woman, start up a conversation, and get her in to bed later that night. You wonder if they are living on the same planet as you are.

If you are reading this from a 1st world country, ie a sex prison, you know that it is much harder then that. If you walk up, be polite, and try to have a chat you are giving yourself very little chance.

Women need to be ‘gamed’ but they have already inserted A B A B up down up down left right left right before you approached them. They have the cheat code and it is going to be very hard for you to win.

How do you counter this? You need to stand out in some way, or have some sort of an ‘in’ to get the conversation going. You need to make her curious and want to know more. Like always this can be easier said then done with many women, but there are certain ways that you can do it. A lot of guys are taking trips to new places to get laid because when you are visiting from another country there is always some curiosity built in.

While some guys may prefer to go for ‘day game’ the easiest place to meet women is still a bar or lounge. They are out to have a good time and this will make them naturally more approachable.

They are putting themselves in this setting for that very reason so you have free reign to make an attempt, but what is the best way to approach a woman in said bar? ‘Can I buy you a drink?’ That line can get costly if you use it to often or are in the wrong bar.

‘Do you come here often?’ is more of a joke then a pick up line these days. Pretty much any opener that you try will have a bit of a cheeseball effect, but there is one way to get their natural curiosity amped up even more.

Use Magic to Meet Women

Learn magic tricks to help you talk to girls

Most women are curious by nature and the guys that do best with them are the ones that can pique their curiosity in the right ways and ‘outplay’ them with their silly games. Well a good way to make a woman curious is to show her something that her brain can’t understand.

Enter magic. Do a magic trick in a bar and now you are standing out from every other guy in the place. Did anyone else just breathe fire? Probably not, and if so head to a new bar where you can be the star of the show.

While breathing fire may not be the best move in a crowded bar there are plenty of other safer magic tricks that you can have in your disposal. Do one for the right girl, when she is in the right mood, and the two of you may very well be leaving the bar later on so you can show her some more tricks at home.

This isn’t some new thing, guys have been doing magic tricks in bars or lounges for years and again many girls will think you are a dork for trying. But who cares, they are likely stuck up girls you had no chance with anyways.

You don’t need to impress all of them, any time you are trying to score with women it is a numbers game and most likely your success rate is going to be pretty low. It only takes one, and magic can be a great way to start up a conversation with a girl.

Or you can do something bigger for the whole bar or at a party. Now every girl in the place will have seen you before and you are either the cool guy who had 20 feet of multicolored handkerchiefs in his pocket or the dork who made something disappear.

Sure, you have lost some ground with a few girls, but you have elevated yourself in the eyes of others. Just as importantly they all know you exist and will feel more comfortable in a conversation with you.

This can also be a great way for you to gain some more confidence and get better in social settings. With all eyes on you for a short time having a 1 on 1 conversation with a girl later will be that much easier.

Useful Tricks & Bets To Meet Women

Another good way to get a conversation going, or make one more interesting, is to know some good bar bets or tricks. You can even use some of these to swindle some free drinks out of other guys at the bar, or use them to hit on chicks.

Remember in Seinfeld when that guy made the stupid bet so he could bring Elaine out to dinner when he lost? May sound like a loser, but he got the date right?

Always Look For Creative Ways To Meet Girls

Life is boring and being able to stand out for any reason is a good thing. Women go to bars to get out of their boring lives, have some fun, and maybe even be entertained.

While some girls may find your attempts to entertain them lame and you might have to put up with some rude comments who cares. Keep trying new things and you will start to have more and more success.

Maybe you will come up with your own creative ways to meet women that no one has ever thought of before, and it might be the best way of them all. Come up with your own creative ways to meet girls for greater success. Or just click the ad below and meet some easy girls online in minutes.

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