Where To Buy Sex Toys In Phuket

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It is easier to find prostitution here which is odd but if you want to buy sex toys in Phuket there are some options for where to do so. You just need to head to the right areas of town and have your eyes peeled.

Hookers are a whole lot easier actually, but that doesn’t mean the other can’t be found. You won’t find some huge sex toy store, but someone will have something to help you spice things up in the bedroom.

During this post we will talk about how sex toys in Thailand are illegal but you don’t need to worry and mention areas in town to find them. Plus we will cover the best way to meet girls for sex in Phuket to use toys with.

Lets start off with the boring legal talk.

Yes, Sex Toys Are Illegal In Thailand

Sex toys are illegal in Phuket and all of Thailand but so are many things that people do every day. Prostitution is illegal also but thousands of hookers get paid for sex daily and nobody ever gets arrested for it.

If you see a sex toy in Thailand you like then get it, there is no need to worry about any sort of set up. It is just a guy trying to make a profit, not to get you locked up.

With so much debauchery going on in this country many guys will want to find them and there will always be a supply to meet the demand. You can also bring them with you which is what many guys choose to do.

Don’t try to smuggle in a shipment of them and you have nothing to worry about.

Finding Sex Toys In Phuket

From time to time sex toy stores open but they generally don’t stay around for long. Here is a story about how Rihanna blew up some guys spot and he got arrested.

The moral of that story is to be discreet and don’t do what she did. As you walk around you will probably see some sex shops in the Patong Red Light District.

Be on the lookout near the beach and also head to the Walking Street night market and the Indy night market. If you are going to find them anywhere those are the spots but many guys just choose to buy their sex toys online in Phuket or bring them with them before they visit.

Buying adult products online is generally the way to go in Thailand. They will be discreetly shipped to your door so no one will be the wiser. For instance you can get a great price on a Fleshlight at that link.

Kinky Sex With Thai Girls

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Not all guys like prostitutes and meeting non pro girls will give you a more genuine experience anyways. Thai girls can be quite easy to hook up with once they feel comfortable with you, but how naughty they will get in bed is a different matter.

The best advice is to contact lots of girls on Thai Friendly and don’t talk about sex. You need to treat them with respect, let them warm up to you and be a nice guy.

Get them back to your place after a date and make your move. Go in for a kiss and then proceed to make things a little kinkier as the night goes on and see how they react.

Messaging girls asking if you can use fetish sex toys on them right off the bat is only going to leave you with ladyboys or hookers. If you are a gentleman and proceed at the right pace you might find some willing to get adventurous.

If not then you can still hope to get laid in a standard fashion and maybe the next time she comes over she will progress a little further, and the next time further more. Thai Friendly will be the easiest way to get non pro girls in your bed.

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Good Luck Finding Phuket Sex Toys

Even though sex toys in Thailand are illegal that doesn’t mean you need to be worried. As long as you aren’t trying to import a shipment of them then no one will care what you do behind closed doors.

If you want to use them with a non pro girl proceed with caution and build up to it. Hopefully this post answered the question of where to buy sex toys in Phuket for you.