Online Dating Tips: Move Fast To Have More Sex

Move fast with women to have more sex

The great thing about online dating is that you have so many options. The efficiency is out of this world and you can get in contact with so many potential partners or friends with benefits in a very small amount of time. If you move fast you will have more sex.

You should always be trying to meet up and have sex with girls you meet online as quickly as possible. When it comes to working time is money, when it comes to online dating time is potential sex.

While many of the girls you meet online actually are down to hang out, sadly there are some girls that are just there to kill time. This seems to happen far more often on dating apps like Tinder, but they are around on the sites as well.

The good thing is they are generally pretty easy to spot once you get the hang of things. Sometimes you will end up burning a bridge with a girl that just wanted to make sure you weren’t a creep that was only trying to ‘use her for sex’ but that is the cost of doing things efficiently.

Meet Girls Online & Get Their Number Quickly

If a girl is slow to give you her number then it is probably already time to move on to easier pickings. Lets take a step back real quick and clarify that this advice is for guys that are looking for quick hook ups.

If you are looking for the love of your life and are willing to put in a lot of time then sure go ahead move at turtle speed. This post is going on the assumption that you are just trying to hook up with a lot of girls.

So if a girl is slow to give out her number she is also probably going to be slow to meet up, slow to come back to your place, and slow to bang. With so many other options out there do you really need to choose a slow one?

Getting her number should be something you can do really quickly when dating online. Tell her you don’t use the site often, are going to delete your account, or just don’t like chatting there.

You already are looking at her picture and are chatting with her, her cell phone number really isn’t going to make it any easier to stalk her. If she won’t give you her number move on, or keep asking until she gives it or stops replying.

Try To Meet Up With Girls You Meet Online ASAP

Sooner you meet the sooner you have sex

This one is a bit trickier. While getting her number should really be no big deal actually meeting a stranger off the internet definitely can be for some girls. That is understandable, but at the same time you have so many other options remember?

Some girls are down to meet up the first day you message them, others may take weeks. You need to be contacting a lot of girls and hoping that the quick meets are giving you action.

Keep asking her to meet when you text her and hope she eventually says yes. Try and be as persistent as possible without being annoying. But if you are annoying oh well, she was a slow mover anyways and if she stops replying that isn’t a big loss.

When you meet try to do it near your home. Have some built in excuses why you need to stop by your place. Getting a girl into your home is usually harder then closing once you are there.

Be a polite gentleman when you meet, come off as a safe guy, and hope that she says yes when you need to stop by your place to pick up your charger. If you can get her to come straight to your place on the first meet even better, but that won’t work often.

Move Even Faster With The Chatty Kathie’s

Don't waste time when online dating

Your time and mental energy can only go so far and some of these ‘time wasters’ will try and take all of it. One way to judge how aggressive to be with a particular girl is to go by how much time of yours she is taking.

If you have some girl you met online texting you all day every day then push for the meet ASAP. She is showing a lot of interest and just as importantly she is using up a lot of your time.

If she will meet great, if not ask again and again. If she keeps saying no then cut her out. Some girls on Tinder are only there to kill time at work. They have some boring sales job with no customers around and use you to help get through their boring work day.

If you are going to be doing this for her then she should be doing something for you. If she won’t meet then she isn’t willing to hold up her end of the bargain. The last thing you want to do is be BFF’s with some girl for 6 weeks, exchange thousands of texts, and have her find a boyfriend and forget you.

On the other hand if a girl isn’t the chatty type but still is showing some interest in you then you don’t need to be so aggressive. It is never bad to ask her to meet, but at least this type isn’t wasting lots of your time.

Some girls consider a conversation a 6 text exchange. They are no problem to keep around. The ones that are needy and text happy should get a shorter leash. Moving fast is even more imperative for men who are traveling to new cities to hook up. In that case you just don’t have time to wait around.

Girls Lose Interest In Guys Quickly

Girls lose can interest at any moment for seemingly no reason at all. You can be having the best convo’s with a girl for 10 days straight and the next day she stops replying. Or she changes her number, deletes her account, or blocks you.

Why? Who the F knows, but the more girls you contact the more you will realize how often this happens. Girls are moody creatures, far more moodier then (most) guys. When the mood is good you need to strike and strike hard.

Otherwise one day she may check her phone when she is in a terrible mood. That corny joke that would generally get a laugh out of her 90% of the time now has her thinking you are a dork and deleting you.

Or maybe she finds a boyfriend, or maybe she finds some other random dude online who moved faster then you and she took out her sexual frustration on him instead of you. When you have her attention go for more. You never know when your opportunity will be gone.

Throw Rules Out The Window If She is Hot Enough

How to have sex with hot girls you met online

No online dating tips are set in stone. If you somehow find a 9 on a dating site (and confirm she is real and not catfishing) then obviously you can give her some more time. If she is really chatty maybe not.

But there are so many 6’s online that you don’t need to be spending weeks on one. Be aggressive, try to get her to move quickly, and if she won’t then move on.

The hot ones are few and far between so they can get some extra attention. It may all be for nothing, but at least you are giving yourself a chance.

Of course if you met the girl on Adult Friend Finder she is probably already DTF so none of the above advice really matters.

Meet dtf girls online hook up get laid

There Is No Exact Formula To Meeting Girls Online

The thing is you will never know what the best route to take is with a given girl. One girl may need a bunch of messages online followed by a bunch of texts followed by a coffee date, a dinner date, and one more date before she bangs.

The next may have come right over and road your dick all weekend if you had asked her to Netflix and chill. So if there is no perfect formula to follow take the easiest and most efficient way.

Sure you are going to burn some bridges, but they are unimportant bridges. New girls sign up to dating sites every day and there are more girls around then you could ever bang in a lifetime.

Would you rather ask a girl to hang out and have her think you are ‘so rude’ for moving fast and block you within a few days? Or spend 2 months texting with a girl who has no intention of ever meeting you.

The line ‘don’t put the pussy on a pedestal’ is very true when it comes to online dating. 30 years ago it would have taken a year to contact 100 girls. If you had one showing interest you needed to do whatever it took to close.

Now you can contact 100 girls in an hour. If you can’t close with one no big deal, in fact you shouldn’t expect to close with a high percentage anyways. Online dating is a high volume low success game. Contact a lot, invite a lot, hook up with a lot.

The longer you do it the more realize you should be moving fast to have sex with girls online.