Ways To Make Money Working Online For Digital Nomads

More and more people are talking about being one these days, and as the word spreads even more are going to give it a shot. But the main part of being one is finding ways to make money working online for digital nomads.

There are quite a few different types of online freelance work and they range in degrees of difficulty, qualifications, and rate of pay. Some of them are just mindless boring busy work. Like having a job in data entry, except you work from home and set your own hours.

These don’t pay very well but they do offer you freedom. Then there are more skilled types of work like building websites, SEO, coding and programming. These take more skills then the busy work and pay more also.

Then there are freelance writing jobs. So many people have websites these days and don’t have time to create the content themselves. For that reason they will pay you to write the content and then throw it on their site as their own.

You can even gamble online to earn money. This isn’t as stable as a job, but you can make money to play a game which is a whole lot more exciting then filling out a spreadsheet.

Lets take a quick look at each so you can decide if you should do more research on them. If you find one you like then head to one of these cheap cities in Asia and give it a shot.


Doing Clickwork Online

There are quite a few ‘clickworking’ sites where people put up low paying jobs or tasks and pay you to do them. These probably have the lowest rate of pay of anything here but they are also the easiest and most stable.

If you spread yourself out through all of the different sites then you can get a lot of work and if you pick and choose wisely you can earn a decent level of pay. Something like $8 an hour average long term is attainable which obviously isn’t great.

It gives you the freedom to travel and see the world and cover most of your expenses as you go. Or you can move to a foreign country with a low cost of living and earn western world wages being an expat paying third world prices.

This freelance work can be mind numbingly boring and many of the best sites are only for Americans.

SEO & Websites

If you want to take a bit more of a risk and have the ability to wait for passive income to start pouring in then you can try starting your own site. Your goal is to get as high up on as many Google searches as you can to get eyes on your site.

Once that happens you can get into the affiliate marketing and find other revenue streams. Once again you are unlikely to get rich doing this, it is a very competitive industry, but from an hourly perspective it pays pretty well.

It also gives you the same freedoms the clickwork does as you can travel when you want and work when you want. You are the boss and your site is yours.

On top of that you can pick to write about anything that you want to. If you choose something you are passionate about then your job won’t even feel like a job.

Not everyone has a bankroll built up that will allow them to spend months building a site waiting for the income to start. If you can afford to wait this might be the best way.

Digital nomad lifestyle make money online

Make Money Online Doing Freelance Writing

Most people that put websites up can’t be bothered to actually write all the content themselves. They are doing it as a business and will hire other people to do the work for them.

They know that if they pay someone $20 to write a quality 2,000 word piece on something that will rank high in Google they will make a solid profit off this. They would rather spend $20 then 2 hours so they put the work on freelance writing sites and let someone else do it.

If you are a good writer then this can be a great way to earn money. Some jobs will pay for more then $20 for 2,000 words and some people can do a 2,000 word piece in an hour if they already know the subject.

The goal here would be to do such a good job that you get brought on part time or even full time. If you show that you can put out a good volume of quality material you will have many ways to earn.

Make Money Playing Online Poker

There was a huge online poker boom 10+ years ago and though things have died down there are still plenty of sites out there to play on. If you stick to the more famous sites like Pokerstars and 888 you know that your money will be safe.

While the games aren’t as good as they used to be and once again you aren’t going to get rich from this it can give you the freedom you desire to be a digital nomad. You can just take a patient approach to the game, wait to make some good hands and get paid off.

This will lower the variance so that you don’t take huge swings, and allow you to earn some money in a fun way. While mastering the game is extremely hard you don’t need to be a master. You just need to be better then some of your opponents and wait for them to make mistakes.

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Many Digital Nomads Do A Combination

One of the great things about doing freelance work online and being a digital nomad is you can do whatever you want. If you have a great talent at one thing then focusing on that might be right for you.

But being a ‘jack of all trades’ will be the best way for most digital nomads. You are unlikely to get rich doing any of these things, but you can earn some decent money if you pick and choose wisely.

One day the clickwork site might be dead so you should try and do some more writing or work on building your site. The next day there might $15 an hour work on the clickwork site for 4 hours and when that work is up all your time will be spent there. Then that good clickwork goes away and you look for something better.

There might be a really awful player giving out money in the poker so be sure to catch a seat in his game. The nice thing about poker is if you play certain games you don’t even need to pay much attention. You can still do your other work at 90% efficiency level while having a few profitable poker tables open as well.

Spread yourself out through the different ways to make money and adjust to them. If you see good money somewhere take it. If you feel like writing about something do it.

The freedom is the best part, hope you find ways to make money working online as a digital nomad. We didn’t mention teaching English because that is usually in a classroom, but there are ways for expats to make money online doing it as well.