Want To Get Better At Talking To Women?

Get better at talking to women hook up get laid

Do you ever wish that you could get better at talking to women? Does the thought of approaching a girl on the street seem like a fantasy that you could never actually pull off?

Right now this may seem like a really hard thing that you could never master, but the truth is with a little practice it can become very natural for you. It wouldn’t take long before you are so used to talking to women that you are not only not terrible at it, you might even become good at it.

Does this sound to easy to be true? Well it really isn’t and the best thing about the advice in this post is you can even get paid to do it! OK, you will have to take on a job and work for the money, nobody is going to be giving you money for free here.

But you can make some decent money either on the side of your current existing job or if you want to take it on full boar that will work to. You can always find these jobs and once you have them you can get paid to work on talking to and approaching women.

Or you can just move somewhere like Southeast Asia where the girls love foreign men and are super easy to talk to. That will give you the practice you need to continue improving.

Be A Bartender Part Time

Become a bartender talk to more women

If you want to get a lot of experience talking to women and also get more comfortable in one of the best environments to pick them up then this will work out great for you. As a bartender you will have women approaching you all night long.

You also have to initiate things from time to time and ask them if they need another drink. Or you can just start up a conversation and chat up any girl that is sitting at the bar looking bored.

Plus you are going to be surrounded by drunk girls every night. Do some flirting and you never know where this may lead. You might get some numbers, or you might get some fun after your shift.

You will be getting paid to hang out in a party atmosphere and improve your social skills. You may not like the job and quit quickly, or you may find out that it is a great way to earn money.

Bartending jobs are easy to find and you can learn how to make most of the drinks in a short time. You can go to school if you really want to master it, or you can find a place that doesn’t need any certification to get the job.

This job won’t be for everyone, but even if you are only a bartender for a few weeks you will probably talk to more new women in that time then you would have throughout the rest of the year had you not got the job.

Be A Waiter Part Time

As a waiter you will approach and start conversations with so many people every day that after a short time doing it you will never have any approach anxiety again. Walking up to someone you don’t know and starting a conversation will be the most natural thing in the world to you.

When you approach a woman one of the most important things to do is display confidence. Well a waiter that is completely used to doing this will display more confidence then anyone.

You can make some small talk with your (cute) customers from time to time to practice chatting up girls and who knows you might even be able to get some dates out of it. Just don’t come off too creepy and get a sexual harassment charge against you.

Approach anxiety holds many guys back in life. Not only when it comes to approaching women but when it comes to starting up conversations in many different walks of life.

A short amount of time as a waiter will rid you of that approach anxiety and make you a more confident man. That will lead to more girls in your bed.

Go To Cosmetology School To Meet Women

OK, so initially the girls may think you are gay, but you can make it your personal mission to prove to all the hot ones that you aren’t. You will have great ratios at school and even better ratios once you graduate and start working.

How hard would it be to wash some ladies here or do a manicure? Sounds pretty easy, and the whole time you can practice chatting them up. Even if they aren’t hot the nicer you are to them the more they will tip.

Whether you want to do nails, hair, or anything else you will meet lots of cute girls in class and many more after. You will become very comfortable being around girls and this will make things a lot easier for you in the future.

Plus girls love to talk about makeup and all that girly nonsense. They aren’t used to talking about it with a guy and may love being able to. You will just have to perfect your technique of avoiding the friend zone, or master turning the friend zone into the friends with benefits zone.

Cashier At A Tanning Salon

Got nothing to do after work or during the day on weekends? Just sit around wasting time surfing the web? Well why not get a low paying part time job as a cashier at a tanning salon?

You can still surf the web on your phone while waiting for plenty of women to come in. Initiate the conversation with everyone to get better at that, and when you find some chatty ones practice talking with them.

You may even be able to get a few dates by doing this. Or who knows, some girl may call you in to fix her broken tanning bed and be butt naked when you get to her room. OK that is more of a porno fantasy, but it only needs to happen once to make it all worth it.

Get Paid To Practice Talking To Women

Jobs to meet women

While finding a new job is admittedly not the funnest thing your first month or two are generally the easiest time. You made a mistake? Oops, but its OK cuz you are the new guy.

The best part is the job isn’t even important to you. You can just dick around or quit whenever you feel like quitting. Call in sick if you don’t want to go that day, who cares if they fire you?

All of these jobs will give you a lot of practice when it comes to talking with women. The more you practice at anything the better you will get at it and the easier it will be in the future.

And who knows, you may decide that being a waiter is a better job for you then sitting behind a desk. Or being a bartender is a way to make some money when it really feels like you are just out partying every night.

If you are struggling right now then give one of these suggestions a chance. They should be able to help make you better at talking to women.

You can also just try meeting women online. Online dating is a great way to take some baby steps and start chatting with lots of girls.

It isn’t the same as a face to face chat, but it is better than nothing. You can meet hundreds of women online in a day and really speed up the process.

Plus on a site like Adult Friend Finder you can often skip the dates and jump right into bed together. Take some of these tips to heart and you will get better at talking to women.