9 Signs A Girl is Worth Going Out With

How to ask girls out on a date

Asking a girl out can be hard. The thought of approaching her while she is seated alone or with her friends sends a chill down the spine of many men. And yet, it’s part of being alive.

It never gets easy. Sometimes you may gather the courage, but the fear of rejection becomes too overwhelming.

However, the key to asking a girl out and getting the date you want is confidence. The confidence to know that whatever happens, it is not the end of the world and that you did your best. And the confidence to move on even if she says ‘No.’

Unfortunately, there is much more to do before you can call it a perfect date. You may already know how to ask women out and yet still fail to know whether a girl is worth going out with or not.

In this guide, we will be sharing nine signs that should tell you the girl is worth your time. We will help you make more informed decisions so that you don’t waste your time on a relationship that is going nowhere.

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect to finding a perfect date. Besides, you don’t want to take a nice girl for granted and waste your chances of a good relationship. It is advisable that you treat every woman you go out with like a princess because she is special.

With that in mind, here are nine tips that should tell you the next step before she says yes.

She smiles back at you from the first meeting

What do you do when you want to approach a girl you have seen and liked? The first thing is to keep eye contact while smiling at her, but not for too long. Steal a few glances in her direction and see the reactions she gives you.

If she smiles back or seems to be looking in your direction too, do not hesitate to make your move. Approach her immediately and introduce yourself.

Give her a few compliments about her personality and notice how she takes them. Does she keep smiling? Does she respond to your questions nicely?

Before you approach a girl, it is always a good idea to gauge your chances of success. And this comes from this contact.

It is easier to approach a girl who has already given you clues that she is interested than one who seems stone cold. Understand that women are very good at reading emotions.

Body language

Apart from facial expression, there are other ways of telling whether a girl will make a good date or not using her body movements. Body language is one of the main ways of telling whether or not a woman is into you.

For instance, how is she sitting or standing while talking to you? Does she have her arms curled around her chest or her legs crossed? These should be clear indications that she is not feeling the vibe, and perhaps the best time for you to move on.

However, consider the context when looking at these aspects. She could only be curled because it’s cold at the moment.

Does she look away when you talk with her or does she face you directly? If she is facing away, it could mean that what you are telling her is not interesting enough. Or perhaps she is just shy. You can always tell the difference here.

Another way to tell is if she stops to listen to you, even when she was walking somewhere. Or if she leaves her phone aside to give you time.

She responds to you politely

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Here is a girl you have just met, and you are wondering whether or not to ask her out. You can tell this from the way she responds to your questions.

When you introduce yourself, she will also tell you her name and give her contacts when you ask for them. But if she is rude throughout the conversation, it might be a good time to look for someone else.

Do not pursue an obviously rude girl. But it could be that she is going through a rough time and does not intend to be rude. Think about this also before you take the next step.

Women are very emotional compared to men. Hence, it would be best if you did not assume that she is rude because she does not find you attractive or because you are disturbing her.

In this case, she may come later and apologize. This should be a good time to introduce yourself afresh and ask her out.

A girl who can apologize for making a mistake she did not intend to is worth going out with. She has the qualities of a good person.

She is always quick in responding to your texts

Once she has given you her number, she expects you to call or text, even if you don’t ask her out. Texting is among the best ways you can use to ask a girl out, especially if you get nervous talking to her.

The only downside is that you can never read her body language. You cannot look at her face and tell what she is thinking.

Nevertheless, you can tell a lot from how she reacts to your texts. So, does she respond when you text her? And how long does she take to send a response?

A girl who is worth going out with responds quickly to your texts – even when you don’t do the same to hers. And she will always show interest in them.

She will never want to keep you waiting since she values your time.

She initiates a conversation

The worst thing you can do in a relationship is to continue when it seems you are forcing yourself on the other person. If a girl loves you, she will not want to have a one-sided conversation.

In other words, she will not always wait for you to start the conversation. Whenever possible, she will send you texts or call you just to check on you.

Most women don’t have the courage to start a conversation with a boy. This is why you should be glad to have one that is willing to take control of the conversation sometimes.

If you find yourself as the only one setting the mood and direction when texting or talking to her, it could be a good time to think again. Even if you took her on a date, you would soon have nothing to tell her but to embarrass yourself.

She asks you out first!

There are not many women who are courageous enough to ask a man out on a date. Many fear that they will appear cheap if they do this, and hence, they wait for the man to make the first move.

But times are changing, and some women are not afraid to speak out about their feelings.

Therefore, if you find a woman that can approach and ask you out, she is a keeper. It means she really likes you.

Besides, it should make your dating life much easier. Grab that opportunity and take her out, especially if you have a crush on her. Plan the date as soon as possible.

She is always excited to see you

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If you have been in her life for some time now and noticed how excited she gets to see you, get her on a date already. This is especially if you have been blowing her off for long, and yet she keeps coming back.

Such a woman loves spending time with you and is helplessly in love. She may not tell you this directly, but it’s a good indication that she is waiting for you to invite her out.

She can still captivate you

Being in a relationship means accepting the other person the way they are. So, if the girl still interests you, even after seeing her bad side, moody side, or good side, she is a worthy investment of your time. It means you don’t only find her attractive, but you have already fallen for her.

Perhaps she just makes you laugh, or she has something that motivates you to do your best. Anything that intrigues you should be everything you need to keep her on your side. Take her out already.

She tells the truth

It is very common to find people pretending to be something they are not just so that can be loved. Men and women alike have this weakness because they lack self-assurance.

So, if you find a woman that does not hide anything from you, she is a keeper. She will tell you when you do something wrong or what she wants you to do.

Also, she tries to be on good terms with your loved ones, just to show you her support. She is not afraid to talk to your parents or anyone else you know. Do not hesitate to take her out.

These are some of the signs a girl is worth going out with. Recollect them and ask yourself if your crush is worth the trouble. If she is, gather your confidence and ask her out. You can also meet easier girls online on Adult Friend Finder who may not even require a date night to hook up with.

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