Best Places To Meet Women

Best places to meet women for single men dating

Finding new places to meet women can be hard these days. Actually it is harder now in this technological age then it has ever been in the past. People today are a lot happier to spend some time on their own and using the internet to entertain themselves.

100 years ago there weren’t to many entertainment options around so a bored lonely girl would love to meet a guy that can show her a good time. Now a girl can hop online and entertain herself in a thousand different ways that don’t involve trying to meet some stranger she doesn’t know at all.

Even when sexy women go out in the world many will send off some clear ‘stay the F away from me’ signals like keeping their head buried in their phone or even worse wearing earbuds. Approaching a woman is hard enough, but tapping her on the shoulder and hoping she takes out the buds already starts things off super awkward.

Online dating has become very popular and for good reason. You can contact a huge number of single women in a short amount of time without leaving your home. No awkward first approaches, no face to face rejections.

Just send out a message and hope to get a reply. If you don’t no biggie, you didn’t even know the girl so who cares. It is the most efficient way to meet a lot of women quickly, but if you want to maximize your life you still need to know where to meet women in the real world.

You could probably get through the rest of your life using online dating, but shouldn’t you be maximizing all of your potential resources? If you see a pretty girl anywhere you need to have the confidence to approach her. The longer you go without doing it the harder it will become in the future.

Plus it is just a lot more satisfying to hook up with a girl you met in person. If you perfect your online dating game you may be getting so much ass that it almost feels to easy. Challenge yourself by trying to pick up girls face to face to get the satisfying feeling you crave.

We aren’t going to list the traditional spots that guys go to meet girls. Bars, clubs, everyone knows about them. We also aren’t going to say lame stuff like public transportation, that girl on the subway just wants to get home, she doesn’t want to get hit on in a trapped environment with lots of people around.

Same with the grocery store, sure there are many places you can go during your day to day life and hit on a woman. If the opportunity presents itself take it. This is more about going out of your way to find new places to meet them.

Meeting Single Women At Wine Tasting Events

Women love to get all dolled up to go out for wine tasting events. They feel classy and sophisticated and will be having a great time with their friends.

This has all of the right things you are looking for. She will most likely be in a good mood which is one of the biggest things you can have going for you. She will have spent time making herself look sexy and will be glad someone notices.

She may think you are the classy and sophisticated type as well because you are in attendance. Oh ya she also may have had a few drinks herself and be in an even better mood to accept an approach.

This probably isn’t your idea of a fun night out, but this is about meeting women now to have fun later. These should work particularly well in Europe.

Art Galleries

Again, an art gallery may not sound like a lot of fun but who cares if it gets you laid later on. Women generally like art more than men do and you can find some perfect situations to have a long first conversation.

They generally aren’t very crowded and she won’t feel to shy about a stranger chatting her up. She also may be enjoying herself but a bit bored and could be happy for the distraction.

If you know something about the art that could be a big plus, or you might come off to strong and look like you rehearsed your monologue. Throw in a couple facts if you want, but don’t overdo it.

Dog Parks

There are lots of lonely single women around and many of them will have a dog to keep them from feeling even more lonely when at home. With nothing to do they will take the dog for a walk.

The real reason why these are a great place to meet women is because for most women if you are good with dogs that will really elevate you in their minds. Give the dog a lot of your attention and she may wonder if you like it more than her.

If so, she may want to steal the attention back which can put you in a good position.

Sporting Events

OK so your ratios are likely to be horrible here with so many more guys than girls, but people are generally in a great mood at sporting events and there will be some girls around. There may be a lot of drunk assholes treating her badly, so definitely try to be a gentleman if you make an approach.

You don’t want to head out to a sporting event with the goal of ‘I am meeting me a new woman today’ but if you have the chance you can try it. The rush of the big crowd and the excitement in the air can do you some favors.

Sometimes women can get really horny with so much testosterone floating around.


Head into any bookstore and you are likely to have a great ratio. Girls read more then guys and are more willing to go and buy a book. They also will get bored and take a trip to the book store with nothing to do.

Good ratios are always nice, and there will be aisles and aisles of books without many customers around at times. You can have a nice easy approach spot in a safe and relaxed environment.

Get A Part Time Job At A Salon

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a salon, but get a part time job at places women frequent. Even if it doesn’t pay well you can sit around waiting for new women to come to you all day long.

Be friendly with your customers and see which ones are friendly back. You will find some chatty ones and with nothing better to do at your boring job give them the attention they desire.

This is not only a great way to meet women that you may possibly bang later, it is also a great way for you to practice talking to women. Nothing will give you more confidence then talking to women day after day.

Think Outside the Box When Meeting Women

Even though it is getting harder and harder to meet women in real life you can’t just give up. The more you try the more you will succeed, so try and try again.

If you see a girl you think is cute anywhere and you can start up a conversation in a natural way then go for it. What do you have to lose? If you really want to be proactive then try some of the advice from this post.

If you do you will be putting yourself in good places to meet women and over time this will really pay off. Start practicing with the easy single women on Adult Friend Finder to get a little confidence back.

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