Foreign Men Meeting & Dating Cuban Girls

Cuba sex and dating guide best cities meet girls dating foreign men

More and more guys are traveling to this country now a days so we thought we should write up some pro tips for foreign men meeting and dating girls in Cuba. The scene is much different here than it is in other places around the world.

This post will be about picking up single ladies for casual sex or dating. The truth is the line between a hooker and a non hooker is very thin here.

So we will start off breaking down what it is like to deal with them. Then we will talk about the legality of having a Cuban girl back in your room. The good thing is that for a guy you don’t have much to worry about, but the girls might.

Then we will talk about some of the specific cities that foreign men visit often and mention some places you can go in each to meet girls. Finally we will discuss online dating which can help speed up the process and also allow you to meet girls before you arrive.

But first lets start with the Cuban girls themselves.

What To Expect When Meeting Girls In Cuba

How to have sex with girls in Cuba for free

This is a very interesting country to visit and at times it feels like you are in another world. Remember that they didn’t have assistance from others for a long time.

It is a poor country that had very few imported goods coming in. A lot of the stuff you see around town is going to be very old. This makes for a unique vacation spot with cool sites to see, but also for very poor people around you.

We mentioned that the line between escorts and non hookers is really thin when it comes to Cuban girls. Even when they have sex with a serious boyfriend they will often ask for some money afterwards.

That is just the dating culture here, the man always provides for the girl if she makes him happy. So of course if she is asking her serious boyfriend for money she is going to ask the ‘rich gringo tourist’ for money as well.

There are some hard core prostitutes that will be easy to spot, but there are also many with jobs that have money for sex on the side. If you walk around the touristy area girls will call out to you often, that means they are open for business.

These aren’t all crackhead street ho’s, many of them have day jobs that pay crap wages. They spend all day working to make $5 but can make 10 times that to get picked up in a bar, easy to understand things from their point of view.

Foreign men are going to have many options when it comes to sex with Cuban girls. However because of the police presence you need to go about your presence discreetly.

The Legality Of Sex & Prostitution

The first thing you need to know is that as long as you aren’t doing anything wrong you are highly unlikely to get in trouble with Cuban girls, even if they make you pay them. Make sure they are at least 18 years old and stay away from drugs and you should be fine.

The same is not true for the girls and the police will harass them often. When you come here do not book a hotel, you need to book a ‘casa particular’ which is like renting an apartment from someone.

Try and find a ‘girl friendly’ or ‘chica friendly’ casa particular through Google if possible. What you are looking for is one that will not check girls ID’s when you bring them back to your room.

Hotels and most casa particulars will do this, and the police will come by and see which girls are going with guys. If the same girl gets noticed too many times she can get thrown in jail for a lengthy stay.

The police will also harass women on the streets if they are with foreign men or look like prostitutes. This is why you will be getting propositioned by girls in jeans and t-shirts in the touristy area that you never thought were pros.

They are trying to be as discreet as possible and you should help them out with that. If you strike up a deal and they want to walk behind you instead of holding your hand let them.

If they don’t want to go to your casa particular but know of another one then it is generally safe to go with them. This is your standard ‘short time hotel’ and they will be ‘illegal casas’ that the government doesn’t know about.

You may be wondering ‘why not just stay at one of those?’ but staying overnight there isn’t wise. If you just pop in for an hour or two you should be fine, but if you spend your whole trip there your odds of getting caught up in something will increase a lot.

Havana Sex & Dating Guide

We wrote a lengthy GuysNightlife guide to girls and sex in Havana already, but we will mention the best spots again now. If you want to find girls during the day just head to the Malecon or El Centro and walk around the touristy areas.

If you see a really hot girl you can try to chat her up. There is a lot of nightlife around town but the top clubs with the sexiest Cuban girls will be Don Cangrejo and also Casa De la Musica. You can even hang around in front of these spots and see many girls on the streets.

Picking Up Women In Santiago de Cuba

Havana Guanago Holbin Santiago de Cuba sex guide

Many foreign men that travel here also hope to meet girls in Santiago de Cuba. There is some pretty good nightlife here as well so it is worth a visit.

Some bars where you can meet non pro girls and tourists would be Claqueta or Hotel Casa Granda Terrace. Like usual in this country there will probably be some prostitutes there as well.

Where To Meet Girls In Guanabo

Trying to meet girls in Guanabo can be harder because it is a small town and everyone will be watching you. When the situation for them is as risky as it is that is not a good thing.

Club Bin Bon is a good spot to go for non pros, while El Cubano can also be good.

Holquin Dating Guide

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Like the above, now that we are in the smaller towns you shouldn’t expect for there to be much action. The best place to meet girls in Holquin will be at Casa De la Musica.

Limited Nightlife In Cienfuegos

Another small and strict town is Cienfuegos which doesn’t have a lot of nightlife. However if you hang out on the Malecon or go to the bars or discos on the Malecon you will see plenty of girls passing through.

In these small towns expect to be asked to buy lots of drinks for girls inside. Many guys just prefer to hang around near the bar area to avoid the added cost.

Meeting Cuban Girls Online

If you want to try and meet Cuban girls online you are thinking about this the right way. When using sites you can not only meet girls in Cuba but also from all around Latin America.

That way you can start pipelining before you visit any city so that there are always girls waiting for you. Nothing speeds up the process like online dating.

Plus online dating makes meeting Cuban girls a lot more discreet which is great for both you and them. Now you can hook up with women interested in foreign men without hanging out at shady pick up bars.

You can use whatever apps or sites you are comfortable with to meet sexy girls online here. Since this post is in English we bet there are some tourists reading it.

If you are sitting around in your hometown dreaming about taking a trip try using Adult Friend Finder to find girls for sex near you right now. It is a great site for fast hook ups, and Adult Friend Finder is doing great in American and European cities these days.

Good Luck Meeting Cuban Girls

The mongering and nightlife scene is quite different in Cuba and you really do need to be discreet. But it isn’t hard, there are plenty of options around.

It isn’t point and click like other places, but once you understand how things work you will get the hang of it. Hopefully these pro tips for foreign men meeting and dating Cuban girls were helpful to you.