Finding Girls For Sex In Jamaica

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Mongering and finding girls for sex in Jamaica can be interesting. There is action all around you, yet there aren’t that many specific locations to list. For that reason we are going to cover the mongering Kingston, Negril, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay all in one finding girls for sex in Jamaica guide.

Otherwise each post would just be 300 words long, so might as well make one big master guide. It should be pointed out that this country isn’t the easiest place to navigate logistically. There are a few main cities you will want to hit up, none are all that far, but they aren’t that close either.

There is a taxi mafia on the island which will always be trying to rip you off, and there are touts everywhere trying to sell you stuff at all times. Oh ya, and most hotels are not ‘guest friendly’ so good luck bring a girl back to your room.

Most people that try to find sex in Jamaica end up not enjoying their stay as much as they expected. Many complain that hot girls are hard to find, the majority of the girls are overweight and sexy faces are hard to come by.

Of course many guys that head here are going to want to get high. If you buy your weed in a tourist trap area expect to get ripped off. If you shop around a bit you can get some great prices.

Being that Kingston is the capitol lets start our Jamaican sex guide there. If you wanted to read about the best mongering in the Caribbean check that link out.

Finding Girls For Sex In Kingston

Kingston Negril Ochi Rios Montego Bay girls sex guide

Some guys will tell you to never visit Kingston because it is too rough. Others will tell you that it is where the hottest girls in Jamaica are. Whether you want to brave it or not is up to you.

If you want to find hookers in Kingston there are many ways to do it. Right now the easiest way is to meet hookers online on Tinder, Badoo, or other dating apps.

You can also head to the nicest hotels in the city like the Hilton and find them working the bar and the lobby. They even hang out on the streets around the Hilton.

For freelance prostitutes off the street you can go to Portmore and find the red light area known as Back Road. Ask a taxi and he will know where you are talking about. Or just ask a taxi driver to take you to girls, massage, sex, or anything that gets your point across.

He will know where to go, but you might have to haggle because if a tourist shows up in a taxi the prices will be higher. There are brothels and erotic massage parlors all over Kingston but they aren’t in the safest areas of town.

Your best bet is to try and meet hookers in Kingston online, and make sure the hotel you book allows you to have female visitors. Another good place to meet sex workers is to head to one of Kingston’s many topless and full nude strip clubs.

Some of the best strip clubs in Kingston are Element 86, Lucky 38, and Taboo. You can probably have sex in the back room here, or ask the sexy naked stripper for her number to meet up later that night.

Finding Girls For Sex In Ocho Rios

Caribbean mongering in Jamaica brothels naked island girls

Just like in Kingston you should be trying to meet hookers online in Ocho Rios. Use dating apps and it will be pretty easy to figure out who is a prositute and who isn’t.

If you see a massage parlor around and there are sexy girls working there, or you are presented with a lineup when you go in then a happy ending massage is probably possible.

Actually at most massage spas in this country you can get a sex massage, and that is no different in Ocho Rios. If you are looking for good nightclubs to try and pick up girls that aren’t hookers head to Amnesia or Margaritaville.

Now to one of the best places to monger on the whole island, Shades Nightclub. We aren’t really sure how to classify Shades Nightclub. Is it a strip club? Yes. Is it a brothel? Yes. Do they do live sex shows? Yes. Basically Shades gentlemens club can be whatever the hell you want it to be.

We highly recommend you head there on a Friday night when the live sex shows go on. It is not easy to find live sex shows anywhere in the world these days, this is one of the few places on the planet where a tourist can just walk into a bar and see things like this.

What types of sex shows are we talking about? Well how does a live lesbian sex show sound? Followed by a guy with a huge dick coming in and pounding one of the girls.

Is there any audience participation? If you are the lucky guy that gets chosen, and wants to be chosen, you might get called up on stage to get a blowjob in front of everyone.

Sometimes they have live threesomes, and they are always thinking of new ways to make things interesting. There are plenty of sexy naked island girls dancing here and many of them are down to have sex in the VIP room for a small price.

If you weren’t planning to hit up the Ocho Rios nightlife before reading this now you might want to change your mind.

Girls For Sex In Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Once again there will be hookers all around you in the Montego Bay nightlife. Hookers flock to any sort of touristy area, and this is one of the main ones on the island.

Use Tinder or other dating apps, look for ‘massage parlors’ that are fronts for brothels, and head to ‘HipStrip’ which is where all of the Montego Bay nightlife is, at least as far as touristy nightlife goes.

There are plenty of pick up bars and nightclubs on HipStrip, some of the sexy ladies of the night there might be non pros, most will be hookers. There are a couple of nude strip clubs on Gloucester Avenue called Xtatic and Dreamz.

On Market Street you can find a brothel that is the most reliable place to find girls for sex in Montego Bay called Goldfinger where there are naked strippers downstairs and you can definitely have sex upstairs. You can probably have sex at any strip club in Jamaica, but at Goldfinger you know it is a guarantee.

Finding Girls For Sex In Negril

If you can’t find girls for sex in Negril then you have serious problems. This is the most touristy place in Jamaica, and more tourists means more hookers and mongering.

When you go out in the Negril nightlife you can pretty much assume that every Jamaican girl is a hooker. There might be some non pros partying here, but the odds are low.

Assume you are going to have to pay for it if you do pull a girl from a Negril nightclub. There are pick up bars all over the place and the touristy nightlife area isn’t that big.

The Jungle is the most popular nightclub in town and it is packed every night during high season. There are many other options around though, so if you see some sexy girls at a bar or heading in the direction of one change your plans and go there instead.

Use Tinder or other dating apps like Badoo to meet hookers online in Negril, or just go out in the nightlife. There are lots of happy ending massage parlors around and you can pretty safely assume a sex massage is available.

This is the biggest tourist trap on the island, some people love it, others hate it. Either way you will have no problems finding girls for sex here.

Hedonism II Swingers Club Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism II Negril Jamaica swingers clubs live sex shows

Maybe you have heard of Hedonism II Swingers Club in Negril, Jamaica or maybe you haven’t. It is one of those places where dreams are made to come true. Maybe.

So what is it? It is a beach resort where clothing is optional and couples ‘swing’ by hooking up with other couples. Or you can go by yourself and be the creepy naked guy awkwarding up everyone elses vacation, that works too.

Are there hookers working at Hedonism II? That depends on who you ask. Some say yes, you can find hookers at the resort. Others say no.

Can a single guy go there and have a good time? Well you need to be honest with yourself, are you an attractive person that a couple would want to have join in their group sex fun?

Or can you pull girls for free where you are now? Then maybe you can have some fun at Hedonism II. Just remember, at orgies like these you are far more likely to find single guys than single girls.

That means ratios are not going to be in your favor. We are spitballing here but if there are 100 people staying at the resort one weekend 80 of them are probably going to be partnered up.

Then there might be 15 single guys and maybe 5 single girls. Could you possibly have sex with another guys wife while he watches and masturbates on the couch 5 feet away? Sure, its Hedonism II anything is possible.

Could you just hang out in the hot tub all weekend so that you are there when the orgy breaks out? Doesn’t sound like a bad plan.

However Jamaica swingers resorts are probably places that are better for couples than for single guys.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Jamaica

That wraps up our Jamaican sex guide, the cities listed here have good mongering and you can find solid nightlife in all of them. Negril is the main touristy place that is loaded with hookers and also has Hedonism II.

Ocho Rios probably has the best gentlemens club on the island in Shades Nightclub. In Montego Bay just head to HitStrip and there will be many girls out partying.

Kingston is probably the roughest area that tourists go so practice travel safety there. It also may have the sexiest girls in Jamaica so it is probably worth visiting.

In all of these places you can meet girls online, or should be on the look out for erotic massage parlors. Ask taxi drivers to take you to find girls, sex, or massage and they will know the best spots.

If you want to try and date some local girls then you could try out CaribbeanCupid. It is the top dating site throughout the Caribbean and many Jamaican girls are on it.

Finding girls for sex in Jamaica will not be hard, but finding hot ones might be.  If you wanted to read our Caribbean mongering guide eBook you can check it out here.

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