The Best Strip Clubs In Berlin W/ The Hottest Girls

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In this post we will review the best strip clubs in Berlin with the hottest girls. We don’t necessarily mean grade each strip club on what it has to offer, that is far too subjective.

We all know what the best local strip clubs in Berlin have to offer: hot nude girls doing table dances in front of you. Instead this post is going to be more about how big of a ripoff strip clubs are in your area if you have bigger plans in mind.

Of course some guys are fine with it, they are just here for the eye candy and don’t mind paying for the privilege. If that is the case then these do serve a purpose, but why only look at sexy naked girls when sex is possible?

Before we totally crush these topless dancing clubs near you we might as well tell you which are generally considered the best so you can head to them if you like. Then after that we will get back to ripping on them, if you want to try to have sex with girls for free in Berlin that link is more your style.

Best Strip Clubs In Berlin

Some of the most highly thought of and best strip clubs in Berlin are:

They are not the only ones around, some other local strip clubs you could try are:

  • Cp Club – Gürtelstraße 17
  • Bar Rouge – Französische Straße 15

Bar Rouge has a nice smokers lounge with many fine cigars and liquors on hand. Well, they all have fine liquor but the smokers lounge is what stands out there.

Bon Bon got major pub for being a strip club with great food, so if you want to have a nice meal while staring at some topless dancers it would be a good place to visit.

What makes a good strip club in your area? The girls right? Well it can be really hard to judge which is the best when the girls will change so often.

You might go to one gentlemens club near you and see the hottest naked girls you have ever seen. Then you tell all your boys about it, plan a night out with them, and when you go back the lineup is nowhere near what it was before.

Most strippers are independent contractors. They pay the club when they want to work and don’t have to show up if they don’t want to. They also can change venues from night to night.

That means you never know who will be dancing nude on stage when you arrive which can be both good and bad. It is always nice to get a pleasant surprise, but it can work both ways.

There is a pretty easy way to give yourself the best chance of seeing the hottest strippers: follow the money. The hottest girls will want to work at the most expensive places, so you will need to pay the highest prices to see them.

Most Berlin strip clubs are late night places, often they won’t even open up until 9 or 10pm. If you want to head to one earlier contact them to see if they will be open. Or look for something better to do. We didn’t list Kit Kat but you can usually see plenty of naked girls dancing near you there as well.

Why Go To Strip Clubs?

Local strip guide Berlin online girls dancers near you

OK, if you only want to look at sexy naked Berlin girls dancing and don’t care about satisfying your greater desires then by all means go to a local strip club. But with so many other great options around it seems kind of pointless.

We aren’t judging, if looking only is your thing then go for it. Just thought it was a good idea to inform you of the other options around. To get some sex toys in this city check out this link.

Don’t forget you can also meet sexy girls on dating sites, Adult Friend Finder being the most popular here. This is a great site to meet girls for dating, hook ups, and friends with benefits.

In most places around the world that site isn’t really worth using but in Berlin there are over a thousand active female users. Plus thousands more across Germany. That is our review of the best strip clubs in Berlin with the hottest naked girls dancing in your area. As you can tell we aren’t too fond of them.

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