Finding Girls For Sex In Port Au Prince, Haiti

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You are not going to have any trouble finding girls for sex in Port Au Prince. As most people know Haiti is an extremely poor country, girls here flock to other poor countries like the Dominican Republic in hopes of a better life.

That means when you have sex with Port Au Prince girls they are often going to be wanting money, or a long term commitment. If you are looking to be a playboy who doesn’t pay for sex then this is not going to be the right spot for you.

Well, you can probably still bang the hookers for free as they hope to get something else from you. If that is your style then have fun, but these girls are very poor and even a little money thrown there way will go a long way.

As far as non pros goes you just need to say hi to any girl you see out in the day. Most of the popular nightlife spots that tourists will go to are going to be filled with prostitutes.

In the day you might find some who aren’t after your cash. However in a country as poor as this a non pro girl can become a semi-pro quickly.

We will start off with the mongering scene in this Port Au Prince sex guide, then the non pros will come next. After that we will mention a couple of online dating sites you could try to meet girls in Haiti.

One quick note on the main complaint most travelers have about this country. Even though it is extremely poor and cost of living is minuscule the hotels are quite expensive for what you get.

You should try to find a place off AirBnb in the Petionville area if you can. This is the nicest part of the city and where you will be safest. Even then the prices will probably be way higher than they should be.

Also people here speak French, brush up before you come if you want to achieve the best results.

Paying For Sex In Port Au Prince

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If you aren’t a veteran of third world travel you will probably go out in the nightlife here and think you are the sexiest man on the planet. The women will be all over you and you will feel like a rock star.

Of course the reason for this is because this is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean and are hoping to get some money from you. As a noob traveler you might not pick up on this which will lead to them asking in the morning and surprising you, or them hoping you know the deal and being sad when you don’t pay them.

If you go out and have quick sex with Port Au Prince girls the first night you meet them expect that they want to get paid. Particularly if you meet them in Petionville which is where most tourists stay.

This is where most tourists go out to party at night, and the prostitutes that want those tourist dollars follow. Are there going to be some girls here that aren’t hookers? Sure, some.

But the odds are against you. They are going out in this area of the city for a reason, and that is because they know it is where they have the highest earning potential.

Some of the best prostitute bars in Port Au Prince are:

  • Barak
  • Jetset
  • Yanvalou
  • Quartier Latin
  • The Bar at Best Western

All of these girls are freelancers so how much to pay them will be up to negotiation. Everything is cheap, sex included, but any money you give them is really needed.

There will also be erotic sex massage parlors for a happy ending around. Probably some brothels as well, but the freelancer pick up bars are where the hottest girls will be found.

Or you can try to meet Port Au Prince escorts online on dating apps and social media.

Meeting Single Girls In Port Au Prince

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This is one of those spots where you never really know what a girls intentions are. There will be a keen interest in foreign men by most of the girls living here, they live in extreme poverty and would love to find a way off the island.

Or they want you to pay them right then and there. This makes it really hard for a guy to know who he is dealing with. Is this girl a prostitute? A green card chaser? Or does she really like him?

In situations like these all you can do is be honest with your intentions and ask them what they are after. If you are only in town for a week and aren’t looking for a wife tell her.

She may still want to have some fun, she may not, but when there are so many prostitutes selling cheap sex in Port Au Prince you don’t need to lie and lead girls on.

The best way to meet girls that aren’t hookers will be to venture outside of Petionville. There are some pick up bars and nightclubs to meet girls downtown like:

  • Bar De L’ere
  • Palladium
  • Monte Cristo

Where you will see less prostitutes. That doesn’t mean they all won’t expect any money, but it will be a different scene then at somewhere like Barak.

If you wanted to try online dating then give Latin American Cupid or Dominican Cupid a shot. Sign up for free and search for the single girls in Port Au Prince, if you like what you see go ahead and register, if there aren’t many active users then pass.

Even with the girls online don’t be surprised if they want money, that is just part of the deal when you are in such a poor country.

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Good Luck Finding Sex In Port Au Prince

If you hang out in Petionville there will be so many hookers around that you won’t need any luck. If you haven’t realized it yet this site isn’t a fan of having sex with hookers and not paying them, particularly in an impoverished place like this.

These girls need money, they are giving you what you want and you should give them what they want. Overall you will probably have a great time here, it is reasonably safe and there are so many cheap prostitutes around it would be impossible not to.

The hotel prices kind of suck but nowhere can be perfect. If you are also going to be going to sample the better mongering in the Dominican Republic check out this travel guide before you go. Good luck finding girls for sex in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

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