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Welcome to our guide on where to meet single girls in Curacao. We have already covered the Campo Allegro Adult Resort filled with prostitutes before, if you want to monger then that post is more your style.

This one is all about picking up Curacao girls that you don’t have to pay. Some may be local island girls, others will be tourists from all around the world.

This country has a strong Dutch heritage which you will see as you explore the capital city of Willemstad. That is where most people stay and where much of the best nightlife is so we suggest you stay there as well.

Taxis are not that cheap here and have set rates not meters. Pick a hotel near the Mambo Beach nightlife district and ask if they do airport transfers to save yourself a little bit of money.

If you aren’t aware this is an island near Venezuela and is part of the ABC islands along with Aruba. There are many Dutch girls here, along with the local island girls, South Americans, and some nice exotic mixes in between.

English is very widely spoken and the dollar is often accepted as payment making this a user friendly travel option. But this isn’t a travel guide, it is a guide to the Curacao girls and nightlife. We will start off with day game, then move on to the bars and clubs, and even mention some online dating sites.

Meet Girls At The Beach

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Any time you are in a beach town like this the best way to meet girls during the day isn’t hard to figure out. Curacao girls will want to be out in the sun, sand, and water so you should also.

We suggest you stay near Mambo Beach where the nightlife is and many tourists will also be staying here. That will make for some easy pickings and you can try to pull them right back to your room then or find out where they are going later that evening.

There are plenty of beaches around the island that you could travel to. And if you meet a girl and want to take her on a day date the Curacao Marine Park is a lot of fun plus there are many other national parks around.

Single Girls In Curacao’s Nightlife

It is always nice to have a centralized bar and nightlife district and in Curacao the biggest is around Mambo Beach. There is always a party going here and it won’t be hard to find some sexy girls wanting to party and let loose.

Whether you want the local girls, tourists, or transplants from other islands or countries you can find them here. With such ethnic diversity there will be looks for every taste.

Just make sure you have a hotel or condo near Mambo Beach so that it is easy to transition back to your place. Tourists might be scared to hop in a taxi and go across town with a stranger, but if you can walk to your hotel a few minutes away it gives them less time to back out.

Some of the best pick up bars, clubs, and parties to meet single girls in Curacao’s nightlife are:

You can also follow this party guide’s Facebook page that keeps you up to date on where to go on a given night. Unlike in many cities Sunday is actually a good night to go out here so don’t think it is a good one to take off, wait until Monday if you need a break.

If you happen to be in town during a full moon then head to Kokomo Beach for their full moon parties. Lastly there are some more bars in the Waterford Terrace which makes for another convenient bar district in town.

And if all else fails don’t forget about the hookers at Campo Allegro. If you happen to be in town when the nightlife is lame there will be lots of sexy ladies from South America ready for action there.

Meeting Island Girls Online

Not all guys like to hit on girls at the beach or in a bar. Some prefer to use dating sites to meet girls from the comfort of their own home.

You can message so many in a short amount of time and do it before you even arrive on the island. The best online dating sites in Curacao would be Caribbean Cupid and Latin American Cupid.

Remember this isn’t a huge country, there aren’t even 200,000 people living here. Don’t expect a huge selection on the sites.

Our advice would be to sign up to Caribbean Cupid and Latin American Cupid both for free. If you like the selection on either go ahead and register, if not then it cost you nothing to give it a shot.

If you do like what you see start to pipeline a week or ten days before you arrive in town so you will have dates ready and waiting.

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Good Luck Meeting Curacao Girls

This can be a really fun travel destination if you visit at the right time. But it is also pretty small and if you don’t happen to be there when a fun group of partying tourists is around it may not be great.

At least you always have Campo Allegro to fall back on. For some better beaches in Latin America with great nightlife and mongering check out this eBook guide.

Hopefully this guide on where to meet single girls in Curacao was helpful to you.

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