Where Foreign Men Can Meet A Good Woman In Medellin

Dating guide foreign men meet good woman Medellin

This dating guide on where foreign men can meet a good woman in Medellin will do its best to help you out. As more and more digital nomads keep flocking here it actually gets harder every year.

The problem is foreign men have gotten a sex tourist label now, and it is probably well deserved. 15 years ago a ‘gringo’ was something they rarely saw, and single girls always want to experiment and hook up with something new.

Over the last 10 years as the city has gotten much safer it has become a hot spot for travelers and digital nomads. It is also a major destination for sexpats, our GuysNightlife Medellin sex guide details the mongering in great detail.

This makes for a delicate balance of how to meet and date a good Colombian woman that isn’t a hooker. On the one hand you are probably going to want to book your hotel in the El Poblado area and around Parque Lleras.

Better yet get a condo off AirBnb there instead. Most ladies are going to feel more comfortable going back to a guys condo than a hotel room.

Even though the city is safer now, you still need to choose your location wisely and stay in a nice area. That is the main spot most tourists stay because it is the safest and most upscale area of the city.

On the other hand, it is also the main area where the Colombian girls are going to think that foreign men are just after sex. Being labeled as a sexpat is definitely going to hurt your game and make it harder to hook up quickly.

We can tell you some good places to go, we can tell you where we think you should stay, but the final decision on the logistics will be up to you. If you want to stay in sketchier areas you will have an easier shot of meeting girls in person. You might get laid or you might die.

We will start off with where to meet single girls for those who prefer day game. Then we will move on to the ladies of the night, and where to take your dates. Then we will talk about meeting girls on the best dating site in Colombia for foreign men to use.

Meet Single Girls In Medellin Day Game Style

Colombian dating culture meet women online Medellin

Here is where we start to get into the logistics problems. You want to go out and meet single girls in Medellin during the day. You want to stay in the safe zone of El Poblado, the women in El Poblado might think you are a sex tourist.

It is like a rubics cube. The thing is the farther you get from the safe little bubble of El Poblado the more exotic value foreign men will get. Girls in El Poblado see tourists all the time, and many have had a negative experience with them already, or a friend who has.

But if you travel outside of that area your foreigner value will rise, and keep rising the farther away you get. But again you might die. You can just try Santa Fe Mall which is arguably the nicest in the city, but its in El Poblado.

However you are going to be a lot better off if you head elsewhere. There are many suburbs around this city and foreign men rarely go to them.

You will have much better luck trying to meet a good woman in Medellin in areas like La Ceja, Girardota, Guame, Marinila and Caucasia. These are about half an hour to an hour and a half away from the city, so you can take a taxi out there, or if your bold just get a room there.

Or you may want to try meeting Colombian girls in another city more off the beaten path. This is kind of a personal decision.

You will be able to pick up some sexy ladies in El Poblado, but at a lower conversion rate. Or you can spend time traveling and then hope to hook up with some girls that have never gotten laid by a foreign man before.

We haven’t mentioned this but probably should now. If you don’t know Spanish then traveling to the burbs isn’t an optimal strategy. Going to be hard to pick up girls you can’t communicate with.

Not impossible, but harder. If you want to get by with English only you are better off hanging out in the touristy areas, and probably just going with hookers.

Meeting Ladies Of The Night

Medellin Latina single ladies pick up bars nightclubs

Instead of focusing on any exact pick up bars or nightclubs we are mostly going to mention the best areas to meet ladies of the night in Medellin. We will name a few nightclubs you can try, but most of the good nightlife is in the same spots.

You can probably guess where one of them is already. Parque Lleras is widely regarded as the top party hot spot for the best nightlife, situated right in the touristy area of El Poblado!

Another chicken and the egg situation, best place to pick up single Colombian girls, place where girls think foreign men are perverts! Good luck, because this is where the hottest single ladies will likely be partying.

The good thing is many of the single girls partying here are ‘gringo hunters’ that are going to Parque Lleras because they want to hook up with foreign men. OK, some of them want some foreigner money and are willing to take a dick to get it, while others just want to get laid with foreign men for the experience.

This area is just loaded with nice restaurants and bars to hang out at or for taking a date to. If you want to try to pick up women at some of the best singles bars and nightclubs in Medellin you should head to:

If you want to try and do a more local party scene then you should check out the Carrera 70 and Calle 33 areas. They have lots of nightlife and far less tourists around.

In Las Palmas you can head to bars like Deja Vu, Babylon, and El Cuervo. Carnival Club in Mayorista is another place you may want to check out, but there might be more hookers there.

If you don’t know Spanish, or even if you do, another great way to seduce a good woman in Medellin is salsa dancing. There are live music venues all over and the girls love to salsa.

Even if you aren’t good just give it a shot, show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously. These sexy ladies of the night will appreciate the effort.

Meeting Medellin Women Seeking Foreign Men

Seduce Medellin women seeking foreign men online dating

Lets talk about that chicken and egg situation again and come up with a gameplan. You don’t want to spend too much time out of the safe bubble, but outside of the safe bubble is where you will have the easiest time meeting single girls.

Why not sit in your room inside that safe bubble and meet hundreds of good women in Medellin seeking foreign men online? Is that something you might be interested in? Sounds like the best way to go about it.

This way you can get in contact with sexy Paisas from all over the city without having to actually drive an hour to get to there area. Plus if you do make that 1 hour drive to go walk around a mall how many single ladies do you really expect to approach and meet? 5? 10?

You can meet that many Medellin girls on Colombian Cupid in 5 minutes, or you can message 100’s in an hour. It sure seems like a whole lot of effort to sit in a cab for a 2 hour round trip drive to talk to 5% as many girls as you could meet online.

If you are reading this and aren’t here you can meet Latina singles from all over the world on Latin American Cupid. There are many girls from Medellin using that site also, and there could be Colombian singles near you as well.

You can then invite the girl from the burbs for a nice dinner in Parque Lleras which she probably rarely goes to and will think it is a special occasion. Pay for her taxi, taxis are cheap here, buy her some drinks and dinner and things should go well.

Some good restaurants for a date in Parque Lleras are Royal Thai for Thai food, Al Rojo has good pasta, and Ay Caramba has good tex-mex. Or pick any spot that looks to have a nice ambiance or live music on that night.

One nice thing about it here is that Colombian women are used to going to hotels to have sex. Many single girls and guys live with their parents much longer than they do in the US or other first world countries.

That means ever since they have been having sex it often will be done at a short time hotel. In some parts of the world if you invite a girl to your hotel she will be turned off, but not here.

No matter if you just want a quick hook up or to meet a good woman for dating or marriage Colombian Cupid will be the most efficient use of your time. There are many women here interested in finding a foreign husband and they would make a great bride.

Best dating site in Colombia expats meet good women

Good Luck Finding A Good Medellin Woman

Meeting single girls in Medellin has some interesting twists to it, but it can still be done quite easily. Of course nothing will be easier than online dating, but you can try daygame or salsa dancing in the Medellin nightlife as well.

If you don’t know Spanish it will be pretty hard, but still not impossible. If all else fails there are plenty of casas (brothels) that have hot girls so you will be fine.

Good luck to all the guys out there wondering where foreign men can meet a good woman in Medellin. If you want to read about the ‘naughtier’ nightlife the city has to offer check out this eBook guide.

El Poblado expat pick up bars sexy Paisas Medellin girls

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