Gaijin Bars To Meet Girls In Nagoya Nightlife

Gaijin friendly bars meet sexy girls Nagoya

As more and more foreign men travel to Japan they want to know where to meet single girls in the Nagoya nightlife. As a gaijin it can always be a struggle to find the right places to go out.

If you aren’t aware gaijin is the local word for foreigner and there is some pretty segregated nightlife in this country. This city is actually known to be one of the worst for not allowing foreigners in to certain places.

You will need to head to a gaijin friendly bar to meet single girls seeking foreign men in the Nagoya nightlife, or get lucky and get let into a place that often won’t let foreigners in. That doesn’t happen often, so often times your bar and club options are going to be pretty limited.

Before we get into the specific places you will want to visit to meet girls we will cover the whole gaijin friendly business. In some ways this can be a difficult city to navigate as an outsider. Your options are limited and you will likely see the same ‘gaijin hunters’ in the same bars you can visit each night.

On the other hand foreigners do have some very high value to some of the girls here so not all hope is lost. Most expats in this country tend to use dating sites instead of trying to deal with the segregated nightlife.

What Is Gaijin Friendly?

If you have never been to this country or are new to reading about it then gaijin friendly might be something you have never heard of. If a bar is gaijin friendly a foreigner can go inside, if it isn’t they can’t.

This isn’t necessarily because the locals hate foreign men or the bar owner is a racist, it is mostly a business decision. As most know there is a big ‘saving face’ and ‘shame’ culture here.

When you have a conversation with an Asian person it is always happy and positive. You don’t bring up anything negative and they can’t handle any negativity at all. If someone asks them a question that they don’t know the answer to they will feel shame for not being able to answer.

Well the same thing can happen when a gaijin says hello in a foreign language. They will feel stupid for not being able to speak that language and this might cause them great shame.

If this happens to a bar or nightclubs big spending customer and he decides to never come back that would be disastrous. Obviously the locals are going to be where they make most of their money.

So lots of businesses aren’t gaijin friendly and that can make meeting single girls in the Nagoya nightlife hard. If you learn to speak some of the language more doors might open for you, but some still won’t allow you in.

Nagoya Girls Seeking Foreign Men

Meet single women Nagoya dating foreign men

What we just said in our last section plays into this also. Just because some businesses won’t let you in doesn’t mean there aren’t many Nagoya girls interested in foreign men.

We all know that these girls are very hot, you need to take some shots while you are in town. Of course they won’t all have an interest in gaijin, but some definitely will.

Just remember to try to fit in with the local customs when you meet them. Be polite, smile a lot, don’t yell, and always be happy and positive.

Nagoya girls probably won’t speak English very well so you will need to speak slowly and try to choose easy to understand words. Don’t try any intricate gaming techniques here, just keep it simple.

Be nice, be friendly, and get them comfortable with you. Try and go out to bars or clubs near your hotel or AirBnb so that if you find the right lady you can lead her back to your place and it isn’t too far away.

If you take one out on a date set the date up near your place. The great thing about dating these girls who are seeking foreign men is that all you need to do is be a nice guy, we all know how well that works in the western world.

Gaijin Pickup Bars In Nagoya Nightlife

Now we are going to mention some of the most well known gaijin pick up bars to meet Nagoya girls interested in foreign men. These are good in a way and bad in another.

The good news is that the sexy Nagoya ladies know these bars are gaijin friendly so they are heading here for a reason. You should be able to get some easier lays or meet a girlfriend easier here.

On the other hand if you stick around in town you will quickly realize that it is mostly the same easy girls in the different bars each night. They are known as gaijin hunters and hop from one foreigner to the next.

You probably should strap up if you get a one night stand from a girl here. Some of the best gaijin friendly pickup bars in Nagoya nightlife are:

You could also head to clubs like ID Cafe, Steps, and Plastic Factory. If you know a little of the language then you could go out to any random bar in the Sakae nightlife and bar district and try to meet some Nagoya girls that aren’t gaijin hunters.

It should also be mentioned that nightlife shuts down early in this town. You should expect most places to be closed or closing down by 1am so head out early.

Meeting More Girls Online

Sexy Nagoya ladies nightlife bars foreigner friendly

So what is a guy to do if he doesn’t want to just bang some easy gaijin hunters but can’t get into the other bars? He could try day game, but in a very crowded city like this where most locals speak little to no English day game is very hard.

As we mentioned before most expats in this country turn to online dating. This way they can message hundreds of Nagoya girls interested in foreign men in an hour without worrying about any gaijin friendly nonsense.

You can sit around in your boxers in your room and try to meet them instead of getting rejected at bars that aren’t gaijin friendly. You can contact some girls that aren’t at the same foreigner bars every night hopping from one dick to the next.

There is even a translator built right into the site, or you can try to use small words and keep things easy for the girls. Online game with Nagoya girls is basically the same, small easy to understand sentences that are happy and positive.

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Good Luck Meeting Nagoya Girls

The segregation really pisses some guys off and they don’t enjoy it here. Just know that it is around before you come and don’t let it get under your skin.

There are still plenty of locals that like foreigners, this is a massive city so you can find all types here. Good luck if you visit any gaijin bars to meet girls in the Nagoya nightlife who are seeking foreign men.