How To Give A Girl A Sensual Erotic Massage

Give girl sensual happy ending massage get laid

Ya, they like happy endings too! This post is about how to give a girl a sensual erotic massage. If you know how to please a girl then she will likely want to do the same for you.

Whether things have been rocky with the wife lately, it is her birthday or anniversary, or you are just trying to get one who has been making out to go the distance this is a great tool to have in your arsenal. If you take the advice here they will appreciate your effort.

Giving a girl a sensual erotic massage really is not that difficult. They will know that you aren’t a trained therapist and shouldn’t be expecting perfect technique.

This is more about you putting in the effort and showing that you want to do something for them. The main key is to slowly build up to the happy ending you are going for.

Sensual Massage Builds Up Slowly

If you have ever got a good happy ending massage before you should know this already. If you are in a rub n tug and the lady asks you to roll over and then grabs your dick she isn’t very good at her job.

It is the same when giving a girl a massage, it is all about teasing her body. Ask her to lay down on the bed and put a towel over her bum just like at a normal spa.

Have some massage oil ready, if in a pinch baby oil can work fine. Warming it up a bit can be a nice touch, but don’t make it hot.

Then start with the lower back and work your way up to the shoulders. Don’t start grabbing her ass from the get go, you will get their in due time.

Slowly rub up and down her back and try to mimic what a real therapist does. Put your thumbs on the outside of her spinal corn and go up.

Remember to hit the neck, this is one of the most sensual areas of a girls body. Slowly rub oil into her neck and shoulders and she will love it.

After maybe 10 to 15 minutes of back and neck go down to legs. Start all the way down at the calf and slowly work your way up.

Inch closer and closer up to her butt, but do not touch her pussy! This is key, you want to continue to get closer and closer to it without ever actually touching it.

Rub the inside of her upper thighs for a very long time, and her ass. This is a pretty fun part of your difficult job.

Roll Over For The Happy Ending

Without ever touching her pussy now ask her to roll over. Start on the lower part of her leg again but move back up to the thighs after a minute or two.

Again rub her thighs for a long time mostly focusing on the panty line. Maybe give a very slight brush against her panties where her pussy and clit are, but very gently.

Just enough for her to start to wonder. This is similar to when you are laying there on the massage table in a spa thinking about if the therapist just touched your balls or not.

Now skip up to her stomach and gently rub it moving closer to her breasts. As you start to rub her breasts to it gently at first and don’t touch her nipples.

If you can’t tell here the key is to get as close to the girls main erotic parts without actually touching them. Now start going from stomach to breasts to neck.

If you have done this right she should be primed and ready. Slowly and gently start to lick and suck her nipples. As time goes on put more pressure and slowly slide down her panties.

Spit on your fingers and place them on her clit and very gently rub it in circles. Again as time goes on up the speed and pressure.

You should easily be able to make a girl cum during an erotic sensual massage if you have done things correctly. Her body should be totally turned on in every way, and of course if she wants to have sex then go for it.

Some kinky sex toys might make things better at this point as well.

Good Luck Giving Girls A Massage

This is one of the best ways to do something nice for your girl for selfish reasons. You are putting in effort to make her happy but you also get a big payoff at the end.

Hopefully this post on how to give a girl an erotic sensual massage was helpful to you. Now you can meet a horny woman off Adult Friend Finder for casual sex and know how to show her a great time and be able to see her again.

Learn how to give women a sensual erotic massage