Finding Girls For Sex In Cusco, Peru

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Finding girls for sex in Cusco has reached almost mythical status on many travel blogs. The talk of easy pussy has been covered a hundred times over, now it is our turn.

This post will cover not only where to meet prostitutes but also how to pick up girls in Cusco for sex that aren’t pros. Actually, the non pros are really all you need in this town.

This is a city of a little under 400k that is in the Andes Mountains. It can get pretty chilly at times but that is a nice break from the heat and humidity you feel most of the time in South America.

Another nice thing is that this is a very cheap place to visit or even live for a bit. You can find hotels for $10 easily and apartments will be cheap as well.

Many people travel through here on their way to Machu Picchu. Then they realize that there is a ton of nightlife and it is costing them pennies to enjoy it so they stay for awhile.

Particularly guys, lots of backpackers who don’t have much of a plan come through here. Then they meet the now (in)famous girls here and realize they are getting laid often and aren’t blowing through much of their bankroll to do it.

Sounds like a great place to set up shop for a bit. This Cusco sex guide will start with where to monger but that won’t be a long section, when girls are hooking up so easily there isn’t much demand for prostitutes.

After that we will mention the best places to go in the nightlife, and then talk about the best online dating site in Peru to make how easy it is here even easier.

Paying For Sex In Cusco

Some guys who have been here probably just laughed at the mere idea of a guy needing to pay for sex in Cusco. Prostitutes really aren’t in high demand here so they can be pretty hard to find.

There is a pretty good brothel in town called ‘San Tutis Chongo’ where you pay a 4 sole entry fee and can have a quickie for 20s after you choose a girl. That is under $8 USD including cover, when there is no demand it is understandable why you can find such cheap sex in Cusco from prostitutes.

Outside of that there really isn’t too much to offer. There might be some hookers out in the nightlife and if so they will also be cheap.

Any place that gets a lot of tourists will often have many spas and massage parlors. Surely you can find an erotic sex massage in Cusco with happy ending, but you probably won’t need it after what you read next.

There will also be some Cusco escorts online on various dating apps and social media. This city has the easiest girls in Peru so mongering may not be needed.

Single Girls In Cusco’s Nightlife

San Tutis Chongo brothel Cusco escorts massage service girls

If you want to meet single Cusco girls head out to the Plaza de Armas nightlife. That is where the tourists go to party, so you can hang out with a lot of backpackers and hippies who are roaming through South America.

Most are only in town for a few days, others fall in love with the place and stick around indefinitely. Generally it is the guys that end up staying longer, this city can be very welcoming.

While you can try to pick up backpackers and tourists the local Peruvian girls here will be far easier. Many of them move to this city because they like gringos and want to hook up with as many foreign men as possible.

They know gringos travel through here and it is a good spot to meet them. That means you get the tourists going out at Plaza del Armas and the gringo hunting girls following them.

Then they all meet up and everyone gets laid. What a magical place. The main pick up bar to meet girls in Cusco’s nightlife is Mama Africa, but there are many others around like:

Basically all you need to do is go out in the Plaza de Armas nightlife and see what looks good on that night. Mama Africa is the most popular generally, but it definitely isn’t the only spot to go.

As far as day game goes you can just hang around the touristy area and see if any girls are out and about to approach. Smile at them, if they smile back half your work is already done.

Knowing some Spanish will be helpful, particularly with the hotter girls, but even if you don’t know any you can find someone to keep you company. If you want to hit on tourist chicks just take a trip to Machu Picchu during the day.

You can get there by taking the Inca Trail or by a combination of train to Aguas Caliente before hopping on a short bus ride. Latch on to a group with a hottie in it, chat her up all day and invite her out to party that night.

Meeting Latina Girls Online

Sometimes nightlife is easier, sometimes day game is easier, other times online dating is the easiest. When it comes to meeting Cusco girls for sex it is all easy.

But some guys don’t really like going out to pick up bars and nightclubs to hook up with girls. Partying with a bunch of drunk hippie backpackers makes the sex (almost) not worth chasing.

If that is the case you can clean up on Latin American Cupid. This is the best online dating site in Peru and you will find many girls here using it.

On top of that you can use it to meet girls before you head to any other city in the country, or anywhere in Latin America. Heck, you could meet a girl in Lima and tell her you will pay her bus to visit you, who knows, she might say yes.

If she doesn’t then you can just visit her when you stop by to meet more girls in Lima. You will be able to pull girls from clubs in this city most likely, but online dating speeds up the process and helps you to meet girls interested in dating foreign men before you even arrive in town.

There is no better dating site in Peru than Latin American Cupid.

Plaza de Armas nightlife pick up bars single Cusco girls sex

Good Luck Finding Sex In Cusco

It won’t be too hard and you have many options available. You can pay for cheap sex in Cusco at the San Tutis Chongo, or go meet slutty girls in the Plaza del Armas nightlife.

Whether you want hookers, easy Peruvian girls, or drunk backpackers you can find them all here. If you want to read about other great places to go and visit with awesome nightlife in Latin America check out this eBook guide.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Cusco.

Meet easy girls Peru online Cusco sex guide Mama Africa

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