Finding Girls For Sex in Venice, Italy


Being that it is a major tourist hub finding girls for sex in Venice is harder than you may think. When guys travel they want to have sex and when they strike out with non pros they look for the hookers.

The girls are smart and know they can make more money from a tourist then they can from a local guy so all the hot prostitutes in the surrounding areas will ply their trade in Venice. We all want to maximize our earnings at work and hookers are no different.

That said this is not a great place to go on a sex vacation, but if you find yourself there then you can give it a go. Remember that most of the tourists that come here are on a romantic vacation, maybe even a honeymoon. It isn’t exactly a single guys tourist destination, even if there is some decent nightlife in Venice.

Prostitutes In Venice

You will almost assuredly not see any prostitutes on the streets of Venice, at least not in the touristy areas. This city makes a ton of money every year off of couples coming in for a romantic vacation, a crack ho walking around showing her ass isn’t good for business.

That means if you want to find hookers in Venice do it online. Many girls market themselves on the internet on their own websites or maybe even Facebook or Tinder.

It is legal for a girl to do this as long as there are no pimps or bars profiting off her. So she can freely set up a web page and invite guys over to her apartment for sex.

This is the best way to find girls for sex currently, and also how you will find the hottest girls. Make sure that the girl is at least 18 years of age and you should not have to face any legal troubles either.

You also should try to Skype with her before you meet just to make sure she is as attractive as her pics look. Otherwise you may show up expecting a 9 to be waiting and instead finding a 4.

If you want to find girls on the streets then you will need to head over to Mestre, and particularly around the Mestre Train Station. This is where you can find some cheaper streetwalkers but they won’t be as hot as the girls online.

You can also try your luck at the nicest hotels. High class escorts in Venice may hang out in hotel bars or lobbies looking for rich businessman who are traveling alone. There may also be a little bit of street action in front of these hotels but the girls will be discreet about it.

The best way to meet hookers in Venice is online.  Or you could try using International Cupid to meet girls that aren’t prostitutes.

Erotic Massage Parlors in Venice

There are no erotic massage parlors in the touristy area. Once again if you are looking for that you will need to travel to Mestre or to any other smaller area outside of where the tourists go.

There are some to be found, but it will not be that easy. You can try your luck with asking a taxi driver to help you but good luck with that.

If he does find one for you then you will have to pay an inflated rate as he will get a commission for dropping you off. Since any sort of pimping is illegal and the massage parlor will surely get a cut from the girl these erotic massage parlors in Venice will keep a low profile.

No Strip Clubs Or Brothels in Venice

Remember this is a place for couples to go on their honeymoon, not for frat boys to go out partying. Many women are turned off by things like strip clubs so the city doesn’t want them there.

There might be some topless bars on the fringes of town that a taxi driver can take you to, but if there are there is a good chance they are clip joints looking to rip you off.

Wait until you head to another city to try and indulge, sadly there are no good strip clubs in Venice, nor brothels.


Venice Nightlife Isn’t Meant For Single Guys

The nightlife in Venice is set up for romantic encounters. This is a city where people go to fall in love, or to strengthen their bond. It is not a city for a single guy to go have lots of fun.

There is some nightlife in Venice but you aren’t going to be finding that many single girls around. Particularly in the touristy areas most of the girls will be going to any nightclub in Venice with their man.

You should consider taking a holiday to Southeast Asia where there are easier girls available.  Or you can watch the best porn online on Reality Kings and the best live sex shows on Chaturbate.

If you find yourself looking for girls for sex in Venice try and find them online, otherwise just wait until you are in an easier place.  This eBook can tell you where those easier places are.