Bros Before Ho’s Is Bullsh#t

You know who likes to throw around bros before ho’s? The guys that want you to put them ahead of a girl but would never do the same for you. Lets face it we are never going to put a guy above a nice piece of ass.

Imagine you are walking down the street and Kate Upton comes walking past you in a tank top titties bouncing about as hers tend to do. You say hello and she says come have sex with me right now.

How many situations in the world would cause you to say no to this? How many things could your bro need you to do that would have you say ‘sorry Kate as much as I would love to I promised my bro I would bring him this DVD, he has always wanted to see Men in Black 3.’

It is just not realistic to expect a guy to choose guys over girls. We constantly have opportunities to hang out with guys, we work hard every day to get the rare opportunities to be with girls. You can’t pass that up.

Your ‘Bro’ Should Be Understanding

You should almost never get pissed off if a guy chooses a girl over you, and you should expect the same from them. If you have some big set in stone plans and your not going will severely impact them then that may be the one time where you truly need to put them first.

But if all you are doing is not hanging out with them or causing them some mild inconvenience then they need to quit being pussies and be happy for you. The Kate Upton situation above was certainly an extreme example but lets think of another one.


Say you were supposed to go over to a friends house to watch Sunday Night Football. Then come Sunday you swipe right on some new hot slut on Tinder and she offers to cook you dinner at her apartment.

You go. No questions asked you go, and you tell the guys sorry we will do it next week. The sad thing is about a quarter of the male population will get pissy about this and think you aren’t following some stupid ‘bros before ho’s’ BS.

But you know what? There isn’t a chance in hell that they wouldn’t do the exact same thing. Every single guy on the planet would say sorry guys I am gonna go get some pussy, yet some will hold their friends to a higher standard.

Maybe You Need To Find New Bros

If your bros are to sensitive when it comes to things like this then it is probably time to find some new ones. They seem like emotional little bitches and there is no reason to have guy friends like that.

You should get more then enough emotion and feelings BS from the women in your life. There is no place for men to be bringing that crap into your life.

As guys get older they have less and less guy friends anyways. Think back to your own dad, how often did he ‘go out with the guys?’ The answer is probably not very much.

So choose the ones you want to keep around wisely, and cut the emotional ones out now.  Bros before ho’s doesn’t exist.


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