How To Make Weed Brownies


While they certainly are the most famous type of edibles, and you may very well have found this page by searching for ‘how to make weed brownies,’ the key to making any edible is making the butter first.

You can’t just poor a bag of weed in a brownie mix and expect to get high, it doesn’t work like that. The THC in the weed needs to connect itself to fat cells before it can do its job. That is why you need to cook it in with some butter first, and then from there you can make your brownies or whatever edibles you like.

If this is your first time don’t worry it is not hard, and even if you are not good at baking you can easily handle it. Just make sure that you keep an eye on what you are doing so that you don’t burn the house down.

That means maybe wait to spark your blunt until after they are already in the oven. So to begin lets make sure you have all of the right ingredients to make your weed brownies.

Ingredients For Weed Brownies

Well this will not be a long list. First off, you need your weed that has been through decarboxylation, and how much you want to use is totally up to you. The more you use the more potent they will be, but you may not be able to tell much of a difference.

Sometimes brownies that have an ounce of the best chronic in town may give you the same effect as ones made with half an ounce of shwag. Our suggestion is to not invest to much money on your first batch, more on this later.

You may be asking ‘wait, what is decarboxylation?’ Well it is a fancy way of saying baked. Break the weed up, but don’t grind it yet, and put it on a baking sheet spread out across it, not piled on.

Heat the oven to 240* and bake it for about half an hour or 45 minutes, and stir it up once or twice as you bake it. Try to pick a pan that is the right size for the amount of weed you have. After this your weed is ready to make cannabutter.


Other then the weed you are going to need to get butter, and a stick should be enough if you are using a quarter or a half ounce, any more then that and you may want to add more, but more on that in the next section. Some people like to use water, others don’t think it is necessary. Maybe use a bit the first time and see if you think you need it or not.

Other then that all you are going to need is the brownie mix and whatever ingredients it calls for. But remember that the butter will be your substitute for the oil so you won’t need any of that.

Also get a pan, a mixing bowl, mixing spoons, and a strainer is optional.

How To Make Cannabutter From Weed


Put your pot on the stove and use a medium low heat to start. As mentioned some people like to use water and the reason for that is you can cook the weed into the butter longer. The water will evaporate instead of the butter giving it more time to absorb the THC.

If you use water you don’t need much at all, enough to cover the bottom of the pot should be fine. Once the water is heated put the stick of butter in and then pour your weed in, grinding it in a grinder will be a good way to do it, that way you don’t need to strain it later.

You don’t have to grind it up but if you do it will add some more keef to your collection and make things simpler later on. Now you just let it sit and simmer for the next 30-45 minutes, stirring it every few minutes.

That is how to make cannabutter, and that is what you put in the brownies instead of the oil. If it starts to thicken up too much you can add a bit more water, or if it has already been 30 minutes you can go ahead and stop.

If you want to go the extra mile you can let it slowly simmer for many hours and that may work better. It is not fully necessary, but if you want to give yourself a chance at getting as high as possible try it out.

Its not rocket science, and from there you set it in the fridge and let it harden up for an hour or so. The cannabutter will move to the top the water will be at the bottom, and put the cannabutter in the brownie mix, add whatever else the mix calls for (excluding oil) and put the brownies in the oven.

Some people seem to have greater success when they get the butter very hot. This may cause it to catch on fire, and if this happens DO NOT POOR A BUNCH OF WATER ON IT.

Oil and water do not mix, that is why you are putting some water in the pan with it in the first place. If there is a fire and you poor water on it you might just fling flaming butter around your kitchen….. don’t do that.

If it catches on fire calm down, grab the handle of the pot, and walk outside in the open air. The pot will never catch on fire so just wait it out. You don’t need to freak out everything is contained in the pot.

Now you just wait for your brownies to finish baking, you have made cannabutter and also made weed brownies.

What Can You Make With Cannabutter?

A lot of people wonder ‘what can you make with cannabutter?’ and the answer is anything that contains butter or oil. Want to make some cookies, just replace normal butter sticks with cannabutter sticks.

Want to make some olive oil pasta? Use cannabutter instead. You can get as creative as you want to with this, and that is exactly what you should do. A personal favorite of the team here would be weed puppy chow.

You can even put the cannabutter on a slice of toast or in mashed potatoes you don’t need to bake it into anything. Heck you could eat it straight if you wanted to, once the THC is baked into it that is all that matters.

Can You Bake Weed Into Anything Else?


The THC gets baked into the fat cells so you need to find liquids that are loaded with fat. Since butter and oil are pretty much the same thing oil works the same way.

So you can bake it into coconut oil, vegetable oil, or any other type of oil used for baking. Another thing you can do is boil it into whole milk.

This is a good thing for someone who is growing to do that doesn’t feel like making bubble hash with all of their leftover scraps. Just throw your big stems, leaves and small buds in a huge pot of whole milk and let it simmer for hours (after it has gone through decarboxylation.)

Drink it straight, or make some chocolate malts with it. This is a solid way to get a little bit of value out of all your scraps.

Do Weed Brownies Really Get You High?

Weed brownies are overrated. There we said it, and it is out there. You know what happens the majority of the time people take weed brownies? They smoke a lot of weed and then think the brownies were awesome.

Or they take some brownies, they aren’t working within an hour, they get impatient and smoke then. If you just eat the brownies on their own and don’t smoke the whole time you will convince yourself you felt something, but it will be a stretch.

Some batches turn out well, others seem to do nothing. Even if you did the same thing both times they can be very hit or miss. That is why we suggested not to invest to much into them on your first time making them.


Try it out with shwag and decide if you think they are worth putting high value buds into. Weed brownies or any other baked good made with cannabutter is more of an experience thing then a getting high thing.

By themselves they won’t do a whole lot, however they will enhance your high when you smoke and make you stay high longer. Spend a day with your friends, eat the brownies, and get high all day and night.

Whether you put $300 worth of AK-99 in it or $30 worth of shwag the day will be the same. Hope this page helped you with how to make weed brownies and what else you can make with cannabutter. If you need to buy any weed paraphernalia click here.

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