Where Can You Find The Cheapest Sex In The World?

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You will often read about different places where you can find girls for sex somewhere in the world for really cheap prices. This may get you to ask where can you find the cheapest sex in the world?

There may not be only one answer, and the sad fact is if you are finding this super cheap sex it will probably be a very depressing encounter. You will surely be in a very poor area of a third world country, having sex with women who are only doing it to survive.

You could argue that most prostitutes are in that condition, but if you are penny pinching as much as possible when mongering you are probably going to see some things you don’t want to see. There are some really disturbing brothels out there that are not going to be worth visiting.

That may not always be the case, so lets start with something different.

An Article About Venezuela Goes Viral

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It wasn’t all that long ago that Vice posted this article talking about how ridiculously cheap you could live in Venezuela right now. The economy is in the toilet, and if you use the black market money changers (that everyone uses) you can get some extremely great value on your money.

Of course you would be living in one of the most dangerous countries in the world and trading money with shady people, but the rewards are great if you survive. The article says you post on Facebook that you want to change money and wait for any random stranger to tell you they can help you.

As safe as that sounds. Luckily they say the best way to do the trade is to transfer money to the other persons bank account first, and then go to the bank and pick up your money. Surely you will never get ripped off doing it like that.

If you successfully trade your money at the best black market rate you will be paying pennies on the dollar for everything you buy. That includes sex, so yes, you can get some very cheap sex in Venezuela.

Cheap Sex In Third World Brothels

Now we are getting into more depressing territory. If you visit very poor countries in the third world there will be women selling sex all over the place.

If you go to a night club you can never be sure if the girl is a hooker or not, unless she tells you she is a hooker and then you are sure. When you try online dating many of the girls will hint that they want money (if they don’t flat out ask.)

In the port town of Sihanoukville, Cambodia there is a reported ‘chicken farm’ brothel where you can buy sex for as low as $5. That is the tourist price actually, reportedly the locals pay $3 or less.

India has many very cheap brothels as well. In the Kamathipura Red Light District in Mumbai you can pay around $3 as well. Of course they are probably similar to the ones you find when mongering in neighboring Bangladesh.

Are There .60 Cent Brothels In Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Budget mongering cheap brothels for sex with girls

Now we are getting to the really sketchy stuff, if you do more research on these places you will not like what you read. The stories that come from them are pretty disgusting, and we aren’t going to get into them here.

The largest brothel in Dhaka is Daulatdia, and yes the girls do earn about .60 cents per customer. So sorry guys, you are not going to get it that cheap as clearly the brothel owner is going to get her cut also.

If you want to head to these gross places where many of the women are held against their will to pay such cheap prices then you can monger very cheap, but not actually for .60 cents.

Most Tourists Pay A Lot More For Sex


Particularly in India and Dhaka, most of the guys that go here end up paying a whole lot more for sex. These places have very polarized prices when it comes to sex.

You can either find very cheap, dirty, gross brothels or your other options will be high end escorts that work in the nicest hotels and nightclubs in the cities.

There really isn’t much of a mongering middle ground, at least not that a tourist would find. If you decided to become an expat over time you could probably find plenty of girls in the middle ground, but as a tourist that will be unlikely.

You would either need local contacts to set you up, or to meet hookers online on dating sites or out in the nightlife. Then when they knew you were a local and reliable customer you could get it for cheaper.

So instead most tourists that are paying for sex in Dhaka or India end up paying $100 or so to bang the high end escorts. They can be very beautiful women so it is money well spent, but not at the very cheap prices you hear about.

Is The Cheapest Sex In The World Worth It?

That is a personal decision. If you end up in some brothel where the girls look miserable and you feel like you need a full body condom on before you enter is that something you really want to do?

Does going to one of the most dangerous countries in the world and posting ‘hey I have lots of money who wants me to transfer it to their bank account?’ on Facebook seem appealing to you?

Where can you find the cheapest sex in the world isn’t an easy question to answer. You have many options, but not all of them seem worth it. This eBook guide breaks down some budget mongering destinations that actually are worth checking out.

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