Finding Girls For Sex In Saint Martin

This is one of the best places in the Caribbean for single guys to visit, when it comes to finding girls for sex in Saint Martin you will have no problems at all. All of the action is on the Dutch side of the island known as Sint Maarten.

It actually has a pretty similar set up to other good guys vacation spots in the Caribbean like Aruba or Curacao. There are many girls from Latin America that come here to get those tourist dollars that flood in all the time.

Most of the prostitutes in Saint Martin are from Colombia or Venezuela. You will also find some from the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or other countries in the region.

You will be impressed by the quality of the girls here, there are many Latinas that want to work on the island so they can be quite choosy with who they select. Remember that you need to stay on the Dutch side, all of the pay for play sex is on Sint Maarten.

If you were hoping to read about all of the best spots to find sex in the Caribbean that post has you covered.

Paying For Sex On Saint Martin

There are many bars on the island where these prostitutes work. You can have the action right there in short time rooms at the bar if you do short time.

If you want to take them back to your room for long time that can be negotiated as well. The price for sex in Saint Martin is generally $50 for a short time or somewhere between $150-$200 for all night.

The majority of the brothels in Saint Martin are located near Laguna in Simpson Bay. Here you will find good bars like El Capita, Carolina’s, Seaman, and Casa Blanca.

There are a lot more around this area and as you walk around you will surely see plenty of sexy Latina girls you like. Another great option is Badabing but it is further up by the airport.

Other Good Nightclubs In St Martin

Some guys don’t like to pay for sex so they may want to go to other good nightclubs in St Martin to try to pick up non pros. There will be lots of tourists around on holiday mode that should be pretty easy pickings.

If that is your goal then you can head to spots like:

Here you can try your luck at some tourists and if all else fails head to the brothels listed above.

Try Meeting Girls On Caribbean Cupid

You may not be aware but there is actually a really good dating site to meet girls in the Caribbean. You can use it to meet girls on Saint Martin, or as you travel around the region.

It is called Caribbean Cupid and you should check it out before you come down here. You can sign up for free and take a look at the selection of girls on the site for the islands that you will be visiting.

If you like what you see go ahead and register, if you don’t then who cares cuz it was free to give it a look.


Have Fun Finding Sex On Saint Martin

Remember that the brothels are all on the Saint Marteen side of the island which is the Dutch side. If you plan on visiting them often then you should probably stay over there.

You may want to do a bit more research and plan your trip when there won’t be a lot of cruise ships in town. Guys from those ships will be flooding the Saint Martin brothels, so if you want to have them all to yourself choose your time wisely.

If you wanted to read about more fun beach destinations in Latin America check out this eBook. Good luck finding girls for sex in Saint Martin.

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