Finding Girls For Sex in Milan, Italy


This is the fashion and business hub of Italy, anywhere there is money there are hot girls, and anywhere there is fashion there are hot girls. That means finding girls for sex in Milan can lead you to some very sexy women.

Many girls from Italy and other parts of Europe come here with the hopes of becoming a model. Then it doesn’t work out for one reason or another and some get decide to make easy money in another way.

This is one of the easier cities in Italy to find prostitutes, sometimes they will be Italian other times they will be from other countries. Romania is well represented when meeting prostitutes for sex in Milan .

There is of course a lot of nightlife here and sometimes it can be hard to know if that sexy girl you meet at the club is a hooker or not. Sometimes they will be, other times they won’t.

You can find both erotic massage parlors and strip clubs in Milan. There are even some brothels around but the locations change often so you will have to ask a taxi to take you to one.

Lastly many girls are marketing themselves online and setting up shop at home or in an apartment they use. It is legal for a girl to sell her body as long as there is no pimp involved, so meeting hookers in Milan online is quite easy.

Finding Street Hookers in Milan

Many of the street hookers will be Romanian, African, or from elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Of course there are many Italians in the mix as well.

If you want to find these prostitutes in Milan then Stazione Centale is probably the main place where you should go. There are quite a few sexy girls walking the streets here, but also some undesirable ones.

Via Vitruvio is another place where they have been known to congregate, as is Piazza Apsormomente and Via Vallazzee. At the intersection of Espinasse and Certosa you can find some as well.

These girls are all freelancers so stating what it will cost is impossible. Some may go for as little as 20-30 euros for a quick bang or BJ, while others may not go for less than 100. If you like what you see ask her how much and try to get the best deal you can.

If the street scene isn’t good enough then try to meet hookers online at that link oron dating apps.  Meeting hookers online for sex in Milan is the best way to do it right now.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors in Milan


There is a thriving erotic massage scene here and you can find hundreds of places to get that happy ending. If you head to one of the Chinese or Asian Massage Parlors You can expect to get a reasonably good massage before the happy ending begins.

However the Romanian shops are more like brothels and you shouldn’t expect a great therapeutic experience. A very quick back rub followed by asking you to roll over and getting propositioned.

The girls at erotic massage parlors in Milan will always try and ask for a lot early, but for a 20ish euro tip you should be able to get a handjob happy ending, and for around 40 a BJ should be in play. Of course this is between you and the girl so everything is negotiable.

Since organized brothels are illegal these places aren’t that up front about what they give, but if you think a happy ending is available then it probably will be. You can ask a taxi driver to find one, or look for an expat in Milan to point you to one.  Massage is one of the best ways to find cheap sex in Milan.

Don’t forget you can always watch the best happy ending massage porn at Happy Tugs.

Best Strip Clubs in Milan


Milan has a variety of strip clubs and there can be some stunning girls that either couldn’t become a model or are part time model part time stripper. If you are looking for sexy naked girls in Europe Milan is a great option.

At some of the strip clubs in Milan you can even bring girls home with you or set up a meet after their shift. This is never a guarantee, but some of these strippers are also hookers.

If you do want to go this route expect to pay the girl at least 150-200 euros and if you want her to leave right then you will probably have to pay the bar off as well. This is not a budget option, but if the girl is hot enough then why not try?

Some of the best strip clubs in Milan are:

  • Venus at angolo Piazza Diaz 2
  • Porta D’Oro at A Piazza Armando Diaz 3
  • Sixth Sense on Via Emilia Gola, 4

You should always be careful at strip clubs, Europe is known to have lots of shady places looking to rip off tourists.  To meet non pro girls use International Cupid.


Have Fun In The Milan Nightlife

Milan certainly has a lot to offer as far as nightlife goes. There are some very beautiful women that will cost a lot and some cheaper options as well.

There are street hookers, good massage parlors and strip clubs, plus you can find sexy girls online. It isn’t the cheapest place to monger, but the quality may make it work it.

You can even find cool swingers clubs in Milan like La Maison de l’Amour. Many expats will also head over to Chiasso in Switzerland which has good options as well.

Have fun finding girls for sex in Milan, Italy.  Always practice safe sex with hookers, to purchase condoms online cheaply check that out.  This eBook can tell you about where you can meet easy girls all around the world.