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People have a huge interest in ladyboys and shemales, it really has to be one of the biggest guilty pleasures in the world today. Has it always been that way? Or has the internet made them more prevalent.

Either way with so much curiosity out there we thought we would recommend some of the best ladyboy erotica on

There is actually a lot more ladyboy erotica out there then you might imagine, where there is a demand there will be a supply, and there is certainly a big demand for talk about transsexuals. If you want to read about some tranny tales then you have come to the right place.

There is a wide variety of shemale erotica here for you to check out. You can read about guys taking trips overseas to try their first ladyboy experience, ladyboys hooking up with guys who don’t know about their secret, and even one about a ladyboy super hero!

So if you found this page by searching for ladyboy erotica on Google give one of these books a shot. You will not regret it.

Eight Inches Under Her Skirt: Seducing the Straight Guy: First Time Gay Transgender Erotica

This is a story that has a common beginning but with a twist. A guy goes to buy some condoms because he and his girlfriend are about to have some fun.

On the way he meets a really hot older woman and can’t help but try to chat her up. She is very receptive, and they set up a date to hang out at another time. The cheater gets a lot more then he bargained for when they finally do hang out.

Lana Rae and the Magic Wand

Lana Rae always knew she was different and one day she decided to act on it. She knew deep down she was beautiful and once she made the change everyone else saw it too.

She became a popular model with many fans. When she started to hook up with them she found out she had special powers.


Believe it or not London has a pretty thriving transsexual scene. This book gives you all the details you need to know about what it is like to be a tranny in London.

Amber Topping: Professional Trollop

Amber is a high end escort that is in great demand. She is one of the most beautiful escorts in this major city and can earn top dollar for her talents.

However, she has a secret that only few know about. How do her clients react when they find out?

First Ladyboy Trip To Thailand: Read About Kevin’s First Trip To Bangkok

Kevin wasn’t happy with his life and started to look for new ways to entertain himself online. He developed a bit of a porn addiction that led him to ladyboys.

It completely took over his life and he had to act on it so he did the only thing he could think of: fly to Bangkok. He really doesn’t know what he is doing, but he just gives it a shot. Click here to see how it plays out.

Sexy ladyboy erotic stories novel shemale trans



A transsexual superhero! What could be more entertaining then that! This book has some very funny tales to go along with some hot and steamy scenes.

If you want to be turned on and entertained at the same time you will really like it.

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Books To Plan A Ladyboy Trip

What if you are past the stage of wanting to read about ladyboys and finally to the point where you want to act on it? You know that they are just a plane ride away and then you could be surrounded by many eager and willing ladyboys right?

If you are to the point that you want to act on this fantasy and see what they are all about then there is no better place for you to go then Southeast Asia.

Everyone knows all about Thai ladyboys and for good reason, but that certainly isn’t the only place to find them. Here are 4 good books to help you plan your trip.

The first encompasses all of the best places to go in Southeast Asia to find ladyboys. It gives some quick hitting advice so that you can pick the right destination and make the most out of it.

Next you can get a full ebook all about Bangkok! This is one of the most famous places in the world when it comes to ladyboys and there are so many transsexuals here you won’t believe it.

If you want to have your first ladyboy trip to Bangkok planned out to perfection you need to read this book.

Pattaya is just a short ride from Bangkok and is a sex tourism mecca! Anywhere that you will find sex tourism you are likely to find ladyboys, particularly in a country flooded with them like Thailand.

If you want to know the best way to take your first ladyboy trip to Pattaya this book has you covered.

Last but not least this book tells you why the Philippines is an underrated destination for a ladyboy vacation. There aren’t as many ladyboys here, but there aren’t as many tourists or expats living in the Philippines fighting over them either.

They also speak much better English in the Philippines, so if you want to make a real connection with your ladyboy then this is probably the spot for you.

Have Fun With Your Ladyboy Erotica

You may think of them as your guilty pleasure, but you certainly are not alone. The demand for ladyboys is high and it will likely only continue to rise.

If you want to watch the hottest ladyboy porn online check out Tranny Surprise which is part of the Reality Kings network. You can also find hot live transsexual cam shows on Chaturbate 24/7.

Enjoy these cool ladyboy novels, and if you feel up for it go ahead and start planning your trip to Southeast Asia today. If you need something to do on the flight you can kill the time by reading some of the best ladyboy erotica on

Meet sexy Asian ladyboys erotic travel guide

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