How To Find Ladyboys in Jakarta, Indonesia

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If you like ladyboys and are traveling around Southeast Asia you may get to this city and wonder WTF is going on? You may start searching online for ‘how to find ladyboys in Jakarta?’ because you aren’t seeing them anywhere.

Particularly if you came from somewhere like Bangkok or Pattaya where there are ladyboys everywhere you go in the nightlife. You can’t go out to party in either of those towns without being called out to by 20 ts a night.

There aren’t quite as many in the Philippines, or at least the scene isn’t as in your face, but you will still see a decent amount during your trip. They will surely be out in the Manila or Angeles City nightlife. But where are the ladyboys in Jakarta?

If you want to try and get some advice from a local you will need to ask for a ‘waria’ because that is what they call Indonesian trans. Be on the lookout for that word on different dating apps or sites.

Conservative Country = Not Many Jakarta Ladyboys

If you walk around a mall in most places in SEA you are going to see quite a bit a skin from girls. Short shorts, tank tops showing cleavage, cutoff shirts showing lots of belly.

In Indonesia that is not the case, they dress very conservatively, and we aren’t only talking about the girls in the head scarfs. You may see a girl in a nice dress going out for dinner, but you will almost never be seeing a short skirt or short shorts.

That may be why you don’t see any Jakarta ladyboys out and about during the day. It might just be to conservative of a society and they aren’t as openly accepted by their people as the transsexuals in other Southeast Asian countries are.

No Good Trans Pick Up Bars

In the cities we listed above that were in Thailand and the Philippines it is super easy to pick up ladyboys at night. You just go to the main girly bar area in any of those cities and there will be plenty of them around.

But there is no main girly bar area in Jakarta. There is plenty of available adult entertainment, but they are not all in the same area like you find in other places. The hotels that have the sex clubs are spread out and you don’t see freelancers standing around outside. There are massage and even some ladyboy massage spas in Jakarta, but they aren’t all in one main red light area.

Even places with adult entertainment here don’t have Jakarta ladyboys around. It really is amazing because the city is so huge and you know they are out there, but you just can’t find them.

There really isn’t much of any LGBT nightlife in this massive city either. Gay bars or clubs are hard to find, but one that is known to have drag queen performance is Apollo and you might find some ladyboys in the crowd as well.

With such limited options you really need to use technology to help you out.

Look For Jakarta Waria Online

You can find Jakarta ladyboys online, and while there aren’t anywhere near as many as you would find in the other countries there should be enough.

There are plenty of ways to find them and some are easier then others. Most of the ladyboys you find on dating apps are going to be escorts or offer ladyboy massage.

Now if you want to find some waria that aren’t prostitutes, or have more ways to find the pros you can log on to MyLadyboyDate which is a site specifically for guys and ladyboys to meet online and it covers the whole world.

There are hundreds of Indonesian waria on MyLadyboyDate, and a third of them hail from this city. Remember to always look for the word ‘Waria’ anytime you are looking for Jakarta ladyboys online.

Look guys, meeting them online is going to be a very quick and easy process compared to trying to find ts nightlife. If you have tried online dating with girls before you know that they are often times going to be slow to respond, very indecisive, and some take forever to meet you. Or they end up flaking and you have no clue why because it felt like everything was moving in the right direction.

With ladyboys it generally isn’t like that. They are just as motivated as you are to make this happen, if not more. You just need to get onto the site, message as many as you can that you are attracted to, and let the conversation go where it may.

We would suggest not turning things too sexual in the chat if you hope to meet and seriously date them. Now if all you want to do is have sex with Jakarta waria by all means talk about whatever you like, but if you are looking for a real long lasting relationship then keep things proper at first and let the fun times come when they may.

Until then enjoy finding ladyboys in Jakarta.

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