Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Reykjavik, Iceland

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This is a city that is known to have some of the best nightlife in Europe so hooking up with girls in Reykjavik for sex or dating shouldn’t be too hard. You mostly will want to try and pull drunk girls from the great nightlife.

This can be a really good place to try to have sex with Reykjavik girls that are feeling slutty and wanting to party, not that are wanting your money. After we get into the specifics of trying to meet women in Iceland this sex guide will also break down important things to know before you come.

Sexy Girls At Reykjavik Hook Up Bars

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On weekends they party really hard and picking up girls for sex in Reykjavik nightlife should be doable. The main nightlife is around Languavegur/Austurstræti street and you should try to get an apartment off AirBnb or a hotel off Agoda near there.

You can actually hang out on that street late at night and have pretty decent success. Girls will come stumbling down the road and if you have a bed nearby they may join you in it. If you are staying far away that might turn them off.

Some of of our favorite clubs or hook up bars with sexy Reykjavik girls are:

Women in Iceland are really social and will let you know if they are interested. If they show you any interest go strong right then and try to get them out as quick as possible.

Look for discrete approach spots if possible, remember that this is a small town and if they aren’t totally wasted they won’t want others to see them leaving with a guy. Just be aggressive and approach a lot which is the same advice we give in all of our sex guides.

Tips For Meeting Girls In Reykjavik

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As mentioned the best way to meet sexy girls in Reykjavik is to pull slutty drunk girls from the nightclubs. That means you want to rent a condo as close to the main nightlife area as possible.

Don’t stray too far away or girls may not want to leave with you. But if you have a room a short walk away it will be a whole lot easier for them.

To get into town from the airport just take the buses which are the cheapest option and will drop you off near your place. The taxis will be a lot more expensive.

Overall this is a really expensive place to visit and the alcohol is expensive at the bars. Try to stock up at duty free and get enough to last you through your trip. Otherwise you will be spending a ton on drinks.

Also, it kind of goes without saying, but pack enough warm clothes to get you through your trip. If you need to buy coats or other winter gear here it will be at a highly inflated price.

Most Icelandic women are very friendly however there is a very small town feel to the place. After you are here for a few nights you will realize that you keep seeing the same people over and over.

That can make it hard to hook up with sexy Reykjavik girls who won’t want their friends to think they are sluts. But since they party so hard here that can easily be forgotten later in the night.

Don’t go out trying to get numbers, try and pull girls right then. Like in most places the best time to visit this city will be on the weekend when the real partying goes down. Oh ya, and the summer will be a lot better also.

If you wanted to try meeting Reykjavik girls online there are plenty of options. Those who just want to try to meet a slut to hook up with should try Adult Friend Finder.

Good Luck Finding Sex In Reykjavik

This is a big time party town particularly on the weekends. Head there and you will have a really great time, though it is very expensive.

Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Reykjavik for sex or dating.