Finding Girls For Sex In Barbados

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In this guide to finding girls for sex in Barbados our goal is to get a single guy ready for his first trip to the island. If you have never been before then there are definitely some important things to know before you go.

This isn’t exactly a travel guide, it is more like a Barbados sex guide. Strip clubs, brothels, prostitutes, erotic massage spas and nightclubs to pick up girls that aren’t after your money are the main topic.

There will be some touristy advice along the way, but this is more about the nightlife and the girls then the what hotels to stay or restaurants to eat at part of the equation. Plenty of other sites cover those boring details for you.

One thing to note is that this is not a cheap tourist destination, if you are on a budget there are better spots to visit. The local currency gives you exactly 2 Barbadian Dollar for every $1 USD but USD is widely accepted on the island.

For that reason if we mention any prices here you know we are always talking in USD. Most of the action revolves around the capitol of Bridgetown and the best nightlife in Barbados can be found at the St Lawrence Gap.

This would be the best area of the country to make your home base if sex is on your mind. It is also the most touristy area so the prices will be the highest.

We will start out with the prostitute and sex guide, then move on to where to meet girls in the nightlife who aren’t after your money. Then a couple of good dating sites will be mentioned so you can try to meet local girls before you even arrive in the country.

Barbados Sex Guide

Topless nude strip clubs Barbados naked girls brothels

The best way to pay for sex in Barbados would be the topless and full nude strip clubs which are mostly in the Christ Church area. A couple of the best in town are located near each other on Maxwell Coast Road, but there are some others around the city.

The prices at these can vary a bit but expect to pay a $10 cover charge to get into the gentleman’s clubs. Then you can get a topless or full nude and very hands on lap dance for $10.

The strip clubs are basically brothels as you can pay $25 to get into the VIP rooms where most of the strippers will turn into prostitutes. The price for sex at Barbados gentleman’s clubs will be around $100, plus the $25 to the house.

That $100 is negotiable but it seems to be the going rate. Many of the strippers here are Jamaican but you will find some from other countries around the area and of course some local girls as well.

They open pretty late in the evening so do not try to go before 10pm. The best strip clubs and brothels in Barbados are:

  • Club Incognito on Maxwell Coast Road
  • Club Venus (formerly Dark Hourse) on Maxwell Coast Road
  • Club Masters on Spring Garden Highway
  • Club Tease on Highway 7
  • Club Rehab on Fontabelle
  • Land Of Oz
  • Gentleman’s Spa

The first ones mentioned seem to have the best reputation in the mongering community here. Land Of Oz would be considered upscale and is more expensive than the others.

Those would be the most recommended part of this Barbados sex guide but there are other ways to find hookers here. You can check out the NationNews local paper’s classified ads and find advertisements for prostitutes and erotic sex massage.

Don’t expect a great massage if you go that route, these are just escorts using a happy ending massage as a cover. There will be some street prostitutes in the Bush Hill area and on Nelson Street but those are not the best areas of town.

You will also see some hookers and pimps on the St Lawrence Gap and inside some of the nightclubs there. The best online escort sites in Barbados are IslandGirls and Caribbean Escorts.

Remember that any time you are meeting escorts online you need to ask for their Whatsapp contact info and get current pictures of the call girls. Then tell them if the girl from the picture doesn’t show up you won’t go through with the deal.

The easiest and best way to pay for sex here would be at the strip clubs and brothels. They are located not far from Bridgetown and are pretty hassle free compared to the other ways.

For better options for hookers in the Caribbean check out that link.

Girls In The St Lawrence Gap Nightlife

Now that we got the hookers out of the way lets move on to the girls that aren’t after your money. There will be some hookers out in the St Lawrence Gap nightlife but not all that many.

When it comes to picking up local Barbados girls expect the vast majority of them to be very dark skinned. There will of course be tourists from around the world here as well, plenty of Brits come here for vacations.

Plus there will be sexy ladies from the various islands nearby and Central/South America. So there will be a nice diversity to choose from.

For day game just stroll along the beaches and boardwalks in Bridgetown or hang out at any of the beach bars. There will always be girls out tanning or grabbing an early afternoon drink.

As mentioned before the main bar district in Barbados is the St Lawrence Gap and you want to get a hotel as close to here as possible. Then you can just walk out of your room right in the middle of the best adult entertainment the country has to offer.

Some of the best pick upbars and clubs to meet single  girls in the Barbados nightlife are:

But really just stroll around the St Lawrence Gap and go where the night takes you. You never know where the hottest girls will choose to go on the nights you are in town.

There are also rum cruises which can be a lot of fun if you get the right group to go with. A great time to visit this country would be during the Crop Over Festival in August.

Meeting Caribbean Girls Online

Christ Church strip clubs Saint Lawrence Gap sexy girls

Some guys like to monger, some like to pick up girls at bars, and others prefer online dating. If you want to meet girls in Barbados seeking foreign men online before your trip we have a couple of good sites for you to check out.

Both Caribbean Cupid and Latin American Cupid will have some local girls on the sites. We suggest you sign up to both for free, see which has the better selection, and then register with that one.

This will be a great way for you to meet Barbados girls online before you arrive so you can have dates ready and waiting. It is always good to have contacts made and get things going before you are in town.

A week or ten days is plenty of time to send out a bunch of messages, get their numbers, and maybe even Skype with them. Then take them out for drinks at the St Lawrence Gap and hope they agree to come back to your hotel at the end of the night.

Caribbean Cupid and Latin American Cupid will be the best wingmen you can have, and you can use both sites in other countries as you continue to travel around the regions.

Meet sexy call girls Barbados online escorts hotel service

Good Luck Finding Sex In Barbados

We always like to write posts like these because they are simple for us to write and the game plan for the reader is an easy one. Stay in Bridgetown near the nightlife in the St Lawrence Gap and try to pick up girls at the bars and nightclubs there.

During the day head to the beaches, if you want to pay for sex the strip clubs are basically brothels where you can have a lot of fun. You can also meet hookers online pretty easily.

Everything is nice and simple here is what you are looking for when you take a beach vacation. However it isn’t the cheapest place you can go and the mongering is better in other spots in the region.

If you wanted to read about some of those better mongering options with nice beaches and nightlife in Latin America check out this eBook guide. This country is cool, but you can find better nearby.

Hopefully this guide to finding girls for sex in Barbados was helpful to you.

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