Finding Girls For Sex in Tel Aviv, Israel


When you think about the middle east you don’t really ever think about prostitution do you? It just seems like that is something they would clamp down on really hard but it isn’t the case. Finding girls for sex in Tel Aviv is far easier than you ever would have imagined.

Prostitution is actually legal here, but like everywhere in the world there are so many gray areas that knowing the full law is impossible. Organized prostitution is technically illegal, yet brothels are all over the city.

As a guy trying to find girls for sex in Tel Aviv you don’t have anything to worry about as long as you aren’t pimpin’. We assume you aren’t, so you should be good to go.

There is also a lot of nightlife and as a foreigner you might be able to pull girls from the clubs. Though most Israeli girls are very conservative so your efforts might be wasted. These great travel ideas for men would be a better place to spend your time if possible.

Just for a point of reference the US dollar will get you just under 4 Israeli shekels at the time of writing this.

Finding Brothels in the Tel Aviv Red Light District

Again brothels are technically illegal but they are rampant. Many of the women working in them are from Eastern Europe so expect to see lots of white girls inside.

The red light district in Tel Aviv is the area known as the Neve Shanaan District. Here you will find many brothels and hundreds of girls to choose from.

Some of them claim to be erotic massage parlors but they are all brothels. There will also be lots of girls walking the street as well.

If you are looking for girls for sex in Tel Aviv then head to Neve Shanaan, just know it is a sketchy area so watch your back. At a brothel you should expect to pay between 175 and 300 shekels.


Meeting Prostitutes Online in Tel Aviv

If you want to find the hottest girls then you need to be meeting hookers online. There are so many independent escorts these days and meeting hookers online is really the way to go.

Just do a Google search of escorts in Tel Aviv or prostitutes in Tel Aviv and look at all the options. As always, whenever you are dealing in the sex trade you need practice caution and don’t get in over your head.

If something seems off with an online escort then pass. There are plenty more to choose from, that said the worst that usually happens is a bait and switch where you expect a 9 and get a 6 to show up.

The escorts you meet online might be asking for over 1000 shekels, but many will go for 600-800. They are freelancers so you can negotiate.

If meeting hookers online isn’t your thing then you can meet girls walking around the Neve Shanaan Red Light District and they should be cheaper but probably not as hot.

Erotic Sex Massage Parlors in Tel Aviv

The main place to find erotic sex massage parlors in Tel Aviv is definitely in Neve Shanaan. There are a lot of massage parlors there and all of them will give you a happy ending.

The only problem is you shouldn’t be expecting too much of a massage here. This is definitely more of a brothel area then spa, and the massage part is just a cover.

There are other massage parlors around town that will provide happy endings but they move locations often. The touristy beach area will have some, or you can ask a taxi driver.

They are pretty pricey though, a massage will run you 150 shekels and then you will have to tip for your happy ending. If you want to try a good sex massage Asia is much better.  To find out about the best Asian sex massage porn click here.

The Best Strip Clubs in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv strip clubs are a spot where you need to be careful. All over the world strip clubs try to rip off guys and that is no different here.

Expect high cover charges, expensive drinks, and always check how much things cost before you pay for anything. You can read more strip club tips here.

If you are looking for the best strip clubs in Tel Aviv then head to GoGo Girls, Cocacabana Club, or Pussycat Lounge.

If you wanted to try to meet a foreign bride hop on International Cupid.  There are many beautiful girls from around the world there.

Have Fun in the Tel Aviv Nightlife

Overall the nightlife has a lot to offer. There may not be anything that really stands out as great, but for the middle east you can not complain.

There are lots of brothels and meeting girls online is really easy. The prices are pretty steep, but if you find a hot one they will be worth it.

Good luck finding girls for sex in Tel Aviv!  This eBook breaks down easier places to get laid.