Where To Meet Single Girls In Beijing, China


When guys travel they generally hope to meet some friendly (and sexy) girls along the way. This post will try help answer the question of where to meet single girls in Beijing, China.

There are going to be quite a few things holding you back here, unless you speak Chinese. The language barrier is a very real thing and that will make meeting girls hard.

For that reason there are two ways that we recommend above the others, and we will point those out when we get there. That isn’t to say you can’t try other methods, just that they will be harder to achieve.

Now if you speak Chinese then that won’t be the case, but we don’t expect too many readers of this site to be able to do that. If you can’t communicate with the girl that will obvious lower your chances, but it isn’t impossible.

Many girls in China do have an interest in foreigners, but remember Asian girls are generally very shy in public. A single girl may notice you and have interest, but never give you a sign.

She may have interest and still reject you if you approach her in public because she is ashamed to admit she can’t speak English (Asian saving face culture) or because she doesn’t like other people seeing her chat with a foreigner.

OK, we have mentioned the disadvantages you are at, but they should not hold you back! The more attempts you make at meeting single girls in Beijing the more success you will have.

First we will talk about day game, then nightlife, and then mention the best online dating site in China.

Meeting Single Girls In Beijing Day Game Style


Day game is going to be a lot harder when you don’t speak a girls language. When you approach a girl during the day pretty much all you have to go on are your communication skills, and they are worth nothing now.

Plus Beijing is a very crowded city with people around you everywhere you go. Shy girls don’t like being approached in crowds.

Pretty easy to figure out that this isn’t one of your best options. That said, if you want to try to meet single girls in Beijing during the day stick to the biggest malls.

Girls will feel more comfortable here, and you might be able to find some clear spaces to go ask for her number where there aren’t herds of people around. Just back off if the girl doesn’t seem receptive initially.

A few good malls that you could try are The Malls at Oriental Plaza, Shin Kong Place, and Beijing Yintai Center. If you don’t speak Chinese then good luck with day game.

Meeting Single Girls In The Beijing Nightlife


This city has certain areas where lots of bars and nightclubs are packed into the same place. A nice and condensed bar district is one of the main reasons this city has some of the best nightlife in Asia.

There are some that are more touristy than others, and you will probably do better off in those. The nightclubs are probably your best bet and it is easy to figure out why. If you can’t speak the girls language go somewhere that it is so loud you can’t talk even if you wanted too.

Approach them, dance a bit, and use standard club game then get them to leave with you. A couple great nightclubs for meeting single girls in Bejing are called Vics and Mix.

They are both located in the Gong Ren Ti Yu Chang area very close to the main bar district in the city where there are many bars and clubs. These two are the ones that most foreigners go to, and therefore you get the single girls that want to meet foreigners.

The prices here are a bit steeper than at other nightclubs or bars around town, but they are great places to pull. While those are two good places in the Gong Ren Ti Yu Chang area they certainly aren’t the only ones.

If you see a group of sexy girls walking somewhere else go ahead and follow them. If you see a bar loaded with sexy girls and not too many guys head in there instead.

This area is very close to Sanlitun Bar Street which is arguably the most famous nightlife district in Beijing and has many cool bars you will want to visit. When trying to pick your hotel or AirBnb get it close to Sanlitun Bar Street and you will be in the heart of the action.

Picking up single girls in the Beijing nightlife is one of the two best ways to do it, along with this next way.

Meeting Chinese Girls  Online


Think back to when you learned a foreign language in high school, did you speak it? Or did you mostly do paperwork? Well the Chinese girls take English classes in school but its all paperwork.

That means they are comfortable reading and writing, but not speaking. You will be able to communicate to them much better through text or writing, like when you meet them on Chinese online dating sites.

Those shy girls at the mall that may have had an interest in you might be on dating sites looking to meet single guys, but are too shy to do it in public. If you log on to ChinaLoveCupid the story might be different.

You can also message girls from the comfort of your own room instead of going to crowded shopping malls or nightclubs. Plus you can message 100’s in a day instead of approaching 5.

From an efficiency standpoint meeting single girls in Beijing online is certainly the way to go. They have shown an interest in meeting new guys, won’t be shy when you approach them, and will feel more comfortable communicating with you.

Check out what ChinaLoveCupid has to offer for free. If you like what you see as far as the amount of single girls in Beijing go ahead and register, if not log off and go out to Vics or Mix.


Good Luck Meeting Single Girls In Beijing

Get a room near Sanlitun Bar Street so that you are located in the right place. It will be a lot easier to pull a slu… we mean girl if you are staying nearby.

Probably scratch the day game, look for drunk girls that want to party in the nightlife. Or try and meet single girls online in Beijing, those are your two best ways.

Hope this post on where to meet single girls in Beijing will make your trip go a little smoother. If you are going to be heading to Macau or Hong Kong check out this eBook guide for many tips on enjoying the nightlife in both.


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