Where To Hook Up With Sexy Girls In Nanjing

Hook up hot girls Nanjing sex guide get laid

If you want to try and hook up with hot girls in Nanjing for sex or a serious relationship we have some tips to help you out. Any time you are traveling to a new land you are going to stand out. If you aren’t Asian than there will be many girls here that may want to try something they have never experienced before.

We will cover where to try and find casual sex with girls in Nanjing in the nightlife and also where you might meet women during the day. Online dating in China will be mentioned as well.

When it comes to hooking up with sexy girls you have to trust the process over the results. Some guys may go out and spout some cheesy line on a girl who ends up sleeping with them that night and never change their plan in the future.

Even if the next hundred ladies they approach laugh at them and have no interest they still stick with that first line cuz hey it helped them have sex before. They had a terrible process, they just got super lucky and got a good result once.

Or some guys know exactly what to do but they happen to hit on the wrong women who were in a terrible mood so they got nothing to show for it. Dating and trying to find girls for casual sex is a long game, you can’t over analyze every situation.

Look as good as you can, work on your conversational or dance skills, and go for it as much as you can.

Sexy Girls At Nanjing Hook Up Bars

If you want to try to hook up with sexy girls in the Nanjing nightlife we have some good bars for you to check out. Nightlife will be easier than day game for 2 main reasons.

The first is that alcohol is likely to be involved which always makes things easier. Just as importantly day game revolves around chatting them up where as bar pick ups generally are more about body language.

Chinese ladies usually don’t speak much English and if you don’t speak Mandarin it can be hard to have a reasonable conversation. When slutty girls in Nanjing get horny and want to meet men for sex they usually go to:

If you prefer to give day game a shot then you can visit malls like:

  • Jinling Department Store
  • Wanda Shopping Plaza
  • Water Tour City Shopping Center
  • Central Emporium Mall

Just remember most of the sexy girls in Nanjing are really shy so if they look like you are freaking them out by approaching them in public don’t press the issue.

Meeting More Girls Online

When debating your options think about it like this, if you spend one hour doing day game how many cute girls are you going to have a conversation with? First you have to walk around and find one, then you have to hope she is by herself or in a position where you can still approach her even if she is in a group.

If you are extremely lucky you might have this happen for you every 20 minutes, but don’t bank on that. OK, so now what about if you go out to a nightclub? You can probably get out on the dance floor and dance with a few girls an hour, but how many are you really going to connect with?

At a pick up bar you can approach a few, but those conversations can go on for a long time so you might just get 1 shot per hour. Let’s compare that to online dating, how long does it take to click through pages of pages of pictures and open the profiles of all the sexy Nanjing girls that you find?

Then add in the tough task of pasting in a standard opener along the lines of ‘You are very beautiful, I would like to get to know you better, how long have you lived here?’ Conservatively speaking you can easily do that 100 times in an hour, any time, any day.

Now, no one will deny that the girl you actually chatted or danced with face to face is going to remember you more. There is definitely something to that, but when we are talking 100 in an hour compared to 3 or 5, the math on this is pretty clear. It is the same here, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao or in any cities around the country.

The language barrier can be a major issue but online dating can help smooth thing out. Many of these girls will be in the process of learning English but are far away from being able to have a chat with foreign men.

That means they probably have done a bit of paper work and know a few words, but the thought of speaking to a native speaker is too much for many women. However replying to a message on a dating site is not.

They signed up to the dating site because they want to meet a guy, so be that guy. Just keep your messages short and sweet plus don’t use any big words that may confuse them. One of the great things about dating sexy Nanjing girls for foreign men is that you just need to be nice, you don’t need to try to impress them.

A lot of times Asian women will be shy to be seen going out with foreign men. You can try to invite them over for dinner at your place where there will be no prying eyes and they might think it is a fantastic idea.

Plus you can continue to use them to pipeline in other cities and when you arrive in them watch your work pay off. Good luck hooking up with hot girls in Nanjing for sex or dating.