Where To Find Chinese Ladyboys

Best places to find ladyboys in China online

There are many guys searching for Chinese ladyboys but sadly there are not many around to fill this big need. Guys all across the world have an interest in ladyboys and in many Asian countries you can find them easily.

However here that is not the case and that makes it much more difficult for the guys that are looking for them. With no ladyboy nightlife spot in China that means there is only one way to meet them and that is with online dating.

Technically there are also some Chinese ladyboy escort services but they can be very hit-or-miss and are not a wise decision for most people to make. You really need to be careful if you are going to use an escort service because of many bait and switch type scams.

Meeting Chinese Ladyboys In Hong Kong

There are lots of ladyboy escorts in Hong Kong but most of them come in from the Philippines, Thailand, and China. They are generally very beautiful and charge a whole lot of money.

There are many wealthy guys in Hong Kong that have no problems paying them for their services. They pay for their flight, room, and of course some take home money as well.

They are pretty active on the dating sites listed below. If you are lucky you may be able to catch one of them on an off night and set up a date with them, but it will cost you.

There are many ladyboys in Hong Kong working on Wan Chai Jaffe Road but they are very rough around the edges. They will be cheaper, but many of them have been working there for years. Be sure to use safety with transsexuals in Hong Kong.

Finding Chinese Ladyboys In Macau

Wherever there is money there will be prostitutes, and where there are prostitutes there will be ladyboy prostitutes. Macau is no different and you can find some stunning transsexuals here.

Like in Hong Kong you can find many Thai ladyboys here, as well as Filipina, Indonesian, and Chinese. They will also charge you top dollar, Macau is an expensive city after all.

The Lisboa Hotel is hooker central and that is where the transsexuals in Macua ply their trade. You can find them walking around out in front of the hotel, and also walking in the casino on the infamous Lisboa track.

They will be on MyLadyboyDate and you can probably get a cheaper ‘date’ with them there then you could negotiate at a casino.

Shanghai Beijing ladyboy escorts Hong Kong transsexuals

Shanghai Trans Pick Up Bar

If you wanted to try and pick up trans in Shanghai then head to Judy’s. It is one of the main prostitute pick up bars in the city and where most of the ladyboys go.

There isn’t a huge trans scene here, but that would be your best place to look.

Ladyboy Dating Sites In China

Luckily there’s a good ladyboy dating site in China, Hong Kong, and Macau and you can log on to it at MyLadyboyDate. Many of the ladyboys in China that you will meet come from either the Philippines or Thailand.

That means you may want to try signing on to PinaLove or ThaiFriendly and hoping to find some sexy ladyboys near you. They are very open to meeting foreigners.

Chinese society is not as receptive to ladyboys as many Asian cultures are. Even the Chinese word for ladyboy also means something similar to monster which shows you how they feel about them.

Meet sexy Asian ladyboys online escort services

If you want to meet them online dating is a great way because you can use discretion. If you are walking around out in public with a transgender you will be getting stared at even more than you will in other countries.

Many of the ladyboys in China will be happy to have the first date in your room so that you do not have to be seen in public together. Once you get a ladyboy in your room it will be very easy to have a lot of fun with them.

Sign up to MyLadyboyDate right now and you can log on and see all of the ladyboys in China that are willing to meet you. You will also be able to chat with ladyboys from all across the world and create new friends that you make in the future.

ChinaLoveCupid is the top dating site in China. If you want to find some sexy Chinese ladyboys then that is another good place for you to look.  The more options you have the better.

Of course you could always just take a ladyboy trip to Southeast Asia where they are abundant and more accepted. That will make things a whole lot easier on you and this is a good guide on how to go about it.

You can also find hot ladyboy porn here and live ladyboy webcam shows on Chaturbate while you wait for your trip. Please always make sure that you use protection with transsexuals. Good luck meeting Chinese ladyboys!

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