Where To Have Sex With Ladyboys In Hong Kong

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If you want to know where to have sex with ladyboys in Hong Kong this post has you covered. A general rule for finding transsexuals anywhere is to go to the areas where female prostitutes ply their trade.

Well that general rule definitely plays true here. You can read a long write up of the best nightlife in Hong Kong here, and ladyboy prostitutes will definitely be in those areas.

There is a lot of money to be made in this city so you get them from all over Southeast Asia coming in to work. That means you get a nice variety to choose from.

The internet is changing things in many parts of the world and the best ways to find ladyboy prostitutes in most places is online. That isn’t the case here though.

Sure, you can hop on Google and search ‘ladyboy prostitutes in Hong Kong’ ‘shemales escorts in Hong Kong’ ‘transsexual/transvestite hookers in Hong Kong’ or use ts-girl instead and stuff will pop up.

But it is always better to meet a hooker in person instead of on the internet. When you try to meet prostitutes online you will often waste a lot of time as people use bait and switch schemes.

Put a picture of a sexy ladyboy on Craigslist but when the prostitute actually knocks on your door she looks nothing like the pictures you saw online. This is a common scheme in the flesh trade and can waste a whole lot of your time.

So instead of doing that you should head to the areas we are about to mention where you can meet trans prostitutes in person. After that we will talk about the best online dating site to meet ladyboys as well.

Sex With Ladyboy Prostitutes In Hong Kong

This city is kind of underrated when it comes to naughty nightlife. Everyone always mentions the same hot spots for trans in Asia but this one never gets its due respect.

There are quite a few places to find ladyboy prostitutes in Hong Kong and the main area would be in Wan Chai. This is an area where many Southeast Asian’s live and work, so you can find ladyboys from Thailand and the Philippines.

A good place to start your search for trans would be around Joe Banana’s which is right in the heart of the action. Roam around on the streets late at night and you are bound to bump into something.

If things aren’t working out there don’t worry you have other places to look as well. You can head to the corner of Lockhart Road and O’Brien or the area around there.

Plus ladyboy prostitutes like to frequent the Tsim Sha Tsui area. Start near the Holiday Inn and walk around and you should find some.

Lastly you can try Lan Kwai Fong. If all else fails hop on Craigslist or other sites and try to find ladyboy escorts online in Hong Kong. Just remember to do a video call or get recent pictures of the ts call girls to avoid the bait and switch.

Best Ladyboy Dating Site

What if you aren’t the type of guy that likes prostitutes? Or if you do, but are also looking for something more?

You are unlikely to bump into ladyboys on the street that aren’t hookers, but they are out there. There are more trans here than you can imagine and you can meet ones that aren’t hookers on MyLadyboyDate.

This is the worlds best ladyboy dating site so you can meet ones from Hong Kong or anywhere in the world. Chat with them, Skype with them, meet them, do whatever you want.

You can also try AsianMatchMate which is not only for ladyboys but there will be plenty on the site as it is very popular in this country with the sexually adventurous. These are definitely the two best ways to meet single ladyboys in Hong Kong for a real relationship or friendship.

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Good Luck Finding Sexy Hong Kong Ladyboys

There is actually quite a bit of action here so you won’t have much problems finding Hong Kong ladyboys. If you wanted to try to take a tour of some of the Southeast Asian ladyboy hot spots this travel guide for menĀ breaks down the best places to go for you in great detail.

Remember that you can always watch the best ladyboy porn online on Tranny Surprise! Hopefully this post on where to have sex with ladyboys in Hong Kong will have you heading to the right spots.

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