Where To Take Girls On A Date In Manila

Where to take girls on a date in Manila bars restaurants

If you are looking for where to take girls on a date in Manila we have some good suggestions for you. Many foreign men travel to this city every year and meet Filipina girls online, but they don’t really know where to take them on a date.

In truth like just about every city in this country the easiest and best answer is to just head to malls during the day or early evening. This city is pretty rough around the edges, but the moment you step into most of the malls around town you will feel like you are back in the first world.

In the Philippines malling is one of the biggest hobbies. The locals go up to the mall with no real purpose other than because they are nice places to be that are clean and comfortable.

When looking for where to take girls on a date in Manila do as the locals do and go here. Most foreign men will want to stay in Makati or maybe The Fort, and luckily there are plenty of great date spots all around these areas.

As it becomes later into the evening then you will want to take girls out for drinks and dancing and there are more than enough nightclubs around for that. The Fort is loaded with many of the best clubs in town, so a late dinner here followed by a club could be a good game plan.

Manila girls would love nothing more than dancing and singing on their date night, so even taking them to a KTV can be a great option. One of the most important things to do though is to always choose the right venue for adult entertainment here.

Don’t bring them to any of the known sexpat areas around town or they might get the wrong impression about you. Or they might get the right impression, just not the one you were hoping to show them.

Good Malls For Lunch & Dinner Dates

Best spots for a date night in Manila to get laid

One of the main areas many guys like to stay is in Makati at condos like Gramercy and Knightsbridge. They are both located right next to each other, and Gramercy is actually right on top of Century City Mall.

This makes for a great date spot in Manila because after you finish getting a coffee or a meal you can mention you live here and want to go up to your room to charge your phone or whatever. Or say you left your ATM card in the room, need to check your email, or have any built in excuse.

Better yet just tell them that you have a great view of the city and want to show them. Or tell them about the picturesque pool, when inviting them you can even ask them to bring a bathing suit to make it easier to get laid.

Up on the upper floors of Century City Mall there is a nice food court that is pretty pricey when it comes to food in this country, most of the meals are in the 200-400 pesos range. Not terribly expensive, and that is just kind of what you have to expect to pay in this area of town.

There are some other restaurants around the mall as well, plus of course cafes for a quick day date. For guys who want to be having a bunch of girls off Pina Love in and out of their room through their trip this really is a great set up.

Meet them down at the mall where they will be comfortable and you can make sure you want to invite them up to your room. Then go through the private entrance for Gramercy residents that doesn’t lead past the security guards for the walk of shame, and repeat as often as you like.

There are some other good malls nearby, Power Plant over in Rockwell also has some good places to eat. One of the problems with going there is your taxi will likely drive you through Burgos Street and your Manila date may be wondering why you live so close to the main red light district in the city.

Maybe the nicest place to take girls on a date in Manila would be the outdoor restaurants and terraces at Greenbelt Mall. This is a very short taxi ride away from the area we are suggesting you stay, or you could even find an apartment right here but it will be more expensive.

One thing to note is that on these terraces is one of the main freelance prostitute pick up bars in town. It is on the ground floor and you should try to avoid this area if possible and if you walk past it just keep on walking.

Some girls may not know what it is all about, but many will and you don’t want to linger in that area. This also might be the place with the most expensive restaurants in one area anywhere in the country, so it is also not a great spot for a cheap date night in Manila.

Those would be the 3 best malls for dates nearby, but there is also SM Megamall in Mandaluyong not far away, and plenty of other malls all over the city if you find yourself in other areas of town. In The Fort there are many nice restaurants for dates on Bonifacio High Street or also at SM Aura.

Best date spots Manila cheap nightlife hot girls

Nightlife For Dates In Manila

If you want to take Manila girls out on dates for drinks and dancing then there are some great nightclubs around town you can visit. The Fort has much of the best nightlife in town, many of the girls you can meet on Pina Love dream of going to a nice club like Valkyrie but can’t afford it.

If you invite them there they will be dressed in their Sunday best, be in a great mood, and it won’t be hard at all to get laid afterwards. Other good clubs right there in The Fort are Haze and The Pool Club.

Makati will have more hookers so you probably are better off in The Fort, but a good bar for a date would be Black Market. There are also some good clubs out in Quezon City but if you aren’t staying there then you probably don’t want to travel that far with your date.

A long taxi ride isn’t the best way to get a girl to want to sleep with you. Choose a club as close to your hotel or apartment as possible for an easy transition back to your place. Or if you play your cards right you could even stop by your room between dinner and the club for an extra round.

Another great way to get a girl to warm up to you on a date is to take her to a KTV. We don’t mean one of the sexy KTV’s where guys can barfine girls, we mean one that has actual karaoke rooms where people go to sing and drink.

For most guys this will be a really boring date, but if you can put a smile on your face and handle it for an hour nothing would make girls in Manila happier. Just look for any family style KTV place around the city of which there are many.

Centerstage and Family KTV are both solid options.

Be A Gentleman Until In The Bedroom

Remember that you don’t need to use any fancy gaming techniques on dates in Manila. When it comes to foreign men dating Asian girls all you need to do is be nice, friendly, and get them back to your room.

The easiest way to do that is to make them comfortable with you, and if you are a perv or try to neg them and say the wrong thing it may not work. This is actually a very good thing, all you have to do is be a nice guy and you will get laid far more often then not.

When you message girls on Pina Love be nice and treat them with respect. Get their numbers as quick as you can and try to meet up as soon as possible, Filipina girls can be very flaky and lose interest quick.

Many are chatting with a lot of guys and if you don’t strike when the iron is hot someone else might. Set up a date near your place, smile and crack some silly jokes when you meet to keep the mood light.

Have a reason to go up to your room and often times they will say yes to join you. Remain a gentleman for another 20 minutes so that they don’t feel like a slut and then make your move.

It is an easy game, they want to hook up with you but also don’t want to feel like a slut. Play their silly little mind games by never mentioning sex or making them feel naughty, but when the time is right go for it.

Now you know where to take a girl on a date in Manila, good luck!